Friday, June 17, 2011


Over a hurried lunch Hantu III suggested that we donate partyless Ibrahim Ali to the US bull riding rodeo circuit. I say no way. The bulls will shit, shit, shit when they see our Ibrahim Ali as rodeo clown. He would be an instant reject. Nazri was off the mark when he labeled Ibrahim Ali as a certified clown. I will tell you what he is – you can paraphrase it anyway you like, but a village is missing its idiot.

“If there is a situation where UMNO chooses Perkasa over me I will leave the party,” said Khairy at a forum.

The retort came fast:

“I find KJ’s statement wanting to leave UMNO if a majority of its members supported Perkas vey funny. What is KJ’s disease. He is mentally ill,” accuses Ibrahim Ali.

Has the feud healed as UMNO Youth will march alongside Perkasa to counter Bersih2.0? Whilst Perkasa wants to “fight to the end”, Khairy wants to defend the EC.

In all the big “walks” that I have participated in, no violence originated from the participants. Only once I saw an angry participant hurl back a tear-gas canister. The government is talking endlessly about TRANSFORMATION! Isn’t transformation a two-way process?

DANG! WE JUST WANT CHANGE! Don’t change Bersih2.0 into a revolution!

poster by Mob1900

In 1968, I had already negotiated 28 the previous December and had agreed to marry Karen at yearend, the Beatles released their eponymous “White Album”, featuring what was a particularly incendiary track named “Revolution”. Originally entitled “Revolution 1”, this song ignited an era of social change, documented the ambitions of the peace movement and chronicled a radical shift in the mindset of an “all-new generation”. One song did it and the Beatles did not rant, “I will fight to the end,” stupid! This song can claim that it contributed significantly to the “new generation” winning the Vietnam War at home!

“You say you want a revolution

Well, you know

We all want to change the world

You tell me that it’s evolution

Well, you know

We all want to change the world.”


Aside: BTW, iconic watchmaker Franck Muller has named three recent chronometers Revolution1, Revolution2 and Evolution. The latter is priced at RM700K!




Amran Tahir said...

I simply cannot understand how Si Khairy still have teh 'pride' to call himself an umno youth leader, when the Jibby administration has ignored him repeatedly for a ministerial post? Even Si Mukris is mre powerful than him. He must be regreting having the wrong father-in-law!

He can redeem his pride by joining Bersih to confron the toads of Perkasa.

Anonymous said...

Everybody walks together less Braheng the clown as he will walk in the guni sack. And Kj will be on the monkey ride.
Go BERSIH all the way!

Anonymous said...

Dear KJ, dont be intimated by the kris guy, you are far smarter than him.It's time for you rise up as a man instead of being bullied by all these simple-minded folks. Rebrand yourself as a better leader than those old fat folks who have heavy baggage,want nothing but easy money by dragging the whole country down with them.Rise KJ!The nation awaits a white knight who can move us forward.Form your own party to attract the intellect and reformists

telur dua said...

Actually, if UMNO Youth has any honour they should march alongside Bersih. How can they oppose something universally accepted such as free and fair elections?

KJ can be the catalyst to a reborn UMNO. The present UMNO Baru is too set in its destructive ways and has become a hindrance to the country's progress.

He should start doing something for Malaysia, for Malaysians.

mikequah said...

You march. We march.' Ibrahim Ali in response to Bersih's march for free and clean election.

Does this brave man, elected FREELY, by an adoring population, support a free and clean election because he has ALWAYS HONOURED THE TRUST that he will act decently in service as an elected people's representative?

Login: There is a strange message in the video in my blog which is worth spending time viewing.

Anonymous said...

Umno youth head Khairi Jamaluddin has announced that his youth movement will also march on July 9 for democracy and defending the EC on existing election laws.With all the highly trumpeted achivements of KJ at a highly prestigious eduducational institution in the UK, one has to be left wondering what KJ has achieved during his half dozen years or so at this so called prestigious institution.

A long planned rally to be held on July 9th,2011 called 'Bersih 2" is for the intention of calling for a cleaner, fairer and transparent election.This rally is supported by the majority of Malaysians.Why we need to demand that the EC remained an independent Institution is because the Malaysian Government is seen to be using the EC to manipulate the rules and results of former elections.

We have a government which is out openly flouting the laws of the land which they have sworned to upheld.Election fraud that is vote buying,cheating and using rowdy hired goons going around threatening opposition supporters is like a bushfire running out of control.

And here we have a so suppossedly well educated man, who is head of the ruling party's youth wing said that his youth movement is marching for democracy and supporting an EC whose officials are political cronies of the present political establishment.He is telegraphing to the whole world that he is against democracy and supporting an corrupted EC.

So for the so many years KJ spent at this prestigious institution of higher learning condidered among the top universities in the world he has proven to us what he can do.During his stint at the 4th floor he has helped transformed his FIL Abdullah Badawi from an Umno warlord to a sleepy head.Thus we have to come to a conclusion.KJ with all his prestigious education cannot diffrentiate between a nut and a bolt.An Ox, the offspring of the prestigious Univesity of Oxen.

Anonymous said...

We have to called them the 'recloned clowns of BN'.We put Abrahim Ali,Muyidin and KJ together in a cage with ninety volunteers from Dr.Rohaya's group.Then we shipped them to the highlands of Mongolia(jibby's adopted homeland) and put them together in a cave with grilled gates.Then we let them multiplied over and over and over again.In ten years time we will have a village of idiotic clowns.

Anonymous said...

Zorro,My eagle friends flying over the skies of KL are telling me that planning of 'Ops Lallang II" is in the final stages.

Pak Zzzz said...

KJ kena warning from Hishamuddin but not Ibrahim Katak. That says a lot of KJ's low position in umno.

KJ should just quit umno and join Pakatan to salvage his Oxford pride (assuming he is accepted by Pakatan first).

Anonymous said...

Umno stands for cavorting with today’s robber barons – the Anandas, the YTLS, The Berjayas, the Genting Lims, all of whom are friends of former Umno president-cum PM Mahathir who isn’t infallible, you know.

Why should Umno claim ownership of malpractices or possible corrupt practices? They should disown, not own up.

This kind of stupidity will cost Umno dearly in later years.

Umno should NOT view attacks on policies and on issues of public concerns as attacks against the Malays or a Malay government.

Anonymous said...

A degree from an ivy league uni does not automatically confer on the graduate an intelligence to be able to juggle with the intricacies of daily life, more so in a politically volatile and corrupt environment. Expecting KJ the Rembau berok to be any different is akin to day-dreaming.

Musa Hassan became the IGP for shamelessly carrying an alleged mattress used in a homosexual scandal. His successor was groomed by the same to be another apple polisher. The present DIGP is no better. He is notorious for staging raids on candle light vigils and for all the infamous roadblocks whenever the opposition wanted to stage a peaceful rally at designated places such as stadiums. Of course it was under him the PDRM in Selangor became uniformed thugs and murderers. He just kept boosting the morale of these rabid dogs by condoning their actions. Is this moron aware of the numerous deaths in custody?

Now he is threatening the Bersih rally for a clean and fair elections with pre-emptive action on its leaders. What sort of a policeman is he? He cares two hoots for law and order and safeguarding the rakyat. He is only interested in his upward mobility to be the next IGP even if it means harassing and torturing a peaceful rally.

All ranking police officers since Musa Hassan seem to be following his example. Carry balls and be ready to wipe stinking arses in order to get promoted. Looks as if the respected PDRM has become a police FARCE since the evil mamak corrupted them and all other institutions during his tenure as PM for 22 years.

Instead of being a beacon of hope the PDRM is turning out to be a monster hound ever ready to charge at the helpless rakyat who are fighting for a fair and clean government using peaceful means.

Apanama said...

I think Bersih 2 can postpone its rally, so that we can all watch the showdown of Khairy Umno Youth vs Ibrahim katak Perkosa fighting it out!

Anonymous said...

The BN government does not have enough fund to send our top SPM scorers overseas to pursue their studies. But, look at how Ng Yen Yen spent the rakyat's hard-earned RM1.8 million on Facebook !

Ng Yen Yen, please search through your soul and see if there is any conscience left!

Chua Soi Lek, why are you keeping dumb on this issue? Ng Yen Yen has, many a time, been a liability to MCA. If you think MCA still needs our solid support, please by all means, get Ng Yen Yen out of the cabinet!

wandererAus said...

In the "UMNO Home of Whores" the pimp (Krismuddin) and his pack of baruahs...mad cow Perkasa chief, oxfart forked tongue asshole and Muslim pretenders, exaggerated a "show biz a family tiff" smelling each other's blowhole! ...simultaneously, to tickle the rakyat balls to amuse themselves.
These are the UMNO cheapskate clowns!...Najib's marbles lickers.

Anonymous said...

Najib sees the Bersih’s Walk for Democracy as a slap in the face for his leadership. Despite piling pressure and refusing to issue police permits, he has failed to scare the group into abandoning its Walk for Democracy and call for electoral reforms.

Tiger said...

The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments - Friedrich Nietzsche

Anonymous said...

Oh, when the saints go marching in,
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