Thursday, June 23, 2011


Mike Lee commented in Malahysiakini: After all the threats made by Perkasa and UMNO, will the non-Malays joining the Bersih March or they would rather stay at home? Check out:

I checked out the above site and


Tuju Malbaru, writing on WARUNG IDEA DISKOPI made this observation:

My preliminary reading is they will. The Chinese will stay at home (or they will go shopping). Like any other big demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur since the 1998 “Reformasi Movement” the Chinese will stay at home despite Kuala Lumpur City being predominantly populated by the Chinese. I can say this rather authoritatively because I have participated in almost all of these demonstrations. I am the actual witness and I saw clearly with my own eyes the ethnic composition of the participants of these demonstrations.

I too have participated in all the big ones since the Kesas Highway Reformasi demonstration that nearly cost me my job because an UMNO guy reported me to the MD. I wrote about his earlier and will not repeat it as it had a happy ending with my MD inclined finally to my conviction.

However, of late the number of Chinese participating have increased but by my standards when compared to the other ethnic groups, still pathetic.

The first demo that I participated in was during the nationwide National Union of Teachers (NUT) Strike in 1967 which succeeded in bringing about equal pay for women, as well as pension, housing and health benefits for all teachers. We took to the streets, but here again the participation from the Chinese teachers was not encouraging.


On our way to Ipoh that night when Perak MB Nizar was told to vacate the MB residence I made a wager with RPK that although Nizar had endeared himself to the Perak Chinese THEY would not turn out to support him. I lost the wager when I saw the crowd in the residence. I was embarrassingly surprised at the turnout.

WAS IT TO SYMPATHISE, that brought them out that night?

On May 7 2009 at the Perak Assembly of the 65 of us arrested the majority were Chinese.


Over the last three months, activities against LYNAS has been a concerted KUANTAN effort by the Chinese community with good support from the other races to such an extent that the Pahang MB asked “Why only the Chinese are demonstrating?” HERE


But I say this again……the Chinese presence on 9 July 2011 will be negligible and insingnificant……probably token. PROVE ME WRONG!



Do yourself a favor, read HERE


wandererAus said...

No Way!!!
As Malaysian electorate, this is the least we can do for our country.
Remember JF Kennedy?..."Ask not, what the nation can do for you but, what yo can do for the nation"

cinakui said...

See you all there, my malay and indian comrades!

Sweet Girl said...

I'll be coming from Kelana Jaya LRT early morning with 2 of my brothers and 3 younger sisters.. we've already planned our logistics! Wonder if there's any mamak stall around to have breakfast/brunch at the same time bond with others. Anyone familiar with the area?

Anonymous said...

If Malay Umno with Silat Gayung,
Chinese community have Kung Fu

So, what wrong and why must scare to Katak.

Come on and joint us.....ha..ha..ha

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I will stay at home. If anything happen to me, will any other Malaysian come all out to defend me or take care of my family. I will vote for change but not risk my life for change. Malaysian situation is not so dre for me to do so like in Eygpt.

Anonymous said...

Chinese political and social activist need to mobilise the Chinese. Maybe someone can state a place where all the interested Chinese can gather together for this march.

Anonymous said...

The writer is correct as far as yesteryears are concerned.But times have changed.The Chinese wanted to be counted too.Although I have been out of the country for the past two decades I hope that the writer will be proven wrong.Best regards and have a save rally to all participants.

Anonymous said...

The KL Chinese do participate! We want to be part of the movement to clean out the corrupts!!! - ML

zorro said...

Sweet Girl Daghling.....I blow a kiss to you for bringing your 2 brothers and 3 younger sisters to Bersih2.0. Mamak stall for brunch will depend on which LRT station you disembark. Not to worry sayang....just ask and any yellow-shirt will point you the way.

Anonymous said...

MCA banned their members from attending. They'd probably organise some money giving event on 9 July and force all members to bring their family. You just watch.

Richard Loh said...

I really do not like to specify or breakdown the attendants by race. When a handful or even only 1 from a different race turn up its a count.

In any major rallies where PAS is involved its members will always be there in full force. Their majority usually overshadow the other races.

Does it really matter, the decision is theirs to make.

Some non from the north will be joining and I will be there as well. See you.

Anonymous said...

Let us not point a finger at the Chinese community if we do not see them in great numbers at demonstrations or rallies. Though they are mainly concerned about money and the economy of the country, there are others among them like the venerable zorro who is a political activist concerned about the way the country is going to the dogs.

People of all walks of life, ethnicity and political awareness usually try and show their solidarity during rallies. Those who are intimidated by their political parties (MCA, GERAKAN, MIC) may not join in the rallies. We should condemn these cowards who do not care for the political future of the country.

FAIR AND CLEAN ELECTIONS ensures that the voice of the rakyat is heard. Those who abhore everything that is clean and fair are against Bersih 2. The dickhead leaders in MCA, GERAKAN, MIC and other small non-entity parties should support BERSIH 2 even if it means showing the middle finger to the UMNOputras.

Will they do it and show that they are not completely emasculated or beholden to those creeps for their bread and butter.

Anonymous said...

No opposition people or supporters has ever threatened to kill any umnoputra despite all the stupid and ridiculous and excessive and illegal abuses, wastages, corruptions, suppression, oppression, unfairness, murders etc etc etc by them, the umno gobermen.

The only threats of death so far came only from either umno (my believe, of course) or umno supporters. As the gobermen, umno has the law to uphold. Is there a need therefore for umno to resort to death threats? No. So the threats can be taken as a clear indication of umno’s fear of losing power. But really what is there to fear if umno has no gigantic pieces of skeletons to conceal.

jae said...

Go Bersih! An inspiration to supporters of freedom and democracy everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I am chinese and I will nopt attend the Bersih 2 rally. Why should I?? Why should I when the malays in general have on numerous occassions called us pendatangs and asked us to go back to China??

It not my fight or the chinese fight in general. Why bother when we are treated like some 2nd class citizens!

Anonymous said...

WHEN ANWAR I WAS PRONOUNCED GUILTY IN 1998, THE CHINESE WAS INVOLVED TOO IN THE CITY CENTRE OF KUALA so?? they refused police order to tutup kedai, hence participating in a massive civil disobedience of Biblical proportions! HEY, their brethern prostetors went on head to head with riot police, and the Chn shopkeeprs even supplied free mineral water, y should they close shop when THEY CAN BE INVOLVED AND BE PART OF MALAYSIAN HISTORY?? IF IM NOT BASED IN KUCHUNG SARAWAK, and my financial resources not tyingme down, i'd bring along my Iban wife and my ChIban 7yo boy to join july 9th !!!

zorro said...

Anon208pm, I can appreciate your feelings. However it is not the majority of our Malay brothers who call us pendatangs. Those who label us such are the frustrated few who still believe that the country owes them a living. Most of my Malay friends are people who work hard to put food on the table and save for their children's college education. Simarly, if some of them stigmatise us as second class citizens and we give in to such profiling, then we are second class citizens because we BELIEVE we are.....and behave accordingly. How can we allow ourselves to be swayed by a minority? Where then is our self-respect and self-esteem.

zorro said...

Anon252pm....I hear you loud and clear. I thank you for your sentiments and support. Do your bit for Bersih in your own way in Kuching.

Anonymous said...

our granfather,then our father,now we ourselves have always been threatened by extremist racist malays for so long.if YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO BE NEXT TO BE THREATENED, THEN STAY AT HOME all you lousy cowards!i can't allow this perkasa crooks to speak like a snake as they like.i wont allow my children to suffer fear in their own country-we cannot fail our children again.we must build a safe future for them now

Anonymous said...

99.99% NO NO NO !!!

Mike Naser said...

If you wish to be Chinese, please do so. All my friends who were once Chinese are now Malaysians.
You are trapped in your own bigotry.

Anonymous said...

i hope there will be chaos like in "Indon98" on 9/7,already booked a hotel room with a nice view,call me what you like,to me Malaysian are hypocrite and selfish bunch,No???

zorro said...

Mike, it is easy to speak for your friends who were Chinese and now Malaysians. Let them speak for themselves. Lets turunh padang.I am surprsisd that you of all persona misread me as a bigot. Me? Come on colonel......not you a person who I have the highest regard for when it being judgementgal. Don't judge me because I still root for Anwar. Mike, have your ever experienced agony?

Mike Naser said...

We must learn to slowly eliminate identifying Malaysians by their primordial races (biological concept, really) - Chinese, Indians, Baais, and Malays. We fall into UMNO's trap of divide & rule and creating fear and the siege mentality. Malaysian Chinese are Malaysians of Chinese ancestry, same with Indians and Baais.
Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban.

zorro said...

Mike, without a doubt it is a long process. The recent attempt by Hanna Yeoh failed.I have already been told that I am OCBC - orang cina bukan cina.....because I can only speak Chinese for happy ending purposes!

Mike Naser said...

Am a Taiping Tiger. Grew up in a milieu without race or religion. Five years in RMC confirmed it. Solly! for Georgies from Sch across the drain.
Lu Teipin tahboh, lu beh eh how kong tenglang hua? but gua caya lu, ma!!

Anonymous said...

jom jom JOM !!!