Thursday, June 16, 2011


Greetings, Malaysia, We have seen the censorship taken by the Malaysian government, blocking sites like The Pirate Bay, andWikiLeaks. Malaysia is one of the world's strictest governments, even blocking out movies, and television shows.

“These acts of censorship are inexcusable. You are taking away a basic human right. The Internet is here for freedom, without fear of government interference. Do not think that no one else notices,” says the footer posted by Anonymous.

It also said that the attack is a “sign, a warning, and an opportunity to listen to ideas above your own” and the hackers “are obligated to act fast and have no mercy”.

If you haven’t had enough go HERE


Tiger said...

How apt! V for Vendetta.
The only thing is that we won't blow up Parliament, but we'll get rid of 50% of the slime classified as MPs!

wandererAus said...

These BASTARDS are now in the receiving end!!! There is a Creator..Allah is great.
Let this be a warning, in future if these arrogant motherfu*kers
were to screw the rakyat again bloggers declare cyber war on this peabrain UMNO govt...expose all their unscrupulous dealings....

Anonymous said...

The Umno and their partners only censored what they don't want the public to see or hear.That is the widespread plundering of the nations coffer.The raping of an underaged Malay girl by one Tambby Machik who is rumoured to be a 'Mamak".The blowing up to smitereens body of a young Mongolian lass.The sex romps of a Minister in a hotel in PD.The Port Klang scandal and the endless lists go on.

What they want the public to see or hear.Anwar sodomy 1 and 2.Porno Chuah and Anwar sex tapes.Saiful's 1 inch diameter asshole.The clown Abrahim Ali's crazy rantings about jihad and anti Bersih rubbish and the endless list goes on.

Come "Bersih Day" and they will know what is "PEOPLES POWER".

Anonymous said...

What Umno wants us to know.The datuk t trio after screening the "Haram" Anwar sex tape which carries minimun five years jailtime for non umno members is freer than a bird.Umno youth to join Perkasa for anti Bersih rally.Rumoured to be in tens of thousands.Latest news to match the size of the Bersih crowd.As usual trying to intimidate the law and abiding citizens of Malaysia.

The goons of Perkasa and Umno youth do not respect peaceful rallys.They don't even respect the government of Umno.If they do they wouldn't be trying to disrupt the Bersih rally.These people don't respect the opposition, and they don't respect the Umno government and they just want to break the law only.

So what does these people have in mind. Maybe after 54 years of being treated like animals and third class citizens these Umno hired goons have finally come to their senses.They finally realised that they have been deprived of the luxury of life."Freedom".Maybe they want to vent their anger and frustrations against their soon to be masters Umno.If on July 9 these goons does topple Umnoputras and BN than they are not such assholes as born through Saiful's asshole.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

It is a childish act.
But if the anonymous group of hackers wants to help Malaysians.
Do help by hacking into the bank accounts of the umno elites , get those OSA files exposed and sent Altantuya's murderers to Hell.

najib manaukau said...

Just a small taste of the government's own medicine and now repent and pray hard very hard that more will not come.
The government can censor many things and through the quarter cooked lackey police they can stop many things within Malaysia.. But sorry to add that there is nothing absolutely nothing they dictators can do in America. Nothing, so sorry even if shenanigan or Abraham Ali can jump upside down with their heads nothing and how is the feeling . Three cheers and just wait for more !

Anonymous said...

How is our rapist Information minister?...nothing further to say?
Got your blooming asshole properly roasted this time...better find ways to protect your bosses evil doings...if exposed, you will have to find a new job as a pimp in UMNO screw joint at Chow Kit....

Anonymous said...

That's the reason why malaysia gov website got hacked.

BN better learn the lesson to be more transparent and not to tell lies to defend itself.

Anonymous said...

Tourist Minister says "RM1.8M includes cost of designing, flash programming, debugging, uploading and launching application, system server, deployment and campaign management"
1. which advertising co does the design?
2. flash programming and debugging - hv to pay for debugging(?) when the stupid programer did it wrong the first place?
3. uploading and launching application - come on is there cost to uploading(?) i thot only internet charges and a cost to launching(?) what the programming does not inlcude the launching?
4. system server(?) wat buy your own system server juz for this? than u forget the cost of maintenance monthly,
5. campaign management - wat u only need to fill the form to specific your parameters with FB wat(?)
6. u said 20k++ had been attracted as FAN(??) this converts into money??????????
i must say, if one has a negative IQ, should always think Positive

Norman said...

BN has a taste of how it was like when Malaysiakini was attacked prior to Sarawak election.

Anonymous said...

Khairi Jamaludin,head of Umno youth said his youth wing would used the same route as Bersih to march to the palace.If you are smart KJ,you should ask Umno youth to march in tandem with Bersih,because you will be surprise how many of Umno youth members will be in the Bersih rally.For an educated Ox from Oxen after spending so many years in the UK don't make a fool of yourself by going against democracy.By going against the people's power will be your doomed waterloo.

Anonymous said...

Yes . Power to all the righteous who struggle not only for the present but also for the future genearation.

We need to BERSIH the clog arteries of the haughty regime that impediment the INTEGRITY AND JUSTICE development.

Richness are a blessing only to those who make them a blessing to others.

POWER TO THE RAKYAT !! and the saints go marching in....


Anonymous said...

The 1malaysia government boasted there is little or no effect on users of their hacked websites as most of their sites have recovered. So either Anonymous is just kidding or the 1malaysian government websites are very secured against hacking.

Well done, 1MCMC for thwarting Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

People, with UNO youth marching side by side now BERSIH is accepted by them

Anonymous said...

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