Monday, June 13, 2011


YES, it is unusual to have my Friday Guest Blogger on a Monday. But the impact of this posting might lose its URGENCY… here is Fi-sha’s post:

Have the torturous deaths of Adik Kugan, Adik Teoh Beng Hock, Adik Amirul and Encik Sarbani at the hands of our Men in Blue and their likes set us free?

Three days ago, hundreds of Egyptians celebrated the first anniversary of Khaled Said’s death. His death sparked the monumental Egypt Uprising - thanks to educated and liberated Egyptian Youths like Wael Ghonim, who have had enough of Hosni Mubarak’s brutish antics and kept the spirit of People Power high till the overthrow of the dictator on 11 February 2011 – which has now spread like wild fire across the Middle East, once known throughout its history as the epicenter of world affairs. While they are still grappling with the aftershock of the uprising, in his death, Khaled Said has liberated his fellow Egyptians.

My guest blogger FI-SHA post HERE


Roy said...


Are you representing Barisan Rakyat Blogger at the 'World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2011' to be held this Wednesday at Putra World Trade Centre?

Jeff said...

News Straits Times today on Page 8 reports that UMNO will mobilise cyber troopers (organise a more systemetic cyber troop team) to counter and rebut opposition attacks in new media and to win over fence sitters in coming GE.

Looking forward to some of them being sent to this blog to exercise their power and capability of persuasion. So far there appears to be none here, which is strange. I would have taught they’d send their most capable/credible ones here, the No. 1 political (Opposition Blog). But there seems to be none. Maybe they don’t to waste resources to try persuade the already converted, an exercise in futility so to speak.

najib manaukau said...

To avoid yours and everyone'a disappointment please don't expect anything good or decent from the quarter cooked !
Many like me are feeling a lot more peaceful after given up on them long ago. You and so should all Malaysians do the same. That is the reason why I forbid my children and pray that my descendants will never become a police officer in Malaysia.Just let them to continue their decade.

Anonymous said...

Launching another 513 is not an UMNO option with China is second economic powerhouse and UN may intervene unlike 513 in 1969.

The ultimate objective by Umno via Perkasa is to make Chinese uneasy and hope all Chinese migrate to foreign land to make space for Muslim new immigrants from elsewhere. This is to reduce Chinese electorate to insignificant percentage for UMNO to win elections forever.

zorro said...

Roy, probably they dont want BR Bloggers around. No, I do not lead Barisan Rakyat Blogger. We are a team-effort. We are ONLY focused on A NEW MALAYSIA. We blog along this focus.

Anonymous said...

Jeff,June13 1.07pm

Maybe Barisan Rakyat Bloggers might consider visiting Rocky Bru,Big Dog and company first.Then Umno might panicked and withdraw their funding for them.Like paid bloggers once funding stops they will desert like rats on sinking ships.Like Umnoputras these bloggers will sell their daughters to the highest bidder.They might even consider going over to the opposition for a much smaller price.Just as long as they get paid.These people only owed their loyalty to the "RINGGIT".

samgoh88 said...

WHY BLOG? - 140611

Let's blog because we know
It's our basic human right
To express and in this world show
That we can tell what's wrong or right

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Tue.14th Jun. 2011.