Thursday, June 2, 2011


No, not the BN! One must allow for time-out so that they can rest in their black corner.

We, the residents of my condo are referring to the JMC. In my 6 years residing here I have never seen more than 40 residents coming for any meetings. Tonight some 182 turned up and I have never witnessed such anger directed by so many on so few!

Yes, we are determined to fry the JMC asses as the signatures garnered tonight are already sufficient for us to call for an EGM. At the AGM this is what will take place:

However, if the JMC does not want us to skin them (reveal discrepancies and mis-steps) and deep-fry them (expose their little Napoleon antics) they should resign enmasse.

We cannot imagine where they will hide their faces WHEN we boot them out.

So JMC, we allow you a gracious way out. No skinning and deep-frying, we promise, if you do the sensible thing – SHIP OUT.

The residents would like to put on record an ovation of thanks to the following ladies who decided ON THIS MEETING last night and worked through 2:00am this morning to put notices of tonight’s meeting on all cars in the carpark: Anne, Sofie, Rosie and Karen…..that’s WOMEN’S POWER people. Drinks on me ladies!


zorro said...

Comments that appeared in FB:

Shirley Kuan, Sudesh Tharmarajah and Tasya Imoet like this.

Vernon Adrian Emuang: What is JMC?
8 hours ago ·

Sudesh Tharmarajah: Jointly Mismanage Condo's
6 hours ago ·

Sudesh Tharmarajah: Finally residents are showing an interest in where they stay. Need such incidents for them to open their eyes unfortunately. All these would have been curtailed. Let's see history proposals surface again. I believe in change and change starts at home.
5 hours ago via Facebook Mobile ·

Bernard Khoo: Vernon, Sudesh the former president answers you aptly. You own one coming to help us in the cook-up to stop further fuck-ups.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sack them JMC. Lets now see you lot manage the condo for once. Time to put your money where your mouth is.

zorro said...

Anon945am....assuming you own a unit here pls come help us to put our money where our mouth is, so that we will not experience break ins, an abduction and a near rape. If you do own a unit here, you should be honest enough to give us a name like the others above. If you are renting a unit here, we aim to not let these happen to you. However if you do not own and neither rent a unit here you should shut the fuck up. Or go get a genuine name your children will be proud to carry!

Anonymous said...

6 years and still on JMC?
Got no Strata Title yet?
Perhaps you should aim your gun at the developer to get the titles, form a MC without developer participating - then you may all share responsibility for whatever is going on.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Z
I'm proud to have you as my dear friend. It's hard to find, these days, men who appreciate women.

Only yesterday, I was told by my dear buddy that his apartment area is only on a high alert on break-ins (some units had been broken into twice). Reading your post makes me mad because these criminals were daring enough to attemp rape.

May I wish you and your neighbours a successful meeting tonight.

This is People's Power!

Anonymous said...

wah chinaman gangsters now wanna screw his own neighbours who put in time and effort to manage their residents for free.
You think the JMB committee have no life to live? They have put in their time and their effort to maintain the area and now all you guys do is talk cock?
How come none of you were there to help out when the JMB was formed?
Now want to act like gangsters and threaten people thru your blog ?

zorro said...

Anon348pm....haloo we have moved ahead from JMB to JMC because we have our strata title. I know all the committee members and have worked with some of them in different capacities. You have to really squeeze cocks and talk tough when within a few months there are break-ins, attempted rape and one abduction. All committees work for free because they stood for elections. Maintain area? Payment to service providers like cleaners, security etc are delayed and you dont expect these to give the best of services. If you were at the meeting last night and made such statements, you would have been fried like they did to one who ran out of the room.....and typical of people like you, you have to turn racist to make your point. Its my blog and I can use it to put across any issues that affect me and my condo-mates.....and to also give you the message....go collect your wages from............remember that this blog is monitored everyday by MCMC, boy!

Anonymous said...

"should shut the fuck up"

Shame on you former teacher, teaching the young ones to swear.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, the main reason as I see it for the spate of break-in's has nothing to do with the current JMC. It has something to do with those whom sat as JMC members in the past. Things such as dropping off people at the condo, was something the previous JMC agreed too, and now suddenly they seem to suffer from amnesia and cannot remember their own decisions. If from day one security would have been adhered to strictly, we would not have any problems. The main reason you had 182 people turning up for the meeting last night was due to the little frightening message you left on everyone's car windscreen. So let's not get to confident about the people's support towards your cause. What exactly is your cause?? Be honest about it! It is actually meant to remove the JMC and nothing to do with break-in's. In the interest and respect of the current sitting JMC members, such as Azlan, Datin, Jo Feng, Eng and KC, whom were not around to explain themselves, you should have not used it as an avenue to condemn them but instead called for a EGM or AGM to discuss matters. This is the correct and most honourable way to solve issues you dislike. I was there and I was saddened by the way you guys heckled one of the residents whom seem to be defending the JMC members. I concur with him that you should all behave and give the current JMC a chance to explain themselves instead of behaving like animals. Uncouth bunch of barbarians!

zorro said...

Anon540pm....I could only come in at the tail-end when Derick stormed out.I got the details later from Shah. So you were did not speak up on all the things you said here....why? Did you tell the audience that they were behaving like animals and that they are an uncouth bunch of barbarians. I was there till the end and I did not hear you say those things. And by the way the committee got the message on their car screen just like you and I. You and I showed up but none of them did. Why?

zorro said...

Anon558pm....if you want to go to heaven you should not visit this "dirty" blog.

Anonymous said...

I think in the past the previous JMC was paid for their sacrifice, so not all worked for free as you said! The one's who talked the loudest last night were the one's that were paid a fee each month. Go check your facts with Mr. Harinder or Sudesh.

Anonymous said...

uncle, i once looked up to you for your courage in speaking the truth, but lately you have been swearing a lotlah! why da uncle you need to be so crude? cool down uncle, you are respectable man!

twc said...

I was there when Derrick gave a comment and 2 persons shouted at him. The shouts were uncalled for. The comment was also out of line. Tensions were high in that meeting.

However, the JMC members were not there to say their version. The problems we are facing in the condo are many fold ranging from the design to lax enforcement to too tight rules. Recently I notice there were little communications coming out from the management/JMC. JMC is a thankless job and not easy.

It is good to have residents step up. Anger will not solve anything. We need volunteers for JMC and the Residents Association. Vincent was right when he said we need RA as a check and balance to the JMC.

It has to be sonething big & serious to compel so many persons to attend that meeting.


Sudesh said...

Ann asshole,
We were all paid as agreed by the jmb. What the fuck are u on about?? Did u volunteer as a jmc member? Stop hiding behind a skirt u asshole. Yes. U are an asshole. I resigned cause of disgraceful cunt like u. If u really a man then expose yourself cuntarse. Now I have left jmc and I am a resident like u if u are. Even if your latrine is full don't shit on this blog. U are a cunt and nothing left to describe u better. I am not hiding like the bitch that u are. Be a man asswipe. If anything jmc did when I was chairman then bring it out. Not baseless accusations. Coward ass son of a pregnant goat. Our jmc was transparent. I stand by my fellow residents. Fuck u in all politeness.

zorro said... read what Sudesh wrote? I will get Dr Harinder to answer shortly....stay around, yah?

Anon725pm....its ok if I have lost your is only a perception. It is best you do not visit this crude blog. Go read blogs where they teach you how to make is much safer. Now FO!

Sudesh said...

I fail to see how the previous jmc are to blame for current breakins. Does that mean the current jmc are sitting on their fannies and not doing anything? Well it sure appears to be so since the previous jmc at least had meeting with residents and kept them in the know, we had minutes posted not the notice board, names on the nb with email addreses, blog site that we maintained and replied, meetinga wih the reisidents, etc. Do u see that happending now?? Some blinded and foolish comments are made on this post by obvious dumbasses. The same comments were made during the last jmc meeting and now hiding and making comments behind anonymous like the girl that she is but when faced with facts shiver in silence. U might ask why the previous jmc are so bold and rude. It's cause I for one took my own personal time not to serve fuckwit residents like the one who makes stupid comments but for myself to ensure that I had a place to stay that was safe, beautiful and well maintained albeit some resident arseholes that unfortunately stay and hide in the same premises. It must be a real slap in the face to have current jmc members asked to resign TWICE! Didn't get the message the first time???

alvin said...

I stumbled upon Uncle Z's blog through

As my email address does suggest (, I am by no means a busy body on anything but merely the email was just meant for anything including receiving spam emails.

Without diverting elsewhere, I read with interest your problems as far as your condo is concerned.

As one who had & has experience in running a strata-titled property (mine being a condo-style facility apartment in USJ), I would like to share my thoughts about the many problems the JMC and/or the MC (Management Council in the case where strata titles are already issued) would face or bound to face.

Firstly, putting aside the arguments here (irrespective of who is right or wrong), the main issues often faced are disgrunted residents/proprietors are over :-
(a) security (thefts, break-ins etc),
(c) lift break downs,
(d) rooftop, structural leaks,
(e) leaks from other units
(f) irresponsible air-cond ducts drip,
(g) swimming pool conditions,
(h) high water billings, faulty individual meters, external water filter location problems,
(i) accounts not in order,
(j) collection of arrears,
(k) dealing with unruly residents, irresponsible proprietors,
(l) unjustified spendings by MC
and a whole lot of problems that I could not list here for the benefit of all.

However, undoubtedly, the MC is mandated to do anything under the Strata Titles Act 1985 but it does have moral responsibility to the proprietors uppermost. This is not any easy job to do as I knew when elected as a Council member. Much is expected of each Council member to perform but critics are many, especially armed chair one.

alvin said...


These are & had been regular problems when dealing with community living. There must be a proactive approach in handling issues by all, not just on the MC but also from ALL proprietors/residents in any case. The common objective is living harmoniously & collectively. Problems are meant to be resolved not picked on unless with elements of deceit in any form, corruption included. Nonetheless, these problems are so huge & need no further magnification as it will only lead to despair for those serving voluntarily & paid Council members. It is not easy when they have to deal with people of various & diverse background attitudes.

In short, Council members are being scorned at, a no-thanks job with no appreciation from the masses. I would like to ask those who scorn, despise others, critics etc to be made Council members in order for them to "taste" the medicine they put to others. It definitely is not a duty anyone aspires to have.

I got so fed-up that I left on completion of my term & decided not to attend any of the subsequent AGMs but over time, I was asked to make a come back to "save" the apartment from further deterioration but I was so reluctant that I almost passed out when I found out there were misappropriation after my term expired. In fact, during my term of office, I had done the followings which I am proud to share here with all of you even tough there were a lot of objections from some of our apartment die-hard proprietor nuts. Nevertheless, over time, they begin to realize the benefits that I brought them. As the result of biting the bullet in sacking the service provider & running the apartment on our own, we had:-

(1) improved on our cashflow
(2) doing away with highly price services/goods which the service provider recommended (which is usually related to kick-backs to them by the suppliers)
(3) budget within our means without having to resort to increasing the maintenance/sinking fund fees ( now still at the old rates of RM120/mth in total which had not been increased since 1997 & for that we can enjoy condo-facilities with lifts & swimming pool)
(4) do repainting once every 5 years

In fact it is currently the best run apartment in USJ & during our last AGM held in May 2011, I was re-elected again with the highest votes from the floor. I am not bragging here but with the intention to share with you all; including those disgrunted ones; whoever you are or may be.

alvin said...


We are closely in contact with the COB, our ADUN & the police so that there is law & order.

I hope this enlightens everyone in your condo & should there be advice that you may want, you may email me. By the way, one last advice is to have professional people in the Management Council a members who will see things in a rational perspective for the benefit of all. You must not allow emotions to rule your hearts. Be objective as you cannot pleased everyone. there is bound to be opposition to what you do but stay focussed on objectivity in management of the condo. Time will tell like our apartment. Our proprietors are now more convinced of the developments within the apartment. We made good use of the basement units to generate incomes to support our apartment & this must be seen as the key to maintaining low maintenance/sinking fund fees imposed. How long this hold depends on the inflation rate now spiralling. Concerted efforts must prevail & our job functions are now being delegated to each & every Council member; each having a portfolio to take charge & report on its progress. Being an accountant, ex-auditor & banker by profession had given me the advantage to use my skills to circumvent oppositions (to the ideas & plans). In fact, we were contemplated to "export" our "expertise" to other nearby apartments so that in the USJ community will thrive with better property prices now with the imminent LRT routes passing nearby our apartment.

May I wish you all the success that you will find it inspired to carry on your noble deeds in your condo.

Anonymous said...

How do you expect a nation to be united and behave political mature when your condo seems to be in a state of a 'Polish parliament'??

Anonymous said...

Wow! so much hatred and crudeness! Its good that I don't live in such a place. Even the previous JMC chairman is so crude! gosh this Sudesh guy has surely learnt well from you.....Uncle Zorro!

Anonymous said...

The amount of foul language spewed from this Sudesh's mouth just tells you his level of integrity. His reply is so crass and irresponsible, can't imagine he was once your Chairman.

Uncle Zorro, in future please remove comments such as this, as we younger generations in our teens can get corrupted by such language.

Wonder who taught him all this crude foul mouthed language? Maybe poor unbringing! I feel sorry for this fellow!