Saturday, June 4, 2011


All my pick came through – Mat Sabu, Husam, Mahfuz, Sallahuddin all won the positions they contested for. Why didn’t I include Nizar? Because as the future MB of Perak he has to concentrate on taking back what was STOLEN. Dr Dzul Ahmad and Khalid Samad must not be distracted from their duty to ensure that Selangor is not STOLEN too. And I am glad that Dr Hatta has retained his seat as Central Committee together with Dr Dzul and Khalid Samad.

I have campaigned closely with the above especially Sallahuddin, Mahfuz, Dr Dzul and Dr Hatta and their ascension reflects the new mood of PAS delegates, that is, PAS FOR ALL.

But of course, today the happiest would be Penang Chief Minister, Guan Eng whose deep friendship with PAS new Deputy President Mat Sabu was forged in the infamous Kamunting foundry.

My hope is that the other Pakatan parties could learn a valuable lesson from this PAS election. Campaigning, if any, is negligible, low-key and insignificant. No surat layang, no money politics, back stabbing and no cheating!

I continue to wear with greater pride my PAS FOR ALL cap!

Aside: Jocylene tried her best but it wasn’t good enough….you see PAS is a different breed unlike her common herd.


halim said...

takbir sir!

zorro said...

Saudara Halim, Allah-u-akbar!

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Here is a pass for PAS. PAS will continue to pass. PAS must pass. For those of us who have had the opportunity to work with these PAS leaders will sign with our blood that they are men and women with a conscience. SYABAS PAS.

pas member said...

thank you uncle

Antares said...

Zorro, thank you so much for saying this on behalf of so many of us who feel just like you! I'm very, very happy with the PAS election results. Mat Sabu is a great warrior and is far healthier for the party as deputy president. Salahuddin Ayub and Mahfuz Omar are seasoned leaders with clear consciences and warm hearts - and Husam Musa has great potential as a very charismatic and intelligent leader, perhaps his destiny is yet to fully unfold?


Jong said...

Made my day too, there's much hope!

Congratulations PAS for voting in a fresh new team of progressive leaders!

I said is elsewhere and I will repeat - I salute the many right thinking PAS delegates who bravely stood up to reject outright that 'suspicious thorn in the butt' - the umno mole who under pretext of "umno-pas unity talks" was in actual fact creating much discomfort, disunity and mistrust for the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

PAS's patience, toleransi and maturity in dealing with the presence of this umno mole, with the understanding of DAP and PKR has been most admireable. It sure has paid off and well done to all!

Time to get rid of that bad rubbish eh?

Jong said...

Will evil umno now disavow any links it has with this mole now that he has been rejected by majority of PAS delegates?

wandererAus said...

The same difference in Malaysia!!!
It appears the world is undergoing changes…particularly in politics. PAS is no different, time is ripe for the conservative Islamic political party to undergo changes…to reach a wider audience of different races and religions. If the non-muslims so readily accepted PAS and gave their support without reservation, PAS must reciprocate with genuine changes to cater for them….for mutual benefits. Undoubtedly, this move by the progressive team in the party will augur well for the future of Malaysia in general and to PR in particular. Long live the Opposition!!

Anonymous said...

Will this signal the end of the evil UMNO regime?
PAS capitalize on the goodwill from Malaysians on all walks of life to lead with PR and deliver us from the evil UMNO bastards.

Anonymous said...

Right on brother. PAS new lineup is not only a win for PAS members but for Pakatan as a whole. The election itself, trouble free and democratically run is something that the others should emulate especially PKR. The new lineup also take some pressure off Anwar and Pakatan, now that PAS can be counted on as a full fletch partner instead of being a mere troublesome passenger and possible betrayer of the coalition. Suddenly, Sodomy II and the sex video seems irrelevant anymore except their negative impact on Najib. Umno will now see PAS as more dangerous than PKR and the dirt is going to start flying in PAS direction. This is a newfound fame for PAS so they should build up the momentum. A new welfare state for everyone is something all Malaysians could look forward to. 1Malaysia can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

yes sir, zorro.

UMNO, PAS is ready for you.

Anonymous said...

I will wear green today! PAS for ALL!!!

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,
The run up to the party polls was bereft of any issues.It was gratifying to see the true values,culture and humility of the Malay race upheld during such crucial moments by the candidates. UMNO,MCA,MIC,PKR,Gerakan,PPP
or any other parties have much to learn from this elections.Despite the clown Joceyln's (Star)attempt to paint the personalities in her childish way..none of their party members were swayed in their choices to choose the prefered candidate
PAS has been well recieved by Indians in and around JB since 2008.A ceramah in a Masai hotel last week attracted almost 700 people and almost half were Indians.This had been the scenario since 2008.I feel PAS will gain a strong foothold amongst disenchanted Indians and they (PAS) appear to have a willing and listening ear for the Indian woes.

I voted them in 2008...this time isteri and son will Vote for them as well.

I am sure PAS will revive the true Malay culture, values and humility that I grew up with in the 60s and 70s,for the benefit of fellow Malaysians.

Pas is indeed for all bro !


Anonymous said...

The new selction shows that people want change and not glamourous, empty 1 SLOGAN!!

Dont Talk for the sake of talking only , no substance and no action.

It looks like his ball is in sombody hand.

Boh lam pah.

new fart said...

Let's all vote for PAS in the next GE folks!

Anonymous said...

where did you get your pas cap it available for purchase somehwere?


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agreed with you more about Joseline Star... she seemed hell-bent in trying to spilt PAS into two camps, the Erdogans and the ulamas(methink as a directive from higher ups to cause friction in the party) seeing shadows when there are none in PAS. Her tactic is reminiscent of the British colonists "divide-n-rule" game in the 50s in then Malaya.She failed miserably because in PAS, everyone is equal, there are no factions.And I am a Kelantanese Chinese.Ya, PAS UNTUK SEMUA

Anonymous said...

Reporters and editors from Star are always prepared to barter their conscience, dignity and self-respect for a job. They must be having problem sleeping at night.

Come on, Jocelyn, et al. There are other organisations you can join inside and outside Malaysia where you do not have to give your soul to the devil. Have the courage to take the first step to make a change. The people of Malaysia are your friends and will help you through the difficult time. Don't you want to be able to sleep soundly and have sweet dreams ... since when have you been able to do so ...

Malaysian said...

Leaders like Mat Sabu, Husam Musa, Mahfuz Omar, Sallahuddin, Nizar, Dr Dzul Ahmad, Khalid Samad, Dr Hatta, Nik Aziz are true Malay and true Muslim in practice too !

If any of these PAS leaders are in my constituency, I will vote for them anytime! I don't need a Chinese MP to represent my interest!

Now PAS has to counter those lies about PAS under influence of DAP, PKR, esp to the rural folks who only depend on the main media. These rural folks are UMNO votes bank.

And PAS leaders have to be on the guard now that they are a threat to UMNO, more than PKR now.


Anonymous said...

jong 3.43am.... who's that mole? who? who? it is so difficult to tell. who is that shorty??