Wednesday, June 15, 2011


MANY people have come to regard Ibrahim Ali as a clown, including Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz. One hopes Ibrahim was just talking like a clown when he recently announced that his organization, Perkasa, would oppose the planned Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9 by staging a counter-demonstration. “That means,” as he himself says, “on that day, there will be confrontation.”


“This is militant talk. This is a threat to cause violence. And to add fuel to it, Ibrahim has pledge that in the event of a clash, “I will fight to the end”.

READ KEE THUAN CHYE’S Malaysian Digest article HERE.


Zmas said...


wandererAus said...

No need to fight this Pig Face Abrahim Ali la...this motherf*cker will drop like a deadwood with a heart attack if there was a confrontation! Genuine bastards have balls only when they are well shielded by the blue uniform baboons. I think it is about time to demonstrate to these morons, "Patience has a limit...Bersih stand united, we shall not fear them"

Anonymous said...

He is a real trouble maker, the problem is he is getting away with bloody murder. If it was you or me who said it, we would be in a lockup immediately.
Wait till the next GE, we the people of Pasir Mas will remove his MP title permanently and let us see if he is still relevant to anybody including UMMNOO.
Pak Tua

Awani said...

He is serving his master Tun Apanama doktor on the house who should prepare an ambulance for him to bring him to IJN on that day.

najib manaukau said...

He is on wheelchair !
He only wants his kind to run only 10 meters in a hundred meter race !
He says the whites in U.S. and the Brits in Australia are natives just like them. Poor ignorant souls, who call the Sakai Orang Asli ? Does he know the meaning Orang Asli, the original people.
In other words the Malay are NOT the sons of the soil but are only pirates from Indonesia taking refuge in Malaya. I am willing to pay for him to have his blood tested with a bank guarantee If he is a real Malay if the DNA test can determine his ancestor came here before the Sakai. How is that for a a so call son of the soil ?
Finally he is a typical devil in disguise !

nkkhoo said...

Penang PR government spent RM 0 for its popular tourism facebook vs BN government 1.76 million
Ng Yen Yen showing her incompetent and wasteful nature again. I often visit her facebook and see nothing is professional except a flash image which I (as a non-IT man) can design at a fraction of cost.

Philippines is having an online campaign to put Puerto Princesa Underground River on the seven nature wonders.

Why don’t Ng Yen Yen compares her ministry facebook spending with Penang state tourism facebook?

This below facebook design work cost is no more than RM3000, not that exorbitant RM300,000 paid by Tourism Ministry.

Muhd Mandela said...

The planned “march for democracy” must go on. This is not a political and anti-gov march , is a march to remind all Malaysians on the ideal of freedom and democracy upon which the very fabric on which this nation was born. It has nothing to do with “mencabar” the rights of Malays. Any distraction from Perkasa or UMNOs nGOs to challenge this peaceful march will amount to opposing peace and spirit of one malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand what Ibrahim is fighting about. What are the issues that requires him to fight..surely any decent citizen wants fair and clean elections. Even if Berseh is merely reinforcing such a need( as thought we are already so clean and fair), we should support the principles that they are trying to uphold. So what really is Ibrahim's problem. If Berseh does not cause violence(all evidence point to Ibrahim breathing and supporting violence), we should all support Berseh. Pohyoke

Monyet King said...

Ibrahim Ali is a well-established clown. Even the Royal London Circus and the Ringling Brothers Cricus have offered him jobs as the main clown. You read more about here

Anonymous said...

And of course we all know the Home Minister and police will side with and protect Perkasa and its militant NGOs allies should there be a confrontation on that day.

Bersih must not back down from the open threat issued by Perkasa otherwise these UMNO appointed thugs will have a field day.

Anonymous said...

aiyoh KOTOR vs BERSIH. PERKASA vs BERSIH. are we a nation in crisis with small minds ruling this nation

new fart said...

Isn't he an embarrassment to this beautiful country of ours? We all know who is behind him and until that fellow kicks the bucket, this clown is going to continue entertainment us with his idiotic comments and threats!

Salim said...

Perkasa itu kotor kerana ia takut sama Bersih!

Anonymous said...

Umno has turned itself into people’s greatest opposition party. Instead of explaining their positions and policies, umno critised the opposition for not having any results to show. Now nothing could be more ridiculous than that. Who is in the driving seat? The opposition? No. Umno. And umno also forgot that they were elected by the people for they thought it fit to demand gratefulness by the people for what umno has done – for the 12.5m hole umno burned in PKFZ. The billions lost in BBMB. The billions losts in MAS. The collapsed stadium roof. The death of witnesses under questioning in macc. The naked squat punishment by the police and now the immigration. And many many more.

Anonymous said...

Saya betul tak faham.Kenepa ramai rakyat nak bersih undi,bersih ni bersih tu?Kan kotor lagi baik apa pun kita boleh kowtim.Kamu semua hendaklah dengar nasihat Tuan Besar Panglima Gagah Berani Ibrhim...kotor tu lagi best.Tuan Besar, tu PM kristain lagi on tak ,kita nak hamtam lagi

Anonymous said...

Abrahim Ali is a clown,has been called a clown and definitely born a clown.Even Nasri calls him a clown.He talks like a double clown.But everything has a limit,even for clowns.This clown,a trouble making moron is the hired gun of an ex PM.He can go out and create all sorts of problems,talk racial garbage and even taunt the PDRM directly in the face.

Jibby,Hisham,AG and PDRM doesn't
have the guts to arrest him.They keep their distance far away from him.That's how powerful the clown is.And that is only the clown.Wait
till his master shows up.Jibby with the rest will have to wear diapers or else they will wet their pants.

This coming Bersih rally the clown's master will definitely let
him loose with his goons.His master wants him and his goons to create havoc,because his master has an agenda.His master is waiting for an opputunity to move in to get rid of Jibby.

Anonymous said...

Ibrahim Ali is just the public face of Malaysian fascism. (Don't underestimate him though. Remember apparent buffoons like Idi Amin Dada?)

But the truly dangerous ones are those pulling the strings in the background.

Phua Kai Lit

new fart said...

Anon 10:53....hear hear!