Monday, June 20, 2011


YES, I took the necessary precautions when I was informed that this International Pariah, the guest of our country, was visiting where I would also be this morning. Thank God, I don’t have to detox as the foreign body chose not to show up!


Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

You mean they did not let him out of his cage?

Anonymous said...

probably here to learn how to stay in power for 50 yrs more...

Old Fart said...

Looks like a good long turd after a loud fart!!

Me Gonna Join & Enjoy Bersih 2.0 said...

Anonymous 6:39PM,

Totally agree with you, that must have been the reason. And probably to learn bits about developing a Langkawi in Zimbabwe. A Triple-Tower would be good in Harare.

Much to learn for this skool-kid Mugabe.

Hey Mug,

You might have AK47.. you might have C4.. but you aint have no UMNO! You aint have no Perkasa! You aint have no YTL.. Berjaya.. SP Setia.. Gamuda.. and you also aint have no royals.. therefore you're not internationally recognised as legal, kiddie Mug!

But doesnt matter.. spend ur time in Langkawi and learn a trick or two.. it'll help a bunch for your government to be recognised in the coming years.. do it for your son, Mug.. learn from us.. and Zimbabwe can use the term Canland. Truly African!


Slim Shady said...

Zorro.. would've expected you to do the world a favor by giving him a Z-slash with your Z-sword..

PS: Time to put up a post in dedication for Bersih 2.0 for more awareness for your readers. Eg. Should we drive there.. which LRT station to stop at.. what to wear.. what to bring.. basically the do's and dont's.

I missed the first one.. definitely not gonna miss the second one!But need some advices from old-timers around..

Perkasa is organising an Anti-Bersih rally..

ANTI-BERSH.. that says it all..


Anonymous said...

Duh ... you mean Mahathir?

wandererAus said...

Malaysia must be greatly honored by playing host to Mamak kutty kissing cousin!...the only difference between these two evil bastards, the kerala Indian man has a diluted complexion but, inside both of these mongrels they belong to the lowest 7th tier
of human decency...known as bombastic pariah samsengs!

Anonymous said...

This guy could b a distant cousin to IA.
Otherwise how can someone like IA issue a threat and walks away free!

Anonymous said...

S is missing from I A when he threatens the Chinese!
Double standard, double take.
Go on voting for this double standard govt!

Anonymous said...

kerala's good friend. birds of the same feather flock together, no?

Anonymous said...

Come Bersih 2.0

Change or be Changed!!!!!!!

amatMok said...

I am ashamed to say that I am a Malaysian because the organisor of LID is sooo low class to incite such a person as Robert Mugabe to the event.

Pray tell me, what can he contribute to the dialogue?

Opps sorry, I forgot. Najib and his gang want to learn from him how to:
1. fix the next GE
2. browbeat and muzzle the opposition and free press
3. rape the country

Apa la Malaysia, sikit pun tak de kelas...well, what do you expect from a country that pays RM1.8M for soething that is free.

Anonymous said...

Apa nama Mamakthir Mohamad Kutty's best friend from Zimbabwe looks like a character taken out of the film, Planet of the Apes. Mamak Kutty's calibre and pedigree is reflected in this ape's image. Sorry for comparing this international pariah to a more intelligent ape.

Most of the guys attending the LID are notorious in their country for violations of human rights, vote rigging, genocide and corruption on a mega scale. These might have been the criteria weighed in for extending the invitation. The local corrupted creeps want to learn more how to screw and sodomise the rakyat. In the forefront in this endeavour is none other than the evil mamak.

We had a sleepy head as the PM. Now we have a slimy, hypocrite who peddles his 1Malaysia in the hope of hoodwinking the rakyat. NOBODY EXCEPT THE MORONIC UMNOPUTRAS buy into the perfidious 1Malaysia in order to rob and rape the country.

Why do these imbeciles need a dialogue in the first place when they can't even have one with the rakyat who are suffering from high prices and inflation?

Katak Ibrahim Ali has paralized the MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and other small kucing kurap parties with his continuous racist, religious and seditious remarks. They hide behind a childish excuse that he is a clown. If they cannot voice out against his outrageous and incidious remarks and challenges, then they should all resign enblock. Failing which they are just neutered eunuchs getting sodomised by their boss for the crumbs they get in return.

The country would be better off if the Barang Naik (BN) government pays more attention to the plight of the suffering masses and the dismal economy. No need for LID or FLOM/Jibby and entourage to squander taxpayers' ringgit for overseas visits. In what way has those visits enhanced the economy of the country and brought down the prices in Malaysia?

Malaysia should get the likes of Mugabe to advise the present government to perpetuate the demise of democracy in the country.

When the UMNOputras do not want BERSIH 2, that alone shows they are not at all in favour of CLEAN and FAIR ELECTIONS. These UMNOputras and their neutered eunuchs are DIRTY TO THE CORE.

Jedi said...

Yeah Slim Shady.. we gotta start creating more awareness for bersih 2.0

Perkasa says will bring 2 buses from each state.. let us gather 20 buses from each state!

But where to park? Will they be roadblocks? What to bring? Maybe you can start a facebook page, Shady.. Uncle Zorro might be already working on it in a different way..

Everyone let's create awareness for bersih 2.0 on your blogs, websites, facebook or twitter!

Come what may, we must show the goons who're the real master of this land.. not politicians, not Vincent Tan, not YTL, not Ananda Krishnan, not BN, not UMNO, not Perkasa, but us, ordinary rakyat!

For a New Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is now part of Africa. That's why we are a banana country and going down the drain. Otherwise how to explain the government's fixation of continuing holding and financing the unproductive and useless LID summit comprising of despots and dictators comparing notes on how to outdo each other.

In the land of the blind the partially sighted is king. That's why the malaysian government wants to show the african banana republics that it is "king" in comparison to the africans. The sad truth is it is the blind (malaysian government) leading the blind (african republics).

Anonymous said...

Jibby is learning from Mugabe how to plunder the nation wealth?

Alphard Liow said...

To Malaysians of Chinese descent who are above 55 years old, what Ibrahim Ali meant is loud and clear. He was referring to the May 13 racial riot of 1969.

If MCA, Gerakan and all Chinese-based component parties of BN continue to keep quiet when the home minister and the police continue to turn a blind eye, then you are totally irrelevant to Malaysians of Chinese descent. We should not be humiliated this way by a fellow Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, al-bashir NOT coming !!

new fart said...

Gosh....just looking at this "charcoal orang hutan looking semi-human specimen" makes my stomach turn. Sometimes you just have to wonder if the Almighty is being fair or perhaps using scumbags like this fellow to test our resilience!

Anonymous said...

1) Strange as it may seem, Ibrahim Ali seems to be helping rather than hurting Pakatan Rakyat with his high-profile!

2) If at all Ibrahim Ali is hurting, it is some of the Umno-led Barisan Nasional component parties, which are squirming mad at him and totally nonplussed as to why the inaction against him thus far!

3) Ibrahim Ali's rhetorical eloquence seems to be eroding BN's political capital by the day, and therefore could just boomerang on BN's political fortune in the 13th General Election, if nothing is done swiftly and substantially.

On The Beat said...

A staggering 99% of slightly more than one million respondents in a poll by The Star Online have indicated support for the Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9.

According to a screen capture taken by a Facebook user, the number of respondents had hit 1.3 million at 12.25pm from 527,330 recorded at 6.11am today, according to a Google Cache snapshot of the website.

To the question ‘What is your view on the proposed Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9?’, 1,312,917 respondents answered ‘It should be allowed to go on’ as at 12.25pm.

Anonymous said...

The mugshot of the ape from Zimbabwe looks that of a zombie resurrected from the dead. The evil mamakthir mohamad kutty would like him when he kicks the bucket.

For all the evil that these despots did to their people, hope the Almighty makes them cripples from a stroke and languish in their own mental hell their last days on earth.

Decadent pariahs in their savile- row suits do not make them look decent or statesmanlike. They are just FILTH fit for the garbage bin.
Even poor, starving mongrels would avoid them like the plague. But the likes of Jibby and the mamak want to be their bedfellows.

Anonymous said...

There are two possible reason for the recent gathering of infamous dictators from the dark continent.

1. To compete to find the most dispicable, corrupted, evil dictator. Some sort of a corruptlompics. Guess who won the gold medal?

2. A gathering of all diciples to pay homage to their Sifu "You Know Who" lair. At the same time to get inspiration and motivation to korek some more from their poor rakyat.

Like the old saying, "all crooks of the same kind wear one pant's".