Sunday, June 12, 2011


Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi.said:

"Mat Sabu is actually lucky to have won because PAS is now breaking up. He is trying to prove that he is capable of representing the conservative and liberal factions in PAS but actually he is not from either side," he said.



MCA has observed that the Chinese community's support for Barisan Nasional (BN) is getting stronger to face the coming 13th general election.

Its vice-president Chor Chee Heung said this was based on their acceptance of the 1Malaysia concept introduced by Najib Tun Razak after becoming prime minister in 2009.

Chor is confident that the percentage of Chinese voters nationwide voting for BN will rise, hence increasing the majority votes for BN in the next general election.

HOKKIEN LANG COMMENT: "Kong Song Lan Pha Song" which is also the Hokkien version of COW (club of obedient wives) motto.


In the accident on Tuesday, Azrina Kirana Azrin sustained a thigh injury and a fractured shoulder after being knocked down by a horse while playing with her 12-year-old sister at about 10am.

Dr Ng said that the guidelines would include proposed requirements for horse and horse keeper.

"I think a horse to be allowed on the beach should not be too big. It should not be the size of a race horse," she added.

RECOMMENDED SOLUTION: Yes no race horses…..use donkeys…..there is plentiful in the BN stable, as evidenced by all the hee-haws featured in this posting.


On the plan by election watchdog Bersih 2.0 to hold a demonstration in Kuala Lumpur on July 9, Hishammuddin said the move could undermine security as those opposed to the action could also demonstrate to show their displeasure, thus possibly sparking clashes.

This would disrupt the daily activities of the people as they would be unable to do business, go to work or send their children to school, he added.

LIMBO ROCKER COMMENT: How low can you go? Dang, you real dunggu, no? Yes lah! The peaceful walk (demonstration????) is on Saturday; offices are closed; send what children to school at 2pm on a Saturday? WHO usually spark clashes since 2007. Remember this:

Also HERE:


Anonymous said...

Minister Zahid Hamidi's remarks is that of a loser and sour grapes.A fighter or a real man should admit that PAS has come a long way.What he should say is that the leaders of PAS have taken the party to a moderate course.From a conservative Islamic party to a moderate Islamic party.He should also say that if Umno wants to remain relevant it should change its way too.That is no more cronism,gutter politics and most importantly no more corruption.

The mention of no more corruption and there will be a mass exodus of Umno warlords.In military terms it is called "DESERTION".Just as what is happening in Mca is happening in Umno.The rats are deserting a sinking ship.Admit it Zahid Hamidi.

For once Umno is now scared of PAS.It has always painted PAS as an extremist Islamist party.The recent PAS party election has proven otherwise.Now the ghost has come back to haunt Umno.It is the same with Mca.DAP,besides the traditional Chinese and a little Indian support is now favored by many Malays too.So PAS and DAP's gains are Umno and Mca's losses.Soon to be sent to pasture Mca,Mic and Umno's ministers better send in your applications to join Obedient Wives Club or COW.Good luck to your future career changes BN ministers.Adios.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

It is confirmed once again that all the politicians in the BN coalition are a bunch of dunggus. It is difficult to rate which BN coalition party has the highest "dunggu" rates because they are always trying to out-do each other in the race to be the greatest dunggu. So far I have to say that UMNO is leading the "dunggu" race because their Homo Minister and Under Defence Minister have consistently out dunggu the others (with the exception of Muhidyin who is a class dunggu in a class of his own) with their super hare-brained comments.

Following closely behind the above 2 UMNO dunggus is of course the MCA darling Ng Yen Yen. She has not uttered an intelligent statement since, er, since she joined MCA. Of course there are plenty of wannabes in the form of MCA's Chor Chee Heung who is still living in the dark ages when the chinese still gave some token support for MCA. Otherwise how to explain his confidence of increased chinese votes for BN.

All the above dunggus should learn what my late wise mother told me: "If you have nothing good to say, just keep quiet".

Anonymous said...

there you go again, hisha.

stop talking thrash and start raising your keris, pls, though you are equally good at both.

Anonymous said...

See, my krystal ball sure is very accurate. It's slowly coming into play ...

1. Utusan asking people to boycott Bersih
2. Noordin the frog playing the Malay versus others card. He should be ISAed for openly propagating racial domination.
3. Hisham worry about pro and against clashing ... because UMNO is planning to spend heaps of money to hire armed thugs to demonstrate against Bersih

.... look out for more of what my krystal ball had said .... it will all come true ...

Get ready plans B, C, D & E for Bersih 2.0

wandererAus said...

I'm at the gym the other day and I heard this loaded Zahid Hamidi, the dirty UMNO minister, not in the best physical
condition, who asked the trainer :

"I want to impress that beautiful girl with the pair of healthy lungs over there. "
"Which machine should I use ?"
The trainer replied : "Use the ATM machine
outside the gym".

Anonymous said...

Stupid Defense Minister. Real moron!
Ask him where is the missing jet engine? Lancheow lu moron Zahid!

Jong said...

That was so hilarious, I will laugh
in my sleep tonight! Three monkey cheers!

Perhaps you should start a new blog to collect all their trash. How about -

'BN talking-cockdotcom'?

nstman said...

we Penang lang say, 'ee lang kong lanchiow wah' which means they talk cock. Need I say more? As Niamah used to say, Tiuniamahkasifat.

Anonymous said...

"Bersih Rally" is for a fairer and cleaner elections.Hisham as usual is talking with a foot in his mouth.How can a peaceful rally be more dangerous than terrorists.And why must there be a counter anti Bersih rally.Isn't a fairer and cleaner elections good for the people.This coming Bersih rally should be spared of PR leaders.It should not be turn into a political rally.So any prominent politician will have to sit this out.This will ensure a peaceful and smooth rally.With prominent politicians taking part will allowed the authorities excuse to
interupt,block and stop the rally.They not only will send in the PDRM and FRU.They might even send in the Army.It can be very dangerous for rally participants.So be very careful.Don't give the authorities any excuse to create trouble.

zorro said...

Jong....Singapore has a taslking cock, Niamah had Tok Kok....maybe my weekly trash talk could be baptised as
OK ah?

pinsysu said...

thks for getting rid of my Monday blues ... still can't get over tis finger-printing of foreigners by krismoodin kok move. afterall recent killings are done by polis & macc ... niamah!!

Anonymous said...

The Economic Transformation Program (ETP) will transform this country into another Zimbabwe.

Najib was all enthusiastic and gave rakyat all hopes when he became PM, only to finally transform all his programs and projects into Umno-cronies-only programs. Even the Malay-dominant PAS rejects his programs.

The time has come for us to go deep into the kampungs and spread our message across to the kampung folks: Vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...