Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Website attacks part of Bersih rally, says Rais

Information, Communications, and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim today expressed belief that yesterday’s mass attacks on local websites may be connected to the upcoming Bersih rally.

Rais described the cyber attacks as politically-motivated and intended to disrupt the workings of the government, but did not provide details as to how the denial of service attacks were related to the July 9 rally pushing for electoral reforms.

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Anonymous said...

kesian ... a poor lice-orphan !!

amatMok said...

Ini Rais sudah takut lor! Mana mana nampak hantu BERSIH.

Tak lama lagi, kucing beranak pun mesti kata BERSIH punya pasal.

This is the standard of a Minister in the Malaysian Government, no wonder the country is going down the drains.

Well, kalau country goes down the drain pun mesti BERSIH punya pasal la.

Idiot Minister! Btw, any comment from Rocky Bru?

Anonymous said...

As usual Rais Yatin is ranting through his nostrils.When is this man a Senior Minister and a senior citizen going to grow up.Rais,if you are too senile and cannot use your brains go get a speech writer.Don't always make a fool of your self when you open your big mouth.You are suppossed to grow up not grow down.

Anonymous said...

Information Minister Rais Yatim, look at the pictuce of the preety gal.Action does speak louder than words.

p/s whenever you want to open your big mouth please think of the pretty gal's mouthful of .....

Pak Zawi said...

A fool needs only to open his mouth in order to prove to the world that he is indeed a fool. That was just what this minister did.

najib manaukau said...

Just typical of this Indonesian Rais Yatim, he will blame everybody on every problem and never even try to look into the root cause, That is why Malaysia will always remain in the third world and worse of all about to go bankrupt with people like Rais in the cabinet. What a bloody shamble !

Anonymous said...

Rais,what does this lass has in her mouth.Your balls,yeh.So you are half balless.

Anonymous said...

I view with concern that a NGO like BERSIH wanting to incite negative emotions by organising a rally.
1. A public rally must only be held as a last resort when all other avenues to challenge the EC failed.
Have all the avenue to challenge EC being done? It is not mentioned in the Bersih website what had been done so far besides urging the people to rally.
2. Should the present day govt fall, is there a better alternative one? Are there credible people besides the few veterans?
3. Should the present govt fall on rallies, would not the new govt also fall on rallies? And how long shall the cycle continue?
4. Won't the new govt also will change the laws to protect their own fall from rallies?
5. Do we want a stalemate as what happened in our north neighbour?
6. Are rally actions based on facts? or emotions?
Think with the mind, not the heart!

Raikonen Kautim said...

Nah!Rais(anak) Yatim,you are showing your stupidity!
As a senior minister,how can you utter something without basis!
Malaysia image is spoilt by you and we rakyat do not need you and we will make sure you will be retired in GE13.

Anonymous said...


Wouldnt it be better for those who want to do this Bersih 2 walk and gathering all meet up at the Shah Alam stadium instead?? They can all shout, sing, dance and rant all they want in the stadium itself. I mean, there are ample parking for all the participants. Why jam up the entire KL city?? What if there is an emergency , how will them ambulance or fire trucks function effectively to save lives and properties??

I am not against Bersih2, but I feel going to the stadium is a better alternative than creating traffic chaos in downtown KL.

Anonymous said...

Ibrahim Ali & the Blogger are entirely coherent in attacking Bersih from the race angle because if Bersih succeeds, the party that upholds race policy and sustain its power from methods opposed to by Bersih will likewise fail, in the process of which, by extension, Ketuanan policies too will falter! If this country and 100% of its voters were of only one race, there is no doubt that Ibrahim Ali and the Blogger will join any march against electoral mal-practices/irregularities – but not in a multiracial voting base where such electoral mal-practices/irregularities are ancillary to the maintenance of political dominance of one against the others. Appropriately a timely reminder of May 13 by the Perkasa Chief is also an oblique reminder of the justification for race policies. In this sense then, Bersih has everything to do with race. When Bersih marches against electoral irregularities, it strikes at the very heart of all that Ketuanan and its justification (My 13) stand for. Ibrahim is therefore correct (from his ideological viewpoint) to fight it.

Anonymous said...

For 50years+ , we have been cheated and robbed by the BN . Our purchasing power is only 30-40% of those in Australia , US , Canada . Let me show the real example :- Let say you have a salary of RM60,000/year in Malaysia married with 2 kids and wife is not working. You can only manage to buy a Kancil costing RM30,000, a apartment flat costing about RM200,000 . Because your monthly installment for car , house and monthly expenses worked out to be around RM3000-4000. Well, you can hardly have any savings don't talk about holidaying !!

But if you are an Australian or US citizen , and take home AUD60,000 or USD60,000 a year , you can afford a Toyota Camry costing AUD30,000 or USD30,000 , a AUD200K-250K detached house and still have extra to have a yearly holiday to Malaysia !!!!!! All because AUD1 or USD1 buys RM3 !!! Why this scenario ? Because all that we (the rakyat) had been working for were plundered and stolen by the elite of the BN politicians and their cronies. The wealth are put in off-shore countries , such as cayman island etc., Why is that our exchange rate is only 1/3 of US or Aussie ? Billions and billions of RM and wealth were taken out of the country by the BN politicians and their cronies. That's the reason why our exchange keep coming down. Is this because of our low productivity that US or Aussie ? Nonsense, the above illustrated example is the average salary of an Accountant in Malaysia and US.

Malaysia lacks nothing, we have plenty of resources, we have Oil, Gas, fertile soil , no natural disaster, nice beaches etc ., you name it.

najib manaukau said...

This Dr. Rais must have either purchased or got somebody else to write his thesis for him to get his PHD. With a brain like his how could he ever get the PHD ? He should go and 'get a new Indonesia maid to look after and to satisfy his lust.

Anonymous said...

Rais oh Rais, you have hit the nail on your own head but unfortunately the nail missed your pea sized brain. So I really cannot blame you for trying to sound smart by trying to link the attacks on the government websites to Bersih.

Tell you what Rais. How about you also linking the increased of RM1.00 of my morning breakfast of coffee and roti bakar to Bersih? If that is not good enough, why not link to the depleting Petronas oil reserves to Bersih? And finally, you can try to link your brain deficient logic to Bersih. Perhaps you can use the combination of all 3 if you wish.

new fart said...

Anon 12:55, agreed with mostly what you said except for one little point mate. Depending on where you are, AUD200-250K will NOT get you a detached house nowadays, trust me? If indeed you are comparing major cities like KL and Sydney or Melbourne, you would be very lucky to find a semi-detached house somewhere close to the CBD for anything less than AUD650K! Yes, most stuff are cheaper to buy dollar for dollar in Oz but I'm afraid not properties! I know cos I am an naturalised Aussie and I am looking to buying a decent property for my eventual retirement back in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

rais is the biggest hypocrite in our nation, remember when he was out of umno n out of the cabinet, he wrote a book n attack DR M as a dictator n many negative things were written about DR M , today he is no better than DR M acting like a dictator n a politician without principles but only interested in the cabinet position, self interests override all national interests, what a true blue politician. please dont you have A Conscience n any sense of guilt n shame as a matured human being