Monday, June 27, 2011


Penang deputy police chief Abdul Rahim Jaafar today said the 30 Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) activists arrested yesterday while aboard a bus at the Sungai Dua toll plaza have been investigated under Section 122 of the Penal Code for the charge of waging war against the King.

Whilst I try to figure out the utterances of the 30 arrested PSM against the Agong, you might want to read what UMNO stalwards had to say about our Royals:

These are the quotable quotes from Umno leaders:

"The leaders have warned the rulers many times about ethics and told them that they could not continue doing certain things. It is not necessary to talk further.
We have talked with the rulers many times before and it is now time for action." –
Nazri Aziz, Umno Youth deputy and senator in New Straits Times, Dec 29, 1992.

"If rulers interfere in politics and it is proven, we want the Parliament to declare the election is illegal and cancelled. In business, if rulers’ involvement is proven, we should assume the business is illegal." –
Nazri Aziz, Umno executive council member in Utusan Malaysia, Dec 3, 1990.

"I would like to ask, how insulted do you feel when the Sultan of Kelantan does not invite our menteri besar to give a speech on behalf of the people each time His Majesty celebrates his coronation day whereas the people had chosen the menteri besar through their rights." -
Nazri Aziz, Umno Youth Exco in Utusan Malaysia, Nov, 30, 1990.

"A ruler will enjoy the respect of his people even without the immunity but with the conduct that is appropriate with his office. Though the issue is a bitter pill to swallow, our rulers must accept the fact that immunity is not God given." –
Muhyiddin Yassin, Johor Menteri Besar, New Straits Times, Dec 27, 1992.

"A great idea or change cannot be stopped even by a battalion when its time has come. If he loves the throne he will make sacrifices to make the subjects happy." –
Sanusi Junid, Agriculture Minister, New Straits Times, Dec 23, 1992.

"As the country’s highest legislative body, any subject is allowed to be discussed and concluded in the Dewan Rakyat, including matters pertaining to the rulers." -
Zahir Ismail, Dewan Rakyat speaker in New Straits Times, Dec 15, 1992.

"If this race was not sovereign, don’t expect the sovereignty of rulers." –
Saharudin Hashim, Negri Sembilan Umno delegate, Mingguan Malaysia, Dec 2, 1990.

"We don’t want the palace to impose various conditions before appointing the menteri besars" –
Mohd Satim, Selangor Umno delegate, Utusan Malaysia, Dec 3, 1990



My buddy Old Blue Eyes had this to say:

I hope the Royal Houses will remember these statements from UMNO when they make their speeches and 'royal decrees' in future.

Me? I only get inspired by the right stuff, even if it comes from an ordinary Malaysian.

Meantime, you might be turnoff (opposite of inspire) by THIS.


J. D. Lovrenciear too takes a stand HERE


Anonymous said...

Well, the selective amnesic Dr. Mahathir had time and time again said that Melayu mudah lupa. So its not surprising that the UMNO leaders/delegates you have quoted have conveniently forgotten what they had said previously.

If the great Dr. Mahathir himself "cannot remember" what he said or did a few years back during the Lingam trial, what chance do the quoted half past six UMNO leaders/delegates in remembering.

It is hoped that the Royalty don't have short memories but then again, guaranteed contracts and royal succession plans from UMNO can even make the most noble Royalty forget.

wandererAus said...

Zorr, please allow me a little room in your blog to say my peace and glorifies the Malaysian patriots.

The Police calling these PSM activists, communists?…hahaha, what a bloody joke!
The communists were reputated for their bravery and patriotism were unmatchable. They almost fought on their own against the Japanese invading forces.
Where were the Royal Police and the sef-claimed bumis, UMNO melayu…bloody hell!…hiding in their stinking sarongs.
Without the MCP, UMNO melayu will be having Japanese names and behaving like them…(obviously, not intellectually)
Thank you Chin Peng, you made us proud for your fighting spirit and saving the nation…although, never appreciated by “Bumi pretenders”.

telur dua said...

How idiotic can they get? Always dragging the Royals and religion into all their dirty deeds when they obviously have no love for both.

A f..... bunch of munafiq.

Old Fart said...

Next they will ban the game of chess! After all the objective is to kill the King! Hmm...that could give ideas!!

bruno said...

Umno's GOM'S standards have sunk to a new low to a level where even governments of third world countries would not delved.They have been openly practicing money politics and using hired thugs to intimidiate the public from voting for the opposition party during elections.

Than there were protests to the EC from political parties and NGO about these discrepancies.But the EC being a GOM controlled instistution(agency) cannot maintain its neutrality because it's officials take their orders from the GOM's ministers.

So there was going to be a protest rally on July 9, 2011 by Bersih,a political watchdog NGO.To try and discourage this upcoming Bersih rally from taking place,Umno has ordered its affiliate NGO's to intimidate the activists.This has their affiliate Perkasa going out to create trouble even threating the lives of rally organisers.

Not that the Umno GOM condoned these activities.They even send the PDRM to arrest activists for trump up charges.This present Umno GOM has harbored gangsters,child rapists and even murderers from the arms of the law.When is all this going to end.This coming July 9,says the rakyat.

bruno said...

Our present Umno GOM has brought our country down to a level,a notch below countries like Zimbabwe.The present Umno leadership condoned political persecution and will used the public institutions for this purpose.These public institutions are under the control of political cronies.The law officers from these institutions have sworned to uphold the law of the land,and they are being used to chase civil activists who are opposed to their policies.They have also have been seen chasing ladies who practiced the trade of the world's oldest profession openly on the city's streets,while leaving the notorious criminals loose, running free as an animal.Soon we will be the laughing stock of the world including third world countries like Zimbabwe.

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Sir, great piece of investigative journalism. Strange the main stream media who always pride themselves for such reporting have all gone dumb.

Now, i appeal to all bloggers and news portals to re-publish this piece of archiving works by you sir. We need to bring it out into the fore in all languages. Immediacy is the startegy.

How can you see to it Sir?

Anonymous said...

Bro, stop all this quotes, u r making me bethren brothers headache. We want to rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

Sometin strange about the Bersih rally, so far only ENDNO & Perkosa is against n have plans turun mengamok, mana itu lain lain komponen? Lain-lain tak turun padang ka? Itu MIC lagi diam lo. Kenapa lain lain NGO kecuali yg mamak saja bising? Kenapa minta election bersih perang agong? Perang bangsa, perang agama? Apa agama apa bangsa yang kena tentang huh? Siapa makan cabai terasa panak ah?

Anonymous said...

The Penang deputy CPO who in his capacity also represent the CPO in his absence as well as the HM and the GOM.He said the 30 PSM activists arrested were being investigated for waging war against the Agung.Activists for a more neutral EC is waging war against the Agung.This guy must be nuts,or a loose cannon.

Hisham,as HM what is your say.You agree with this moron.If you agree,first let me ask you a question.

Umno members and its affiliate NGOs who go around stomping on cow's head causing racial hardfeelings,threatening and calling for jihad and bloodshed.An Umno MB raping an underaged Malay girl.An Umno Minister raping his maid.Umno PM and his whole cabinet openly in public buying votes.The murder of a Mongolian lass.

Now what do you Umno pariahs called this.Ask yourselfs Umno GOM and its ministers.What if these people were your mothers and sisters.You still want to encouraged these people to rape them.You Umno people are bangsat pariahs.

Anonymous said...

Lovrencier has a good point.

Broadcast this journalistic gem as widely as possible, but don't bother to do it in English. English readers are already converts to one side or the other.

Have it translated into Malay, print millions of copies for distribution to those villages with no ready access to the internet. The Malay needs to know our King was and is being subjected to abused by UMNO.

mauriyaII said...

Hi zorro,
Thanks for your very incisive and investigative report on the position of our royals and the utterances of the UMNO goons who are now screaming that ordirary folks are taking up arms and communism against the royals.

The Penang deputy police chief is in a hurry to climb up the ladder in UMNO sponsored police state. He has seen the likes of Musa Hasan, Abd Khalid getting promoted on a fast track basis, based on their apple polishing ability. So this scum of a socalled policeman declares the Bersih activists from the north are communist sympathisers trying to topple the Agong. What a bloody nincompoop? This is the type of calibre needed in PDRM. There is no place in PDRM for straight forward officers who want to safeguard the rakyat and maintain law and order.

PDRM is now a part of the UMNOputras to maintain the status quo at any cost. Even if the country goes to the dogs, even if foreign investors shy away and even if the country becomes another Zimbabwe, the PDRM and UMNOputras are out to create civil strife akin to May 13 just to hold on to power.

The bloody bastard who initiated and saw to the corruption of all institutions of governance is at the back of this massive charade. All he cares is that his stupid son is a minister and possibly a future incompetent PM. That pariah also wants to be sure that no other political party or alliance takes over the country and brings him and his cronies to face the wrath of the rakyat through a competent and fair judiciary.

What makes me sick is the nonchalant attitude of the other non-corrupted officers in the PDRM, MACC and the JUDICIARY. Are they also conveniently condoning and conniving at the destruction of democracy in the country? How would they and their future generation gain by such a sick attitude?

Anonymous said...

May all beings, seen & unseen, known & unknown, virtual & real be showered with blessings of happiness, wellness & ultimately b free from all worldly suffering to achieve the perfect bliss of NIRVANA

Sgt Hassan said...

The umnoputeras still cannot get over the 'traumatic' Bukit Kepong incident?

Anonymous said...

The last minister of Disinformation - Mmamak Zam - is selling chendol in Sungei Patani. You Dr Rais will sell nasi padang in Jelebu after the next election.

Who wants a resurgence of communism in the world today. Except orf Cuba no one practices it anymore. In Malaysia it failed a long time ago and only UMNO thinks that they can use the coummunist boegyman to scare the public.

What a bunch of idiots?

Anonymous said...

BN is trying to have the world believe that Malaysia will descend into anarchy when 30 members of the public (15 0f them women with some underage members) “will wage war against the Agong” with placards, banners, T shirts and slogans. And National Laureates will incite the public to overthrow the Govt with seditious poems.

This is how “lembik” the BN Govt is to fear such protests. And now we have Malaysia’s version of “Baghdad Ali” using the same script as 1969 by claiming that the communist bogeyman is behind the Bersih rally as a prelude to an ISA crackdown.

Sumat said...

Please save some breath for upcoming absurdity!

Anonymous said...

Why the need to riot?
We want a peaceful malaysia

ken said...

People's hopes are modest. No matter what race, region, religion and class we come from, most of us believe that every child should have a genuinely good education. And those children should be able to go to college even if their parents aren't rich. We want to be safe from criminals. We want the assurance that the taxes we pay are spent well. We want clean air, clean water, and the ability to retire comfortably at some point. And although we don't expect our government to solve all our problems, and we certainly don't like seeing our tax dollars wasted, it's only fair to expect that government should help.

We're all sick of the dead zone that Malaysian politics has become - where backbiting and character attacks have become part of our daily news routine. We're all aware that the nation's most significant challenges are being ignored. Everyone talks about reforms and transformation and plans and programmes and manifestos. But how much of that are we really seeing?

Let's face it. We all talk about it. We've all played the armchair critic role at some point or another. Any of us can and have pointed out the flaws so apparent in our government. We all talk. Ask anyone on the street what they've done about the situation our nation is facing lately and chances are you'll get a blank stare. But walk into a coffee shop and suddenly you're surrounded by veteran politicians discoursing the latest injustice/scandal/expose etc.

Maybe the time for talk has passed. As the saying goes, talk is cheap.

I believe the first step towards changing the face of Malaysian politics/government is getting involved, simply by registering to vote and exercising that right to vote. I wonder how many skeptics out there have decided to forgo that right simply because "my 1 vote won't make a difference". True, in Malaysia you can win 90% of the seats with 60% of the votes, but that only serves to emphasise the importance of each vote. We need to be absolutely clear about one thing - transformation can never be birthed of apathy.

The next step is reinforcing the need for free and fair elections.

Does the fact that 30,000 people walking someplace change anything? Not explicitly perhaps. But it inspires defiance against a broken system, engenders a willingness to stand up for change and above all, represents the audacity to hope and to believe that our nation can be transformed.

I didn't give 2 cents about Malaysia or its politics before 2008. But seeing the first Bersih rally on TV in 2008 awoke something in me. I realised for the first time that I could not leave it to someone else to fight my battles for my nation on my behalf. For the first time, I dared to believe that things could change.

I'm not writing this to ask anyone to join the rally. It's risky business indeed, what with the prospect of getting water cannon-ed, tear gas-ed or if you're extremely unlucky, arrested. I write this because I feel it's my duty and obligation to speak out as a young person to say we all have to care enough and believe that change is possible when we exercise our votes and EC is playing fair. Wear yellow on July 9 to show that you care.

Do you remember how we used to be taught in school that the young people are the future of the nation? Well, we can only be that if we care enough.

Anonymous said...

If one can get away with the submarine, Mongolia, fighter jet engine scandals, one can robs anything and cheat anybody. Not included the vast expenses on one’s trips and official claims

If one has the high court judges, MCAA officers, police hounds, perkasa fat hog and lots of MCA & MIC shameless clowns/dogs dancing to one looney tunes, one can do anything.

If one had a father who stired up racial hatred and created May 13, one can said anything and made fabrigations on any body on one’s oppositions.

These bunch of BN thieves and robbers of Malaysia have nowhere to hide and they are fighting DIRTY; using home made video to shame opposition party LEADER; using Utusan & perkasa fat hog to stir up racial and religion hatred among different race groups in the country; using police hounds to arrest anyone who they thing will be a threat to their dominance even if you wear a yellow T-shirt or carry a little flag; using their MP to shout abuse the opposition in the parliement and mobilised their party members to threaten the oppsitions, coincidentally police hounds always slow to act, but quick to arrest anyone who might be a threat to them. BN is in the hysterical state!!!!

If one is desperate to win the votes of the deserting poeple, one would make false promises like promote Rahman and Southern college to University status ( why in the near future if one keep to one’s promises and not 30 years ago??).

I can only see fat pigs fly in the Malaysia Putrajaya.

Wake people this is the GOOD OPPOURTUNITY to show YOUR ANGER, TRUE COLOUR for the SUFFERING of last 30 OVER YEARS, stand up and be counted.


Anonymous said...

I am really worried about komunis people wanting to wage a war against our King. I am asking my grandmother to check if there are any Reds under her bed in Penang. Hidup Polis P. Pinang!