Saturday, June 25, 2011


On Friday 28May 2010, just a year ago, I posted at 2:36am on ANAS ZUBEDY (HERE). I beatified him as a Towering Malaysian, a term that was then the flavor of the times.
I would have canonized him had I been present at his talk on Recoloring May 13 on 13May 2010. HERE

The best part of blogging is that when you are not sure of something you EVOKE/PROVOKE to get your answers. I got various comments but I want to share my reply to a comment by albert308* and friends:

*(you could read this comment in the comment box HERE

zorro said...

albert308 and friends....before I moderated your comments this is what I received on the email at 2:14PM: "Sir, were you really trying some reverse psy? Were you trying to draw out something from readers who can read deeper into Anas' modus operandi? You are fishing! Are you re-coloring him? I remember how you used to draw us into discussions in your History sessions that unveiled hidden facts that came to pass.I remember with fondness your quote: "History is not what is written. It is what happened.” Lets find out what happened and might have happened." Sir,you might get an insight presently....just be patient."

I will be patient.

May 28, 2010 4:56 PM

My patience paid off and 2 postings HERE and HERE provoked this question:



Anonymous said...

Sell-outs spreads like cancer, we all know about AZ(ass) sometime ago. He's the epitome of MMB(Melayu Mudah Beli). Hope the price is worth it, Anas Z 'coz your integrity doesn't seem to worth much.

Anonymous said...

I don trust Mahathir, I don trust his children & I don trust friends of his children. All hypocrites!

donplaypuks said...

Even Anas Zubedy cannot seems unable to get over this Ketuanan malaise.

You know what's the worse part?

He doesn't seem to know how racist and bigoted his letter to LGE is.

DAP is the only multi-racial party of any note in M'sia - UMNO, MIC , MCA are all totally race based.

But due to BTN brainwashing and Utusan and Mahafiraun's calculated and deliberate demonising of DAP without substantiating it with an iota of proof, a few are beginning to buy into this racist and religious bigoted shit.

AZ forgets that the the national VC of DAP, Tengku Aziz, is 100% Malay. Where are UMNO/MCA/MIC on this issue? 50 years behind, that's where!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Read about the link between Anas Zubedy and Najib Razak here


Anonymous said...

There is a strange culture going here. Xample is a smoker things he has every rite to smoke in public igoring the non smoker nearby. Then the non-smoker keep bitching their rite to non-smoking zone. For the smoker, anyone talk about the smoke is nuisance, as with the non-smoker, anyone smoke nearby is a nuisance.
If both ever bothered, invite each other to a public debate televised nationwide.
Over to U BERSIH chairperson, invite EC chairman to an open public debate.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

We should not be so easily deceived by individuals who seem to be "unselfishly" using their "own" funds to advertise their sermons of peace and unity. We have already seen plenty of trojan horses and turncoats when the ringgit or titled positions are flashed in front of them.

Time will tell but I would not put my faith in this particular individual. So far I have not been wrong in my judgment of the likes of Rocky Bru, Wong Chun Wai, Chandra Mudzafar, Ezam, etc.

Anonymous said...

He should be in his 40s now.

He is from Penang Free School.

He associates himself very well with people from UMNO especially KJ's camp of people.

He is also very close to stephen doss which is a member of Gerakan.

He is quite close to Dina Zaman too.

I wonder and I really wonder, how snakey could one be.


Anonymous said...

I once sent him a compliment on one of his 'famous' full page ads. He replied & suggested we met over coffee. He smsed, I am here. I replied I am here too, wearing a mauve blouse. His expression told me all.
I am in my 50's& not quite of his imagined ethnic choice!What an insight into his preaching!

Anonymous said...

'Time will tell but I would not put my faith in this particular individual. So far I have not been wrong in my judgment of the likes of Rocky Bru, Wong Chun Wai, Chandra Mudzafar, Ezam, etc.'

June 26, 2011 11:02 AM

Dont forget Nuraina Samad....

Anonymous said...

Anas Zubedy is another wannabe, another Rocky.. those who know him will know that..

Anonymous said...

The refusal of the Malays to recognize the Orang Asli is clear proof of the racial bent of the "Malays". The "civilized" Malays regard the Orang Asli as uncivilized. They have no political institutions, therefor we Malays are superior and do not treat them as "people"!
The Malays, all of them should start apologizing to each member of the Orang Asli for the colonizing their land mistreating them and continue to regard them as sub-human.

Anonymous said...

He's the product of a sick experiment initiated by non other that "The Malay Dilema" man.

The experiment goes like this:
1. Classify Malaysians into different groups: Group A/master group, Group B, C, D and lain lain
2. Brainwashed group A (master group). Let them think they are born superior at the same time convinced them they are less intelligent genetically. Materstroke of a feat or the latter is true.
3. Convinced group B, C, D, and lain lain, if necessary threaten there will be violence, blood spilling and what not, to submit to the whims of Group A,
4. Secretly create a very exclusive sub master group and called it Gtoup U'Putras. Their main function is to convince the master group that they are not match to the other groups whom are inferior but genetically smarter. Therefore for them to survice, they need sub master group to fight for them to get what they do not deserve. Finally sub master group will convince mastergroup that since they are superior but not so smart, yhe sub master group will keep their undeserved wealth on their behalf and keep them indefinitely.

anas is in the master group who was told they were superior but less inteligent genetically,told that every other group owed it to them, and they need the sub super group to think for them. So people, do not be too hard on him...he knows not what he is saying. He's the product of an experiment.