Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The Malaysian Insider report:

The Pasir Mas MP caused an uproar earlier yesterday in the Parliament Lobby when he was heard yelling at a group of reporters who approached him for a statement.

“I do not speak to The Malaysian Insider. Why should I? You only spin.”

He then lifted both his wrists to the reporters and dared them to arrest him, “Arrest me, go ahead, arrest me,” he said.

The Malaysiakini report:

"The Malaysian Insider twisted my words to say that if the Chinese come out there will be problems and we will attack them and that is why they should stay at home. I did not mean that... that is the meaning of the idiot of The Malaysian Insider," he said.

At this point, Ibrahim was interrupted by a man wearing a Parliament visitor’s tag and claiming to be a member of the public who said, “You are not advising, you are threatening the Chinese.”

“I am talking to the reporter. You want to talk to me, you talk to me after this. Do not interrupt me. I can see you after this…..bloody idiot,” he replied angrily.


Both failed to report that the member of the public who wore a Visitor’s tag was a respected Malay gentlemen who earlier on attended a press conference to protest the “land grab” of Kampung Baru.

Both failed to report the reply of this gentleman when Ibrahim Ali said, “I can see you after this…..bloody idiot.”

The reply: “You reporters know who the real idiot is!”

Anyway who is afraid of the bloated toad?


Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,

This dick head thinks we can buy his bullshit when he said the press had taken his statement out of context.
What this bullshit means :

Implies there is some unknown context here magically floating around in the atmosphere which only the immense intelligence of the speaker can grasp.Every other layman is presumed to be a dumbass b'coz he or she has no goddamn clue about the context and how to quote facts and sentences within it.
Inevitably leads to the effect that the subject never said anything moronic in the first place and the mistake is entirely the listener's for not being able to percieve the said "context" properly.What a bodoh !!!!

The emptied zoo in Saleng, Kulai is reserved for few newbies such as NgYY and IAli.


wandererAus said...

I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance.
I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.

I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one.
I've learned that every day, you should reach out and touch someone.
People love that human touch -- holding hands, a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back.

I've learned that I still have a lot to learn.

This racist fat toad bastard have learned nothing....
He got his peabrain stuck between Fat Mama two hind legs!

telur dua said...

The Chinese eat frogs. There are several recipes.

charleskiwi said...

I think this bloody racist coward should stay home instead of back tracking on what he had said. Just typical of his type who would back track on something he said. He is a real coward and a hypocrite who has not got the 'balls' to admit on what he had said.
Just remember the P.M., the Home Minister and the quarter cooked police may be on your side on this matter but they cannot be with you for very long.

Zmas said...




new fart said...

My dear mother-in-law makes fantastic frog stews and this big fat froggie would make a delicious meal! Would taste even better if we skinned him alive before we throw him into the pot!!!

zorro said...

new fart....IbAli is a toad. They prefer walking to hopping and all toads are poisonous. I love frog stew too.

telur dua said...

When frogs try to cross the road they usually end up being run over by motor vehicles.

So, it is advisable for the fat frog not to attend the Perkasa counter-rally. Taxi drivers are complaining and they might accidentally run over this frog. The phrase 'mati katak' comes to mind.

Btw, why are the few taxi drivers complaining? Do they purposely choose to drive into the city centre and right into the rally crowd on that particular day to get a fare? $&@! them.

patrick said...

This is one toad you don't wanna eat 'cos you'll end up being a lying,coward SOB!Worse,looking like him!We'll leave him to the BERSIH boys if he dares to show up.

Anonymous said...

I strongly advice against eating this Ali Frog. He is the type of bad guy's you see in hollywood/Bolehwood movies. They are so evil that at the draw their last breath before they bites the dust, they will try their very best to take someone with them to hell. So, be careful the next time you feast on smelly racist frogs.

Anonymous said...

hey, toad's venom kills cancer cells la !!

Anonymous said...

So, you have scaredy cat reporters in MI and Malaysiakini too.

That piece about the Malay gentlman would have made Ibrahim look like a blinking fool immediately.

clear conscience said...

Bro Zorro, start a facebook page to stir up sentiments to oust Ibrahim Ali during the next GE13...just like the one started on BERSIH 2.0

Anonymous said...

Abrahim ali is a fouled mouth puppy.His wife always kept her distance from him because the stench from his mouth smells like puss.Maybe Abrahim Ali has been using his tonque more often lately instead of his mouth.Maybe pu_ _y puss.That is the creature he is.Maybe we should call him Lizard Ali.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ibrahim Ali,

I just want to letr you know that i am a chinese Malaysian. And yes, I am going to attend the Bersih2 rally come July 9th because like all fair minded Malaysians I too want free and fair elections and a clean administration.

As for your threats, I want to tell you I am not afraid at all. I be there, together with my fellow Malaysians of all races.

Jason Khoo

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

I feel sorry for the Indians, Malays and Others because Ibrahim Toad Ali only cares for the Chinese in advising the Chinese to stay indoors and stock up food. I am almost moved to tears when Ibrahim Toad Ali said he only has good intentions for the Chinese.

As a goodwill gesture to reciprocate Ibrahim Toad Ali's love and concern for the Chinese, my mother and I are going to our Chinese temple today with a full roast pig offering to our diety gods to give Ibrahim Toad Ali a long long life as a Toad. On our way back, we will also free 72 live female Cane Toads to accompany Ibrahim Toad Ali in his ever lasting Toad life.

new fart said...

Anon 1:45....ha..ha..great one mate!

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 1.45pm, just get a vet to see those 72 female toads are virgins because in his present life all virgin toads would have given him a wide berth. Dirty stinky and foul bastard that he is.

Anonymous said...

This is a turd who lusts at women on his way to parliament & back and also at traffic light junctions. and he had the gall to say this, in no less a place than the august house...

This putrid piece of work truly loves to earn his title as scum of the earth.