Thursday, June 2, 2011


GERMANY’S reputation as an advanced first-world country is indisputable! The country’s maintenance culture and quality products are best-in-class.

Germany said it would close all of its 17 nuclear reactors by 2022, a sharp policy reversal that will make it the first major economy to quit atomic power in the wake of the nuclear crisis in Japan. What do you think? Is the plan an over-reaction to recent events in Japan? Can nuclear energy be safe and reliable, in a world of unforseen natural disasters and purposeful hacker attacks? Are safe, sustainable alternative forms of energy ready to fuel the needs of the industrialized world? HERE


I ask my favorite question again: How can we manage nuclear waste when we are struggling with simple municipal waste. Our answer, according to the the Ministry is build and dump our wastes into more landfills! With our below par third-world maintenance mentality, how can Malaysia aspire to go nuclear when we can’t even manage an above-board agreement with the Independent Power Producer. How can we even dare to think out of the box when we have clowns telling the whole world that increase in oil prices is all because of climate change, thus burdening us with an increased power tariffs.

We are forever lowering standards, like bringing down the pass mark for Add Maths to 15% and lowering other marks so that we can say we got students that can achieve 9As.

Dang! We don’t need a nuclear disaster to finish us off…..we are already in self-destruct mode!


wandererAus said...

I am not sure what good will bring to Germany to close all the nuclear plants by the year 2022...when the neighboring countries practically all have nuclear plants...she will encounter the same danger if there is a meltdown in one of the neighboring plant. Perhaps, as a nation with a fine reputation as an advanced first-world country, she could contribute to the rest of the world in her research to upgrade nuclear plants and improve on the proper control of leakages. Pray, Malaysia will not building any or God helps us all!!

Anonymous said...

How very true. Malaysia still can't manage it's waste, longkang and potholes, yet aspire to own nuclear plants! How many times have we read about children wasked down the manhole or side longkang which is left open? How many times have we heard of the bike which tripped & fell on the road because of the potholes? These problems are conveniently overlooked until the cal for election... How can Malaysia with it's 'belakang kira' mentality ever hope to build & maintain a nuclear plant, when the current govt can't even manage Bakun???

asiseesit said...

closing them down will generate other resources, almost instantly. the mentality of germans are always striving for improve and better livelyhood. without nuclear power, the race will be on to come out with a greener alternatives. if the germans don't close it down, that process will come to a crawl pace. simple deduction really. knowing the dangers and unforseen circumstances, germany is actually leading the world to develop other energy with this closures. it is hopeful. even if neighbouring countries still proceed with theirs nuclear plant, it will come a day they will have to accept the alternative technology the germans manage to spun out from this. its a very very long term plan, from an economical aspects, for one, we know the germans are committed to preserving nature and life.

Zorro's a thinker too! said...


"How can we manage nuclear waste when we are struggling with simple municipal waste."

That's a FU*KIN super point you've pointed out with your sword!

Think about the point, people of Pahang!

sampalee said...

When we allow politicians to decide,we get shit no matter what topic we are on.
Yet we never learn.For that the higer wisdom have to reset in 2012.

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely correct. Malaysia is already in self destruct mode ever since the 4th prime minister's time.

Anonymous said...

Germany is right to close all its nuclear plants by 2022. Its neighbors may continue theirs but as a government it has fulfilled its obligation to its people within its borders, a fine example of the developed nations.

Anonymous said...

malaysia has always lowered their ethical standards for RASUAH

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Hey , we have Tiu Nia Boh as rapped by NameWee that the TNB refuses to buy a single watt from the Bakun Dam.
Nice way of the TNB saying to hell with Madey's damn dam.
Maybe Bakun is more suitable as Madey's mausoleum.
And yet the Jibby insist on building more dams and will be going nukes.
If the Republic of Germany can do away with nuke reactors , surely they have other greener energy sources in mind.
Malaysia sind wir gefickt

nstman said...

Malaysia has been dumbing down benchmarks for the past 30 years to achieve the aims of the NEP. While students needed at least 45 marks to achieve a pass in the fifties and sixties, students now need only 20 marks, or even lower, to earn a pass. Getting 60 marks will now earn you a distinction. Above 70, you get a super distinction. No wonder we produce thousands of straight As students every year. No wonder we are flooding the country with so-called geniuses.

Anonymous said...

Ever since TDM became prime minister in the 80's, he has influenced the malay masses with his delusions of vision 2020, ketuanan melayu, proton and other big egoistic projects. The malay masses bought into his hype blindly as TDM played his flute brilliantly like the piped piper of Hamelin (or Putrajaya). What TDM did not tell the malays is they need proper education to improve their knowledge and skills and they also need to change their kampung mindset. TDM has misled a generation of malays with his grandiose follies. So what we now have are some resemblance of a first world infrastructure country while firmly entrenched in a fifth world kampung mentality.

Look around us. We have a MRT/monorail system which fails considerably most of the time. We have KTM commuter trains and feeder buses which breaks down time and time again. Go to any of the MRT stations and you can find ticket vending machines permanently out of order, escalators and banisters don't work and rubbish all over the station.

Look at the condition of the roads. Potholes, missing manholes covers and drain covers. Playgrounds with exposed electrical wiring waiting to electrocute another child or adult. We have landslides occurring time and time again causing losses to lives while the government and local councils continue to give empty promises and lip service to disallow developments near hillsides.

Look at all the white elephants projects which were poorly executed. A parliament building, hospitals and government buildings continuously leaking when it rains to the extent the buildings gets flooded. Trengganu stadium where the roof collapsed only less than a year after opening. We see so many slip shod work done by ill qualified contractors who cut corners because they have to pay massive commissions/kickbacks to the "you know who" to secure the contracts. One can only hope the billion ringgit new istana will not suffer from leaking or collapsing roofs.

Gosh, with all the above, can we trust the people we have to build and operate the nuclear plants to international safety standards? With the kampung mentality, the plant operators will probably be sleeping on their jobs three quarters of the time. Should there be a nuclear accident, I can bet the operating authority and the government will sweep everything under the carpet to save face without any consideration to the safety of the rakyat and world community. As long as we have the present day government hell bent on continuing with TDM's follies, we are done for.

The next stage of brain drain will not be because of racist affirmative policies nor lack of opportunities in Malaysia. It will be a flight to escape a nuclear catastrophe in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Unlike Germany, Malaysia is WORLD we can do anything no one else cant manage or do.

Where Germany cant control their ignorant citizens to shuddup & not protest, here we dont hv that problem. There are no protests, we are smart & money talks

So ergo! No problem with radioactive wastes, nuclear plants etc.

We can now buy cheap nuclear plant & tech fr the Germans & anyone else decommissioning their plants

Please all come & bring us yr wastes, all you weary countries

donplaypuks said...

Rosemajib, Muhy and Bumno will never learn the easy way - fcukupshima!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

I met a foreigner friend at a party recently who told me of his conversation with a malay datuk seri on the declining education standards in malaysia compared to 35 years ago. The malay datuk seri told my friend that it is justified for the malaysian government to lower the education standards so that the chinese students will be held back otherwise they will be miles ahead of the malay students. So there you have it.