Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Whilst you think about these…..we are preparing the Perak Mufti for the FART Chamber HERE.


wandererAus said...

These marked X men are mother farkers of the highest order!...calling themselves, "Ketuanan UMNO Melayu"...puiit!!!
Sorry for my language, they do not deserve anything more decent.

Kastari said...

Malaysia’s huge and largely ethnic Malay civil service that is completely loyal to Umno, but increasingly incompetent, is largest obstacle to Najib's reform plan.

The civil service has a very narrow worldview and will oppose, even refuse to implement, reforms perceived as damaging ethnic Malay interests, even if convinced of the long-run gains for Malaysia.

Although PM Najib was sincere in implementing necessary structural reforms, certain Cabinet ministers were against the New Economic Model (NEM).

Jong said...

Finally, emerged the Perak's greatest munafique!

Bet his secret admiration for Rose Chan and decades of day-dreaming and patience has finally paid off. He's now joining Ibrahim Bulat and Perkasar, much aroused by Rollhai-ya and her OWC.

Will belakang-masuk Sharizat and Fat MamaPenguin team up with that 'still-virgin Ummi' and jump on the bandwagon to start "Hooters Malaysia" next, as a sort of community service to keep Kajang and Sg Buloh prison inmates happy?

Cancel Astro said...

Astro is joining the Barang naik phenomena to take its subscribers for a ride. I have been subscribing for so many years and the prices kept on increasing even after revising my package to the minimum. It's an excuse saying they could not absorb the high costs anymore when they have other indirect revenues such as from advertisements placed with them. As long as they continue monopolizing this market, we are at their mercy. The only way to make them wake up is to terminate our service with them.

Temper Rising said...

Stupid a**holes these lot!

They have NO right in whatever sense to put markings on even the worst criminals like this!

Human rights! I thought Nazi's era was over?

Pigs! I wonder if these officers' sons would mark their mothers on the forehead when the day come that Malaysian women needs selling their body for a living!

What goes around comes around. Yes these prostitutes are involved in vice, but who's responsible if not for the corrupted authorities that allow them to come in Malaysia without proper screening while allowing those spa centres and karaoke joints to be still up and running!??

And what these motherfu*kers do is to spit on them girls, and mark their forheads and chest with X!

They are human too, not some pigs to be sent for slaughtering at the meathouse!

Nazi era is over not?

Maybe some of you dont know, but these fu*kers, i was told, even threaten these girls for free fu*ks in the cells!

You catch them prostitutes, good and proper! No one is complaining. But send them back to their countries and families good and proper too! Afterall it's you fu*kers who accepted them into the countries good and proper!

Human rights?

Where are we heading!?? Too many to handle? If criminals who's just been caught are too many to be handled and has to be "marked" this way, it's common sense to figure how those who've already been caught and spending their time in prisons/lock-ups are handled.

It saddens me to see such women, the fairer side of the sex, being treated so unfairly, inhumanely!

Those who are involved in the markings and still find it's no big deal, trust me, a good large 'X' has already been marked on your forehead too by God!

You lot are worse than pigs! Who else can mark an 'X' on your foreheads while you are being led to the slaughterhouse, other than the almighty God himself!?

And i trust HE has already done that.

"Penang police chief Ayob Yaakob, however, defends the police actions, saying the women could have escaped if they were not thus marked."

Kaunselor said...

Agama ape yang ajar anak buat tanda sebegini atas manusia?

Standard Operating Procedure ape yang ajar anak buat tanda sebegini atas manusia?

Sekiranaya ade agama yang mengajar anak berbuat demikian ke atas seorang manusia yang lain, maka jelaslah kelas agama yang anak mengikuti selama ini bukan kelas agama yang baik.

Sekiranya ade SOP yang mengajar anak berbuat demikian, maka SOP itu bukan merupakan satu SOP yang beragama!

Ayah sedih melihat anggota polis kita demikian 'memproses' manusia-manusia yang terlibat dalam aktiviti maksiat.

Mereka perlu kaunseling, bukan ditandakan X atas muka mereka!

Robertson said...

thats all?wheres khir toyo,samy vellu,vel parri,mahathir?list goes on...

Anonymous said...


No further comments , pls proceed accordingly. Deadline-13th GE.


Pimple said...

Ah! Jong!

This lady has got her greatest prey baited out!

The MUFTI of Perak! And now ... let's see the whole works ! See how the monkey will make a fool of himself ! haha! Drag more monkeys out !

Anonymous said...

Zorro, I have more Xs than your list. Nazri Aziz, Roastmah have my Xs too.


Pimple said...

Can tell who those batangs in the pix are.

Who are the ladies, BTW!?

Anonymous said...

To all the investigation and enforcement that's required in a very civilized manner. To mark a cross or tick on the women's forehead and the chest is humiliating to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Marking them with a cross is being too kind to them. They should be tied up, flogged, spat on, pissed on and then have their balls cut off!

Anonymous said...

Well,these police officers were sexually abuse by their mothers,aunties,sisters,cousins and all the girls in their classes at school.That is why when people get sexually abused at such a young age they forever feel the pain.They can never forget.So to get even,since they were cowards when they were sexually abused,they used their positions to shame other women.Indirectly,in their head,they think that they are getting even with their abusers.So we have to forgive them because they are sick in the head.

p/s Bernie,be careful with your markings.You might have PDRM come knocking on your door.

Who vote the dogs in? said...

Dear Pimple, June 7, 2011 4:51 PM

You dont read the news do you? Well i guess it's good also not to read the news in Malaysia. It makes you feel more comfortable being a Malaysian.


Dear Anon, June 7, 2011 5:53 PM

Yeah, I guess you were right to some extend about these sicko officers. I suppose their moms marked them with X for pissing in their pants when they were young.

These days it's a dog eat dog world anyway. Why do you think we have these dogs in the police, MACC and almost all the civil agencies? Why do you think BN is still in power? Why do you think Taib is still in power. Well, because there are more dogs than human amongst the voters.

It's madness forever in Malaysia, unless we Vote the dogs out!

Pimple said...

Thnx, Senor Zorro!

If those crosses on the girls were surely made by "officers", it speaks much of our school system. Then there are the teachers. Remember that Johore jerk!? These guys all spent some time at UUM to get their bogus PhDs. Whatever happened to that Norman Kaldai who sued RPK?

Professors are no better. After all, the SB people can write a new report on them. They should all mogok, lah!

We should bring back the "mogok" culture!

samgoh88 said...


Only when you get a taste
Of your very own medicine
That you may not act in haste
Now with shameful acts to rescind

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Wed.8th Jun.2011.

Jong said...

Yah, keep the village womenfolk(and men too) opiated in religion and sex, lots of it to keep them happy, hunky and dandy. Make the home a whore of a place, let their maids participate too!

As for politics of the day, did they say umno/BN knows best? - Perak Mufti and Ibrahim Bulat?