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Muhyiddin debunked BERSIH’s agitation for reform by citing opposition’s impressive electoral gain in the 2008 general election as proof of the electoral system’s fairness.

He asked: “If it is not free and fair, how could they make such electoral gains? If they win they keep quiet, and if they lose, they claim unfairness. I think their motive is to have a short cut to Putrajaya.”

Equating opposition’s electoral win as proof of the system’s fairness has become BN’s standard answer to fence off rising condemnation of BN’s massive abuses that have gone from bad to worse.

Since the 2008 election, BN’s election bribery has gone from covert to overt, famously dramatized by none other than Prime Minister Najib Razak himself when he publicly attempted to buy votes by offering instant cash aid to the tune of millions of ringgit subject to a BN win in two successive by-elections (Hulu Selangor and Sibu).

The full commentary by Kim Quek HERE


Aside: If there was no “cheating” Pakatan would have got more states and probably govern the country, yes?

Allow me to recall what Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang said in Parliament after the 1999 General Elections:

The recent general elections was not 'free, fair, clean and honest' but the dirtiest and most irresponsible in Malaysian history. I still remember that when I met the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, in the Prime Minister's Office in early July 1999 to discuss the invitation and the terms of reference of a Commonwealth Observer Mission for the general elections, I made it very clear that the Commonwealth Observer Mission should not come to just observe what happened on polling day, i.e. the casting and counting of votes, but should observe the entire election campaign process to determine whether the general elections meet the four criteria of being 'free, fair, clean and honest'.

Dr. Mahathir took a pen and wrote down these four words on his writing pad, stating that he agreed with these complied with these four criteria of being “free, fair, clean and honest”.

The next day, wncn Dr. Mahathir was in Malacca during one of his numerous pre-election tours, the Prime Minister publicly mentioned that he had seen me and that I had asked that the Commonwealth Observer Mission should ensure that the general elections in Malaysia would be 'free, fair, clean and honest', and he declared that the Government had nothing to hide on these four yardsticks.

But the general elections held on Oct. 21 had contravened all these four criteria, and was not only not free, fair, clean and honest, it was the dirtiest and most irresponsible general elections campaign of the ruling parties in Malaysian history in the past 33 years.

DAP calls for the Commonwealth Observer Mission Report to be tabled in Parliament as a Command Paper.This must be the reason why up to now the Prime Minister has kept the report of the Commonwealth Observer Mission under 'lock and key', refusing to make it public. If the report of the Commonwealth Observer Mission is laudatory and praiseworthy of the recent general elections as being 'free, fair, clean and honest', the Government would have released them the instant it received the report.

The Malaysian people are entitled to the report of the Commonwealth Observer Mission, because they were invited to Malaysia at public expense.

If the Government is not happy with the Report of the Commonwealth Observer Mission, as had been announced by the Prime Minister, then the Government can table a

White Paper on the Government's Rebuttal or Reply to the Commonwealth Observer Mission.

Let Malaysia not be the first country in the world which invited an Observer Mission for its general elections, and banned the publication of the Report of the Observer Mission, using the Official Secrets Act to suppress it!

Election Watch has also concluded that the general elections was not 'free, fair, clean and honest'

Any independent, fair-minded and impartial observer of the recent general elections, whether a Malaysian or a foreigner, can only conclude that it was not 'free, fair, clean and honest.

The six-man Election Watch, headed by former Lord President Tun Suffian and comprising eminent Malaysians like Tan Sri Ahmad Nordin, Raja Aziz Addruse, Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, Dato Param Cumaraswamy and Chooi Mun Sou, had concluded in 46-page report that the 1990 general elections was only free so far as 'Parties which contested had no problem in fielding their chosen candidates' and that 'the vast majority of voters who wanted to vote were not prevented from doing so'.

Otherwise, t h e El e c t ion Watch had important qualifications that the general elections was free because of the following reasons:

1 Many eligible voters could not find their names on the electoral rolls used at the elections.

2 The new system of counting votes at polling stations (instead of at a central counting centre as previously done) caused voters to be justifiably apprehensive that the way the voters of an area voted would be known. This negates the requirement for confidentiality basic to the democratic process.

3 Postal voters from the police and armed forces might not have felt free to exercise their freedom of choice, given their circumstances and the absence of supervision by any official of the Election Commission.

4 There wexe cases of direct intimidation of candidates and of campaigners.

5 There was subtle intimidation of the electorate who were warned of the possible recurrence of the incidents of May 1969 if the incumbent parties were not returned with a two-thirds majority.

6 Measured against any yardstick, the recent general elections have failed to qualify as a 'free, fair, clean and honest one'. In fact, the recent general elections was the dirtiest in the history of elections in Malaysia!

The Barisan Nasional, and in particular, UMNO was guilty of the triple sins of the politics of money and corruption, the politics of fear and blackmail, and the politics of lies and falsehoods.

U M N O must have spent $300 million in the 10 days of the general elections campaign - or $30 million a day!

On the eve of polling day, UMNO used money to buy voters and even polling and counting agents and election workers to defeat Opposition candidates.

Voters in different constituencies were paid different rates ranging from $50or $200 to buy their votes by UMNO. In Gua Musang, however, voters were even given crisp $1,000 notes in an attempt to topple the Semangat 46 President, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

The most unashamed and blatant use of the politics of fear and blackmail in Malaysian electoral history.

Another important reason why the recent general elec- tions was so unfree, unfair, unclean and dishonest is because of the most unashamed and blatant exploitation of the politics of fear and black mail by the Barisan Nasional and UMNO in Malaysian electoral history.

Five days before polling, in his Johore Bahru ceramah on Oct. 16, Dr. Mahathir raised the ghost of May 13 by suggesting that if the Barisan Nasional failed to retain its two-thirds majority, then there would be a repetition of May 13.

On 19th Oct. the Barisan Nasional and UMNO took out a full page advertisement in the Utusan Malaysia and on 20th Oct. a full-page colour advertisement in the Chinese daily, Nanyang Siang Pao, to create fear and panic among the voters.

In the Utusan Malaysia, the advertisement was under

the heading 'Sokong Membawa Rebah', while in Nanyang Siang Pao it was under the heading “Recollection of History, but both hinted the same picture depicting bloodshed, violence, arson and carnage.

The visual impact of the picture is many fold greater than the wordings under the picture, which immediately conveyed the message that if the Barisan Nasional and UMNO lose in the general elections on Oct. 21, there would be another May 13 of bloodshed, violence, arson' and carnage.


And have things changed? Not at all! In fact, these chicanery has evolved into an art form. THAT IS WHY BERSIH 2.0 MUST GO ON despite. Whilst money is still generously dispensed it is now couched in alluring “lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu” and the scepter of carnage is still uttered by no less than the exPM’s mouth-organ. But at least he gave a warning to the Chinese to stock up their larder. Thank you very much, we know how to take care of ourselves whilst Berjaya Tan will take care of you!

Today Election Commission (EC) claimed that it has been made a scapegoat in the matter, but offered a dialogue with Bersih 2.0 if it calls off the rally.

“How do they expect the EC to change the law at their whims and fancies, especially when it involves the Federal Constitution?” He said the group should stop using the EC to carry out the agenda of others. (like he is carrying out BN’s agenda all along! Real lancheow bugger this dickhead)

“If they really intend to discuss these matters with sincerity, come to the table again and talk. (we are done talking because you are not listening…..we will walk our talk on 9July)

“But if they want to do it by holding a gun to my head and expect me to just rubber stamp their demands, they can forget it.”
(we do not put any peashooter on a dummy.)




J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Sir, indeed this is what I would call a caring corporate citizen. Kudos to you and the person who shared the information with you.

Unfortunately, we do not get such information feeds from the government owned and managed blogs.

Nor do we get the government to research, talk to their physicians and get to send out such regular information feeds to the rakyat.

They can't. They are too busy with multi-billion ringgit projects - the Facebook venture being just one such example.

Who cares. The ordinary citizen's life is dirt cheap.

Anonymous said...

YES, kalau 100% bersih : putrajaya ialah PR punya !!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
Can you post the details of the Bersih 2 march? Where can I join you (venue)?Thanks

Anonymous said...

The world is watching Malaysia on 9 July. BERSIH2 must go on!

Anonymous said...

Hah, you still believe anything that has Chandra Muzaffar's print on it? He's gone to the dark side, did you not know that? Maybe he was a mole from the dark side all these times.