Saturday, June 11, 2011


….better our best brains are out there to help others. If they never left, those BRAINS may well be in the DRAINS…..

The man who invented USB pen-drive is a young modest Malaysian, PUA KHEIN SENG who can't even get into a local University but invented the most versatile, indispensable computer peripheral today. And helped his adopted country, Taiwan make USD31 billion in the process.

The rest is history.... HERE

Malaysian high-achiever TIMOTHY LIM SENG YEN has had a hand in the development of the iPhone4 and at just 24, has big plans for his future. But his long-term desire is to come home and help the country. HERE

The Governments attempt (TALENT CORP) to lure home our talents is commendable but some people are definitely not helping……I produce here unedited a comment from one of my readers:

Rubini said...

Please read Talent Corpse USA roadshow -

My Dear Fellow Malaysians:

I am compelled to write to you regarding Talent Corp road show in the U.S.

I have just attended one of their sessions at Marriott, Santa Clara. The turn-out was good. About 200 Malaysians living in the Bay Area attended this event hoping to hear what they have to offer. Not surprising the event was a letdown.

Talent Corp. sent amateurs to speak on behalf of Johan Merican, who was nowhere to be found. The speaker was a young kid, Hidayat, who was very proud to tell the audience that there is nothing wrong with our Malaysian education system, because he graduated from MIT.. Let me say that this kid was so naive, speaks poor English, has no business acumen, lacks any respect for Malaysian professionals/audience, and completely has no understanding of American business etiquette.

For someone who claims to be MIT graduate and used to work overseas as a consultant — he definitely did not possess any quality whatsoever.

He failed to mention that he just spent just few years completing his
undergraduate degree here in the US, and have never lived or worked in America. Real life work experience has no substitute.

Being a graduate from MIT does not qualify him to talk down on professionals like us here in the Bay Area. He was utterly disrespectful. It was shameful to see such an individual addressing
the audience.

During the Q & A session was not able to substantiate his slide presentation. For instance, one of the benefits for luring back Malaysians abroad is by extending 15% income tax reduction, giving two
cars, furniture, and so on. When asked if he really thought it is a competitive package as opposed to other countries. He honestly believed it was, without citing any examples or comparisons.

This kid is so arrogant and insisted what the government says is for the good of all.

When our fellow Malaysians asked about what the government was doing about immigration-laws, such as dual-citizenship, spouses able to find jobs in Malaysia, education for the children, insurance, diversity and
inclusiveness, and so on — this ‘prick’ Hidayat was lost for words, nothing to say.

FYI, the delegation was represented by people from the Northern Corridor (Dato’ Reza) and team, MSC (Dato’ Sham) and team, two young ladies from Khazanah, and Mr. Pang from MIDA. Imagine them having to sit and listen to an amateur telling all of us what to do?

When are they going to realize that they are wasting too much of Malaysian’s tax payers hard earned money; traveling with their families (on taxpayers’ money) to the US on the pretext of a business conference.
Shameful! They brought along their wives and children for shopping and sight-seeing. Why must their wives and children come along on official trips paid with Malaysian tax payers money? Gross abuse of public
funds. MACC where art thou?

Furthermore, Dato’ Sham (from MSC) even showed up late for the event, made no apology or showed no remorse. Another sign of lack of respect and arrogance . He simply “didn’t-give-a-damn! I said to them this is just another propaganda by Najib’s government. They were not serious about it “hangat-hangat tahi ayam aje”. So much for Najib’s plan to transform Malaysia into a high income nation……. show us you mean business Jibby….don’t send boys to do a man’s job. Especially ‘stupid boys’ and ‘pricks’ like Dato Sham from

Next time leave your families behind for official business overseas (don’t take them shopping and sightseeing on taxpayers monies). What a load of bullshit / hogwash!……talent corp a waste of good taxpayers money!

Only then, Jibby you may talk about cutting subsidies, otherwise shut-up!

June 8, 2011 11:01 AM


Anonymous said...

Every initiative done without sincerity can easily be seen through by brainy overseas malaysians, so please dont treat those guys as stupid as us locally whom you take for granted are confirmed stupid, otherwise how come most of us will vote back the same MPs no matter how tainted or lazy years after years.

telur dua said...

Hmm....sending a boy to do a man's job.

LOL, I like that comment.

Anyway, the Rakyat is not dead yet. Still plenty of blood left to be sucked.

KoSong Cafe said...

It may seem odd but human does better when being deprived (as in discriminated against); the drive and hunger for success could also come from being challenged (especially when taunted by others); and so on.

Many did exceptionally well overseas because they were deprived locally. In many instances, they were blessings in disguise. The conditions overseas, especially based on merit, are more conducive to those who have got what it takes. The research facilities are better equipped and the peers are those who produced quality research papers.

I think we should view the brain drain positively because of the real gain in knowledge by Malaysians overseas which would otherwise be wasted. We can build a university which looks like Harvard but we cannot replicate its academia.

Anonymous said...

'Talent' Corp. is full of unemployable young Bumi grads.. sad but true, saw a clip of them on a TV documentary recently, it was like a group of uni students brain-storming in the tutorial room, no real-life experience, no confidance, just a lot of theories.. Imagine them trying to teach high-achieving, experienced professionals/leaders what good Malaysia can do for them! What a load of bulls**t! Empty heads, empty souls, joining the Corp. for a free-loading. Of course MSC, MIDA, Khazanah all know it's only for show, that's why they're not serious or putting any effort into recruiting talents back. It's all for show, so might as well bring the wife/girlfriend for shopping, US dollar is at all-time low and factory outlets are aplenty...

Anonymous said...

just follow boss lor. like her daughter's marriage. travel at state's expense. msia can afford it.

PR, try doing tempe disneyland whirlwind tour at state's expense. the cheap kassim will come after you.

Anonymous said...

The young punk is probably from Mara Institute of Technology, not Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Spoke to a cocky guy once who kept telling us he graduated from MIT but spoke broken English. Only found out that he was a Mara graduate later. But not surprised by the disclosure by the above writer. These days, people are selected based on connection, not talent. My advise to the writer is to stay put and make your career overseas. Come back and he'll encounter the same incompetence and arrogance on a daily basis especially if you are dealing with government departments.

najib manaukau said...

As I predicted soon after the P.M. announced that all straight As students would be given scholarships. He failed to mention that the non Malay students would not be sent abroad and that these students would only be admitted to the local varsities only. How deceitful it was and this is his 1Malaysia he is talking about !
Chances are they would not even be admitted to MU, these places are reserved for the second grade Malay students.The non Malay students are sent only to 'rural varsities' to do non professional courses where the degrees are not worth the paper the degrees are printed on.
The authorities are openly telling the world that the education standard in Malaysia is third grade and are only sending the Malay students to study abroad. They are not even good enough for their 'top' Malay students !
I though there are so many varsities in Malaysia.
What the government did not and would never ever reveal are the numerous medical places in the varsities they purchased abroad for the Malay medical students. One good example is Dunedin in NZ where the Malaysian government paid BIG BIG money for 60 medical places for their students, just to avoid going through the process of these students being selected or qualified for the medical degree.
Then after four years of the six years needed to pass as doctors these so call Malay medical students are brought back to Malaysia, regardless of what their achievements are, just to pass them as doctors. Now you know the reasons why there are so many litigations against the Malaysian qualified doctors and the government not to mention the number of them being settled out of court.
This is because the Malaysia government is well aware if these Malay medical students are left in NZ to complete the final two years in the NZ medical school there all of them will , without a doubt, fail to pass the final examination to become doctors. Hence they are the real reason why these medical students are brought back to Malaysia without sitting for their final exams !
Now you know why these doctors cannot cure even your cold ! Can you call them doctors ?

wandererAus said...

What can one expect from a self-claimed bumi, an arrogant ketuanan Umno Melayu bastard!!
Another bloody Frog living in a well and thought, the whole world centered in his "made believe" colorful trivial life.
There is a Chinese saying, this asshole has not seen a big snake shit yet!

Jong said...

Is MACC working for Prime Minister Najib/UMNO or Citizens of Malaysia aka the Rakyat?

We want transparency!
As Rakyat of Malaysia, I call on MACC to swing in to investigate without hesitation, alleged claims of misuse of public funds by Najib and Rosmah for their large on trip to Kazakhstan on personal mission under pretext of an official visit.

Does MACC now need a Police Report to start their investigation?

Anonymous said...

I have never considered myself as an above average individual but,
after I have made my decision to emigrate, I was convinced, I do have a sound brain after all!!
That was the best decision I( have made in my entire children are free from racial, educational religious discrimination and holding post graduate degrees...thus, proving their intellectual ability. How good is that?
Is'nt that what life is all about?...Freedom and Fairness!!

Tiger said...

Confirned with my cousin that it's true. He was there.
These morons are wasting our tax money, and furthermore, it's misuse of public funds to bring your family for official trips!

KoSong Cafe said...

I am surprised so far nobody questioned if MIT stands for Massachusetts or Mara Institute of Technology, because the graduate was described as 'speaking poor English'.

simonthongwh said...

Perhaps they didn't really want you guys to return? For public consumption, Talent Corp goes to get you guys back but does it in such a way that it puts you off and you don't want to. Ever heard of hidden agenda?

Maybe if you were not Chinese?

Serai said...

Indeed it was a 'high profile' trip to Kazakhstan to meet the new Kazakhstan in-laws with large Malaysian entourage in tow, all enjoying themselves, at expense of Malaysian tax-payers?

How many times we have been told to tighten our belt because this BN govt can't afford to provide national subsidies anymore.

Minister Idris Jala said Malaysia is going bankrupt in 2019 yet these assholes go globe trotting, without a care in the world? And we pay for them?

MACC, where are you? See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil?

Anonymous said...

It was a ego-massaging exercise. Just admit it that the majority so-called intelligent young Malay chikus just do not have it in their genes. Even the truly smart Malays were or already left and avoiding being painted with the same egoistic brush.

Anonymous said...

Can tell you similar stories of a couple of Malaysian women at high level academic meetings in the UK. One woman divested herself of her tudung, dressed more like a "Desperate Housewife" & dominated a meeting with a Vice Chancellor's executive officer making openly suggestive comments. Her other great interest was discount shopping for designer goods!Her opening line at meetings "Malaysia is an academic sort of society". Well she exemplified the 'sort'.

Anonymous said...

Talent Corp is only lip service from the greatest pink lips himself. Are the overseas Malaysians so naive to think that Jibby wants them to return to Malaysia and take away the top jobs from his machais in the GLCs and Universities? Jibby's Talent Corp is nothing more than a sham to give the Malaysian public a perception that he is doing something about the brain drain.

Be assured that UMNO, Perkasa, Pembela and GAP do not want any overseas Malaysians to set foot on Tanah Melayu soil. Sure they welcome the overseas Malaysians to come back but only as tourists to spend their US$, AU$, S$ etc. on nasi lemaks, teh tarik, roti canai and nasi kandar. UMNO, Perkasa, Pembela and GAP will never accept there is any brain drain problem as they are only too happy that more pendatangs leave and stay away from Malaysia.

We local Malaysians are certainly not fooled by Jibby's Talent Corp sham. And neither should the overseas Malaysians or they will live to regret their decision to return to Malaysia just for the sake of 2 "tax free" cars (local assembled quality), income tax reduction and some furniture.

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys, give us Talent Corp a break. We're going to jetset all over the world to lure Malaysians to come back. Najib and Rosmah will personally be at the airports to receive the heroes.

Btw, we're going to build our building you know. Got RM250 million budget approved alledi.

Anonymous said...

Treating the symptom without treating the disease....

The greatest hurdle to Talent Corp is the civil service itself....

Talent Corp should not hide at KL Central but should relocate itself to Putrajaya or Parliment itself...

It needs to bring all the Little Napoleans especially in the Universities and our Health Service who have done everything possible to block the reentry of talent soas to maintain their rice bowls and in the process killing the nation's ricebowl...

Anonymous said...


Please ask these people to come back only after Pakatan Rakyat takes over. Otherwise stay put there and progress further.

As long as UMNO-BN rules they cannot be trusted for a very long long time. Whatever programme they implement it will eventually turn upside down.