Thursday, June 16, 2011


A man walked into a very high-tech restaurant in a fancy hotel. He noticed that the Maitre D' was a robot.

The robot said, "Sir, there is a one hour wait. I am programmed to converse with you until a table is ready, if you please."

The robot then asked, "Sir, what is your IQ?"

The man answered, "Oh, about 164."

The robot then proceeded to discuss the theory of relativity, Interstellar space travel, the latest medical breakthroughs, etc.

The man was most impressed. He decided to come back the next day and try a different tack.

The robot again asked, “What is your IQ, sir?”

This time the man answered, "Oh, about 100".

So the robot started discussing F1 racing, and what to expect Chong Wei to do this weekend.

The guy had to try it one more time. So the next day he returned.

Again the robot asked, "What is your IQ?"

This time the man drawled out, " Uh..... about 50."

The robot leaned close and very slowly asked,






Anonymous said...

Looks like I am right.

UMNO = Untuk Monyet No Otak

Anonymous said...

He shud go back & try IQ 5 for the 4th time. Robot will be confused - "are you Najib or Muhyiddin " ?, & dun bluff ok

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Zorro,The robot has a higher IQ than Abrahim Ali and Muyidin
combined together.At least the robot knows that people with higher IQ knows how to used their
brains to think.Those who knows
how to think will never vote Umno
or BN.Those with lower IQ of 20-30
need to be led by their noses.They don't even know how to think so
they get hoodwinked by Umno that
there is only one party to vote.
Ibrahim Ali and Muyidin belongs to these group,and they are the only
people who will vote Umno.These are the people that Umno can fool
once,twice,three times and even four times because they have the
IQ of a donkey's brain.These are
the people who will be in the anti
Bersih group.The low IQ group.

Kamaria said...

Another daily affirmation that umno is useless and irrelevant!

Good job.

Hope more readers can contribute such articles for our amusement.

Anonymous said...

Ng Yen yen Ngher ministry keeps twisting and turning and contradicting. This is not the first time they have done so.

Something is very, very fishy at that ministry. They are spending, spending big money for a lot of nonsense, a lot of hazy, crazy thing.

What tangible returns have they generated after wasting so much rakyat money?

More like Curi Curi Wang Malaysia!

Jangan Curi Wang said...

Check up these two Facebook pages:

1) “1 million Malaysians say no to RM1.8 million”

2) “Curi-curi wang Malaysia” - this a twist of the ministry’s famous tagline “Cuti-cuti Malaysia”.

These pages are very creative. The ‘Curi-Curi wang Malaysia’ page already has higher ‘likes’ than the Tourism Malaysia’s Facebook site. And it is free!

Anonymous said...

just fyi :-

Zuckerberg : " WAT ! rm1.8juta !?
When have i ever charged 'curi-curi...oops... cuti-cuti ...@#$%^... watever lah.... dat huge sum in MY facebook or Ultimat FB !? 600million
people have been using MY invention FOC & i dun take duit Kopi-O one ... @#$%^&* !!"

new fart said...

Yes, serve them rite if these people keep on voting this evil regime in! These people must have zero IQ!

Anonymous said...

since the past election, I have seen UMNO and BN as evil money beholden jerks. They can never help the rakyat if their mentality is forever to cari uang utk diri sendiri dan keluarga. I am Hanim, from Kota Damansara.

wandererAus said...

I cannot contain my joy...what a lovely day!

Australia Federal parliament has taken the rare step of condemning a government policy, with both houses calling on Labor to dump its asylum seeker swap deal with Malaysia

At least Australian taxpayers' money will not see their 230 million ends up in the UMNO assholes' pockets!
combined with the hacking of the "untouchable" websites, UMNO bastards are made to eat their own shit! hehehe
Is'nt it a beautiful day?

Antares said...

Those who continue to vote UMNO have IQs way below 50 - minus-50 perhaps?

Anonymous said...

but then there are some clever monkeys who stand to gain much.....

btw..where can the PAS for ALL cap that you so proudly wear be obtained?

zorro said...

Devious monkeys I prefer.
Bought it during the Tenang by-elections. Everytime there is a PAS or PKR ceremah, these are usually sold by vendors. They are only RM10 each.

PAS is Past said...

LOL, zorro... I had a good laugh at this.. especially when looking closely at the monkey with the ‘keris’ and then take a another look at your pic with a pipe.
Except the cap and your glasses or else we might be guessing you’re both twin!!

Post this zorro, and I pay you RM2.80, buy a litre of RON97 and give your old junk a taste of good petrol!

zorro said...

PAS is Past....posted as dared. But no thanks to your cheap offer. I have a natural aversion to cheapskates.Make your cheapness a choice, not a weakness. And by the way, I think you have some cataract disorder.Do you need aid? You remind me of the whacko village idiot who goes into the Home for the Blind and flatten out all the Braille. Finally, you are exactly like that guy who donates money to charity, but likes to remain anonymous - so he doesn't sign his name on the check. I gave changed my mind....send me the RM2.80 check please. I will refund you for what you have to spend for the check. And dont forget to activate the burglar alarm on your garbage bin, you tightwad. Dont forget to sign on that check, yah?

zorro said...

PAS is more item I forgot.The next time you take a ringgit bill out of your pocket, check if the first Agong BLINKS at the sunlight! Gotcha! Go collect your pittance from your master.

Anonymous said...

MALAYSIA IS A FASCINATING NATION.WE HAVE CURI CURI MALAYSIA, TNB -IPP AGREEMENT ( a blank cheque agreement)EPU- economic plundering unit. PKFZ, toyol dentist mlm scheme. all govt contracts are stamped OSA- tak boleh tengok. it looks like malaysians citizens are being prostituted daily. then PERKASA chief CLOWN n UTUSAN spinning about BERSIH its now kotor VS BERSIH, what a wonderful nation- plenty of news

PAS is Past said...

Thanks, you did it!
But no thanks for all that whacking back at me. You can save your words for better reason.
FYI, I was once an Umno branch youth leader, then left and move to PAS but since last 22 months I am a ‘partyless’
So for me ‘PAS is Past’ and Umno is Past too!

So you see, I have being in both side, frankly, both are devils and they will do anything for power.
Do you think PAS really care for rakyat? They are like amphibian, or to be more precise, the salamander! Lately calling for “Negara Berkebajikan” (a Subsidized nation), WTF))) they thought rakyat are idiots, like monkey in a cage and to feed with bananas? They did not realized that for 50 over years we have been living under ‘kebajikan’ (subsidized) and that is why till now we are still not a developed nation and only lately we are making noise on high minimum salary? Another WTF??
Come on... we are not moving any forward if we continue to depend on subsidy!

PKR is the venom, need a human body for survival while DAP is the typical racist and lately compromise for some handful Malays and Indians to show “now we are not SO racist”
Whatever F*** there are all for same reason – GREED, MONEY and POWER !!

Zorro, you are an IT savvy, days for check are long gone, give me your account number, I will bank in the money online and I am serious!

PAS is Past said...

oh, one last note, I dont use subsidized petrol!

Malaysian said...


I love your wits to hantam/silence your critics without fail. They should know who they are dealing with!

Someone else said that UMNO stands for U MUST NOT OPPOSE/OBJECT.

Anonymous said...

PAS is Past,June 16, 6:22pm

Take your RM2.80 and pay a visit to your saviour a Dr. Rohaya of "Obedient Wives Club" aka Cows.She might take pity on your ignorance and ask her followers to give you cheap thrills for RM 2.08.
Then it is going to be 'PAST" your loose ass.You sick puppy.

Anonymous said...

Despite decades of promises to improve the quality of Malaysian life, eradicating poverty regardless of race and promoting a noble culture and good values, among many others, Malaysians are seeing the country’s social and mental health slipping into critical territory.

News headline can be shocking: a baby thrown out of an apartment window, abandoned babies left at garbage sites, Childline Malaysia receiving 3,243 calls from children about mental health problems or a eight-year-old school girl raped within the school compound.

Are these just the “tip of the iceberg” of our social health under the BN government whose priority is mega multi-million ringgit projects instead of human lives?

Anonymous said...

I understand why only katak Ibraheem Ali and the cowhead Mooheedeen are mentioned as having low IQ. Retarded ones in the cabinet and the one who resembles the chimp holding the keris are no better. Hope the international community do not take as the norm to judge ALL Malaysians. Only the racist UMNOputras who need the crutch and the handouts would continue voting for UMNO/BN. The beggars in MCA, GERAKAN and MIC who SHAMELESSLY prostitute themselves to the UMNOputras would sing praises of 1Malaysia and the biggest hypocrite who is at the helm of this corrupted, arrogant and misguided government.

This wonderful country will only prosper and shine among other developed nations when these pariah leaches in UMNO/BN are kicked out during the 13th GE.

Anonymous said...

Our immigration department had never been up to mark.The same arrogance of this two immigration officers can be found throughout Malaysia.Visit any immigration department on any fine day & you will get the same arrogant service.Like the immigration check point at Rantau Panjang, Kelantan. There are two motor-cycle lanes into Malaysia & only one lane out. Pity the motor-cyclists who have to bask in the hot sun,due to the heavy traffic jam.And most of the time only one lane is opened for the in-coming point. Where are the other immigration officers?Enjoying coffee or tea break or late night supper,as this Johore case???

How to promote 1-Malaysia and Malaysia the second-home? How would that 2 officers feel IF his wife is told to be nude squat? They can do to other races and the same can be done to their wives, huh?? Boleh kah? May be that 2 officers have never seen naked women before (sorry to say this but i ONLY meant to that particular 2 officers)? This is not the first time women asked to do nude squat, the same happened to our police authority. Shameful....government officers

Anonymous said...

Why so many Malaysian Government websites are hacked?

Something is wrong somewhere. Minister Rais believed it was politically motivated, but I think many people are not happy with the government for being so inefficient and ineffective.

Rampant corruptions, abuse of power,high crime rates, escalating cost of living and too much politiking make the people really fed up with the government.

These might be the work of many disgruntled IT people who want to vent their unhappiness on the government by hacking these websites.