Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yah, it is as simple as this! UNMO YOUTH and by extension BN do not want a clean and fair election. UMNO would meet its waterloo if and when the Election Commission stops CHEATING and ACTS independently.

Malaysiakini story HERE.


backStreetGluttons said...

Bersih 2, here we come !

Would love to meet up with you again over some beers before the event !

Cheers to Malaysia Reborn

zorro said...

Would enjoy that brother. Yes to Malaysia Reborn!

Anonymous said...

remember bersih, cekap n amanah- the famous slogan coined by the great one in 1981 then came vision 2020 n now 1malaysia, this country is best known for sloganeering but lacks honesty n integrity, our leaders dont walk the talk. cakap tak serupa bikin. talk is very cheap here .deception n lies n spinning is top of the agenda, look at tnb - ipp agreement n pkfz n now toyo trial, buy low sell high

Anonymous said...

Umno Youth to lodge a police report against 'Bersih Rally' for a fairer and cleaner election.What a joke.Come on Khairy.As head of Umno Head you support the police report against a fairer and cleaner election.I always thought that you were levels ahead of the moronic goons in your party.Well I guess that this time you have really dissapointed me ,Khairy.

As an "Oxen" graduate,spending so many years in the UK,you sure have graduated as an "OX".You sure have shamed your professors, family and collegues for your support against a fairer and cleaner elections.You have already been found guilty of money politics by Umno disciplinary commitee.Don't forget
your FIL being PM saved your skin.
Or else you will not be Umno Youth head today.You have already been given a second chance and you flunk it.Like cows you cannot lead
only to be led to the waterhole to drink water.That is why oxes and cows are in the same family.

Anonymous said...


Let me gaze at my krystal ball and see how July 9 will pan out ... hmm ... I see ...
1. ... heaps of support and commitment to attend ... probably much more than Bersih 1.
2. ... Barisan and their cronies freaking out ...
3. ... Perkasa or some other obscure pro-BN people calling for a rally on the same day in a nearby location, say "Tak Mau Bersih" rally or TMB. TMB is quietly supported by BN. TMB threaten violence against Bersih on pretext of protecting Malay special rights, et. al. The rally will be bankrolled by Chinese and Indian rich people who have been on BN's books since time eternity ... you know who they are.
4. ... IGP banning Bersih 2 on the pretext of the police reports and preventing violence.
5. ... police roadblocks on all entry points into KL. Hundreds of thousands prevented from entering Klang valley.
6. ... Barisan sending people to infiltrate Bersih ... BN agitators.
7. ... TMB participants given a free rein by police. TMB participants taunts Bersih people.
8. ... BN agitators start getting rowdy and violent, aim is to blame Bersih for being violent. Probably, BM agitators may even want some kind of bloodshed to create excuse for crackdown on Pakatan leaders.
9. ... police and FRU having a field day firing tear gas and baton charging Bersih participants.
10.... lots of nation-loving Malaysians who participate in Bersih get hurt.
11. ... the King purportedly not in palace to receive petition. UMNO installed palace rep receives petition from Bersih ... and bin it on the way back into his quarters in the palace ground.

... krystal ball gets blurrrr ....

so, what's Plan B and Plan C for Bersih 2?

These people from BN are going for broke and I don't think they give a hoot if lives are lost.

Would Bersih consider ...
a. covertly switching to another day
b. having rally at all state capitals on the same day ... 20,000 people each in 13 locations can send a strong message to the rakyat that they have the power to ask government to serve the people, not vice versa.
c. converging on the PM's residence ...

wandererAus said...

Malaysians deserve better!...let sunny days return to the once beautiful and bersih nation. Patience my fellow Malaysians, the dirt and filth that still remained will soon be buried with the author and architect of deceptions and corruptions. The old Indian embarrassment to Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Yes Malaysians deserve better.Say NO to Corruption ,Racism & injustice of Mahathir's era.
Say YES to a Clean and fair electoral system .
BERSIH deserve all our support.

Anonymous said...

Dear people,

Whether you r sitting on the fence or believe that peace is above all else, think again.
Like it or not, live had been sacrificed to exposed wrong doings!
Now, we need the Ghandi in u to come and Bersih our election commission!
Do we need another death in the family to be angry?

Anonymous said...

when is bersih 2 marching?


zorro said...

4RAKYAT, top of right side-bar.

Anonymous said...

Bersih is needed because Umno is Kotor!

SetiaSelalu said...

Free Democratic peaceful Countries
did not get their society on a plate. Many died to gain freedom and advocate change.
The least we can do is March for Free & Fair Elections for the sake of Good Governance and an end to abuse of power and Corruption.
For evil to flourish Good Men & Women say and do nothing.
We cannot afford the luxury of doing nothing for the sake of our future generations.
Support BERSIH & support democracy !

toyol buster said...

Khir paid RM6.5m in cash to renovate mansion. Good to be a dentist.

Landscaper Nasir Ismail was declared bankrupt but can still run and operate a multi-million-ringgit business? What use is the bankruptcy law then?

Of important note, a witness under oath has testified that former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo paid RM6.5mil in cash for the renovation works. Where does he get such money?

siew said...

Public trust in MACC is rock bottom low. It is better to close down MACC and contract out the job to Hong Kong ICAC to clean up the nation and have the country’s image restored.

Anonymous said...

If erring citizens and leaders make a full realization and pledge to transform the nation, making good all that was wrong with immediate effect, we would have gained victory over evil. And the Bersih 2.0 rally can instead become a national celebration, positively charged.

But if the concerned citizens and leaders are left in the lurch and cornered to a wall, the Bersih 2.0 rally will be a high but necessary price to pay.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Umno Youth to lodge a police report against 'Bersih Rally' for a fairer and cleaner election.What a joke.Come on Khairy.As head of Umno Head you support the police report against a fairer and cleaner election.I always thought that you were levels ahead of the moronic goons in your party.Well I guess that this time you have really dissapointed me ,Khairy.

- This is not a rally for free and fair elections. This is a political rally. An Anwar rally as seen before, are the rakyat going to be fooled once more into believing that this has nothing to do with politics? Thats what Bersih said the last time, but what happened in the end? Anwar comes riding along with his bodyguards and went straight to the front.

Dont try and fool us again.

Indian Malaysian said...

True that, Anon 7.26pm

At least have some decency to tell us what this rally is all about. I walked in the past and i felt cheated and i will not be walking again

bigjoe said...

Najib statements since PAS election can only be described as flailing. He literally is falling apart before our eyes. Its all absolutely meaningless, sub par in performance, and he is literally losing control of his organisations AND himself. He is plodding along, ignoring the panic and helter-skelter around him, insisting that its still OK or will turn around and sticking to a script that everyone has long lost interest in.

Truth is the only reason he is not removed yet is because those that are most concern have even LESS clue what to do. If he is forced out, it will harm the party and the damage could be irreparable.

It appears UMNO and its leaders do not know what the damage is, whether its enough to warrant risking removing him. Issue is how long they will put up with no knowing with so much and so many at risk if UMNO/BN topples?

dagen said...

Umno’s real support base consist of

(1) elderly kampung folks,
(2) illiterates,
(3) ignorant natives,
(4) some wavering indians,
(5) new bumiputras under projek IC dr mamak, and
(6) umnoputras.

Categories (1), (2) & (3) are shrinking in number and there is nothing umno could do.

Category (4) is not dependable for support because of their wavering nature, and their unclear and therefore unpredictable political leaning.

Categoy (6) is made up of a minute number of umno members. They are really the inner inner circle of umno – a group of super elite, the fastcar owners with horse riding kids and jet setting wives who having ran out of ideas decided to form the obedient wives club for added pleasures in life. These people control the power and wealth of the country (and abuse them as well). They are not willing to see any swelling in their numbers, for obvious reasons.

So realistically umno can only bank on category (5); on those new bumiputras under projek ic dr mamak. But really, loyalty of these people is unpredictable. They may vote umno once or twice. Come the third (their third) GE, they too are likely to decide base on issues and policies. Under umno all issues and policies are unfavourable to the people. So this is dire for umno.

This being the case we can expect umno to gerrymander like crazy, abuse the election process and secure utmost co-operation of the EC to its maximum advantage. That is why umno is so opposed to bersih’s proposed rally this july.

Umno’s attempt to augment its support base via perkasa and utusan is not working well at all. They were viewed with ridicule and disbelief.

So umno, the direction ahead for you really is downhill and sunset.

Good luck!

Kick umno out people.

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Zolo...our erection is fair. We give each calon receipts when they pay their deposits. When they lose we return the money back to them otomatically. No need to ask one.