Wednesday, June 29, 2011


“I didn't give 2 cents about Malaysia or its politics before 2008. But seeing the first Bersih rally on TV in 2008 awoke something in me. I realised for the first time that I could not leave it to someone else to fight my battles for my nation on my behalf. For the first time, I dared to believe that things could change.”

The above is what my reader KEN wrote. I produce BELOW his entire comment UNEDITED:

People's hopes are modest. No matter what race, region, religion and class we come from, most of us believe that every child should have a genuinely good education. And those children should be able to go to college even if their parents aren't rich. We want to be safe from criminals. We want the assurance that the taxes we pay are spent well. We want clean air, clean water, and the ability to retire comfortably at some point. And although we don't expect our government to solve all our problems, and we certainly don't like seeing our tax dollars wasted, it's only fair to expect that government should help.

We're all sick of the dead zone that Malaysian politics has become - where backbiting and character attacks have become part of our daily news routine. We're all aware that the nation's most significant challenges are being ignored. Everyone talks about reforms and transformation and plans and programmes and manifestos. But how much of that are we really seeing?

Let's face it. We all talk about it. We've all played the armchair critic role at some point or another. Any of us can and have pointed out the flaws so apparent in our government. We all talk. Ask anyone on the street what they've done about the situation our nation is facing lately and chances are you'll get a blank stare. But walk into a coffee shop and suddenly you're surrounded by veteran politicians discoursing the latest injustice/scandal/expose etc.

Maybe the time for talk has passed. As the saying goes, talk is cheap.

I believe the first step towards changing the face of Malaysian politics/government is getting involved, simply by registering to vote and exercising that right to vote. I wonder how many skeptics out there have decided to forgo that right simply because "my 1 vote won't make a difference". True, in Malaysia you can win 90% of the seats with 60% of the votes, but that only serves to emphasise the importance of each vote. We need to be absolutely clear about one thing - transformation can never be birthed of apathy.

The next step is reinforcing the need for free and fair elections.

Does the fact that 30,000 people walking someplace change anything? Not explicitly perhaps. But it inspires defiance against a broken system, engenders a willingness to stand up for change and above all, represents the audacity to hope and to believe that our nation can be transformed.

I didn't give 2 cents about Malaysia or its politics before 2008. But seeing the first Bersih rally on TV in 2008 awoke something in me. I realised for the first time that I could not leave it to someone else to fight my battles for my nation on my behalf. For the first time, I dared to believe that things could change.

I'm not writing this to ask anyone to join the rally. It's risky business indeed, what with the prospect of getting water cannon-ed, tear gas-ed or if you're extremely unlucky, arrested. I write this because I feel it's my duty and obligation to speak out as a young person to say we all have to care enough and believe that change is possible when we exercise our votes and EC is playing fair. Wear yellow on July 9 to show that you care.

Do you remember how we used to be taught in school that the young people are the future of the nation? Well, we can only be that if we care enough.

June 29, 2011 11:15 AM



Civil Resistance is an inherent democratic process.

To Win,


No ruler can rule if people refuse

to obey

to go to work

to pay taxes.

No authoritarian regime can hold power long if their security forces shift their loyalties.

If enough people disobey and disrupt

power SHIFTS

Police loyalty have surprisingly cracked

and change becomes possible.


najib manaukau said...

This bunch of deceitful and corrupted Umno morons can get their lackey half cooked police to raid and stop their protest but they can't when the protest is carried out in a foreign country outside the Malaysian missions.
The present regime must be running scare especially after so many muslim dictators in the middle east and the north African countries are forced to give in to the protestors.
May be, just like in Libya, Putrajaya can be combed too ? So better do something now or be boomed into submission.

Anonymous said...

Well said Ken.

Looks like BN/Polis is making pre-emptive strike at Bersih.

Even if there is no rally on July 9, we rakyat now know what to do when we cast our votes.

Sally said...

Fantastic video. M going 2 post it on facebook. Hope you don't mind sir?

bumi-non-malay said...

OK all set for Day of Destiny.....sampai UMNO racist Mampus.

This time not like 1969......UMNO racist caught between rock and hard stone....any Death to China citizen.....Najis have a lot of explaning...same goes for India nationals. Any death also can count as Genocide......Hello Perkasa, UMNO Racist 3 Line ...You berani kelaur pada 9 pasti kena baik2. Duduk kat rumah diam diam yah.... Kalau mau buat kacau....You most welcome.... you know me and i know you....this time we wont hold back...we have Rotan kibar bendera swimming goggles, cheap paint mask, bottle water 2 litre.....rain coat....lots of heavy umbrella.....

remeber Razak and Tun Dr Munafiq escape Genocide....Najis and DPM Munfiq-din...will not...Macam Gadaffi we will get you....

PAS jadi Perisai - bumi non malay dan rakyat Malaysia jadi Lembing....United we stand against regime UMNO racist, Judiciary, Rela, PDRM, MACC murderers

wandererAus said...

"Action speaks louder than words"
Well my fellow Malaysians, are'nt it is time to put our money where our mouth is?
How deep do you want to see this once beautiful and promising nation sinks...until it becomes a river of no return?
The ball is at your feet, kick those damn UMNO assholes to their dang hole or be fu*ked.....

Anonymous said...

So Bersih T-shirts are now illegal. And Bersih activists have been “infiltrated” by Communists backed by Christians. Silat exponents will now go to “war” with activists, while Datuk Ibrahim Ali says he cannot guarantee his Perkasa members will not turn violent.

Let’s not forget the Umno Youth boys on their bikes who swarmed PKR’s HQ. But no one from Bersih has actually threatened anyone.

So just who is encouraging violence? Should Malaysians be cowed by bullies?

zorro said...

Sally.....what appears on this blog belongs to anyone to use.

Bumi-non-Malay....please no violence from US.Find strength in restrain.

sampalee said...

I was there at the Bersih 1 march and it is the peop;e's response and PAS sincerrity.
Seeing PR politicians hijacking our effort,I will sit at home and hope the politicians get to kill each other.

Anonymous said...

Time for talking is over...just be there and give moral support to the Bersih organizers. YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE THE NATION FOR THE BETTER!!

Anonymous said...

Lagi haram lagi mahal T shirt Bersih tu, macam tu juga sokongan pada Bersih, lagi disekat lebih ramai penyokong...itulah fitrah manusia.

Organizer already won even before the actual game started.

Anonymous said...

The Umno goons are really good for nothing, forever abusing their power.

How on earth wearing a yellow T-shirt is deemed illegal? People all over the country should wear yellow shirts or T-shirts starting today and see what these idiots can do.

Why all the eunuchs MCA,Gerakan and MIC hiding under the Umno sarong are keeping so bloody quiet?

Ablogsmith said...

Anyone familiar with twitter? I read there are people taking the protest online by tweeting #bersih. Can someone familiar with twitter how that can add to the protest?

Also, what is the URL of the Facebook BERSIH protest?

Make their responses as a post if necessary if it helps more people protest onine.

Anonymous said...

Haram jadah punya polis.. tangkap pro-Bersih.. Perkosa dan Pemuda Umno pun akan assemble, napo tak tangkap mereka??

Lion-O said...

I think i wanna have a shopping spree at Sogo next weekend lah.. my favorite yellow Thundercats shirt koyak.. time to buy a new one..

bruno said...

It is a damned shame for the HM Hishamuddin to send the PDRM to arrest civil activists who were out campaigning in a bus.You do need scores of police personnels to arrest 30 terrorists or Umno gangsters and paid thugs.But surely the HM doesn't need such a huge police force to arrest 30 peaceful activists half of them women.

To add salt to injury the police charges against these activists were acts of communism and waging war against the Agung.Who in this crazy world would believe the trump up charges.Fifteen men and fifteen women to wage war against the Agung.You must be a real nut case.

Then Umno youth sent out six hundred mat rempits to surround the PKR headquarters and screaming for blood against the Bersih organisers.And the Umno youth exco commitee member Lokman Noor Adam proudly proclaimed that he personally led 600 goons to the PKR hq.

Mr.HM Hishamuddin,may I personally ask you a question.If these are not acts of gangterism, terrorism or communism than what is it.Mr. Hishamuddin,Umno youth,your Umno Baru's little sibbling is publicly taunting you.They are asking you in public,as HM what are you going to do about it.They are asking you whether you have the balls to arrest them as you did to the activists.Well Mr HM,the rakyat is waiting for your answer.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I wonder how that by demanding a fair and clean election can be branded as Communist .
The Bn regime is getting absurd .

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Sir, thanks for zeroing in on Ken's well enunciated passion for justice.

Ken, I salute you. I admire your ability to speak from your heart.

Now our challenge is to reach all those unthinking citizens whose only preoccupation is making money. Be it the char koay teow fella, the mamak 24-jam restaurant operator, the nasi lemak peddlar - all these people need to wake up and do their part for the love of a nation and its nationhood.

Having said that, one suggestion: Translate your write-up into mandarin, jawi, tamil and have it distributed across the landscape. mere photocopies or B/W print is sufficient.

There is nothing seditious in your write-up except for the frightened UMNO/BN brokers.

Anonymous said...

I 101% agree with what you say, Ken. And many thanks to Uncle Zorro for publishing it.

Anonymous said...

Why raid only the Bersih secretariat? Why not raid those of Perkasa esp their dickhead IA and Umno Youth as well since they will also be holding rallies? Kerismuddin and that dickhead IA from Perkasa are both the same. My fellow Malaysians, please take note of this practice of double standards and relate it to everyone you know so they may know the true situation in this country. As a matter of fact, Umno politicians is shitting in its own pants and is resorting to terrorising Malaysian citizens.
These terrorist acts will be remembered by the people of Malaysia, and when it is judgement time, Malaysia will decide their fate.

Anonymous said...

Many of us share the same sentiments as Ken.

For change to happen, all of us must exercise our votes.

Jebat said...

Why all this nonsense... why need to go to the street? Last election the majority elected the BN and in some states the PR.
This coming GE, we all go voting again lahh, I think the PR will take more states mahh... and then we see who take Putra Jaya OK?

The problem is you all who wanted to ‘bersih the road’ are not the majority, the majority are in offices, at home and elsewhere. We are all civilised nation, so why all this kepoh-kepoh?
Aiiyaa zorro.. you one old man and I thought you are well educated and not from ‘orang utan’ family.. but now you behave like your brain full of cow dung!
For old fellow like you, you should not encourage public disturbance lahh... anyway, if you still so stubborn, you make sure you put all your kids and wife on the street too, ok?
Don’t be hypocrite and we expect to see your face in the front line.. i mean FRONT LINE, so I can see you on TV... Don’t hide at the back of others or behind trees OK?

You call yourself zorro, we don’t expect you to ride the horse, but we expect you to be really-really in the front line... and also in any circumstances, make sure you not the first one to ‘cabut’ OK?
Or else, please don’t refer yourself to zorro, a big shame to the real one.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Ken's writing is also appearing on other blog.

We should spread his words of wisdom:

Anonymous said...

Get the CRITICAL MASS moving, then the POWER OF GOOD will prevail. History has shown us this. I am but a part of this CRITICAL MASS.

A Tojo

zorro said...

Jebat.....age has nothing to do with what I do....VALUES are....if you can understand that. I will be there in the front depending where we will meet. At least I have a name and my face is familiar to the authorities...will YOU be there and if you have a name I can shout for you for acknowledgement. Be there!

zorro said...

Jebat....let you in on a secret. When I wanted to start my blog in defence of Rocky and Jeff Ooi, I wanted to name the blog the SWEEPER besides the other choice Zorro-unmasked. Before going up to the NPC office to launch the blog Rocky says he prefers Zorro-Unmasked.
And is there a real zorro or a hollywood fantasy? Be real or is there really a Jebat?

Anonymous said...

One thing is very clear. UMNO is scared and terrified of what has happened in the Middle East. They fear the same could happen here if any rally is allowed unless it is their own.

The morons who hold cabinet positions do not seem to understand the might of the internet. Whatever is happening is known the world over and all peace loving nations are fully aware of the high-handed clamp down and the harrassment of the organizers of BERSIH 2 by the police.

The UMNO/BN government must be in a world of their own to think the forign embassies and high commissions will not report of the idiotic actions of the government and police ti their respective governments.

If UMNO/BN thinks that by letting loose their rabid mongrel, Ibrahim Ali to create civil strife as that happened in 13569, all Malaysians would be terrified and intimidated. They have guessed wrong. If the UMNO Malays in their short sightedness unleash a blood bath at non-Malays, they may have to face the wrath of the international community especially from an emerging super power, Communist China. China today is not what it was in 1969. The Malaysian Chinese with the exception of the MCA running dogs are not easily cowed into submission. The Indians too showed what they are capable of through the Hindraf demonstration.

Any rash and stupid act by UMNO,PERKASA and other UMNO affliated NGOs will only ruin this country.

So before unleashing their often repeated call to defend race, religion, etc through violence, please be aware of retaliation and what could very well be an invitation for foreign powers to make use of this opportunity to di what they are doing to Ghadaffi.

Why is Najib so afraid of a fair and clean election?

Is it because he and UMNO/BN can only win elections by dirty politics and foul means?

Why is he terrified of a peaceful rally by ordinary people?

Why is scared a rally might topple his government?

What makes him so sure that his position as PM rests on banning of peaceful rallies?

Doesn't he and his UMNOputras realize the rakyat can still bring them down to their knees during the 13th GE?

1Malaysia is nothing but 1Police State where the police are given exclusive rights to do as they please in order to keep the present regime in power.

bumi-non-malay said...

ha ha

Loser blogger Jebat blog tak Laku promote his KOTOR - samseng march on July have to eat humble pie and try to be relevant in the blog arena.....update lah your blog site with your THESIS...fry some of your brain cells......still a Loser Site no matter what. Rosmah Botox wondering why all those bloggers she pays 3 packet of nasi lembik & some coloured water not effective on the internet.....Jebat Keep Eating your nasi lemak....while Najis and Rosmah dine daily on $2000 + ringgit tax payers funded dinner you know what Bersih stands for??...Loser like you probably don't understand our aspiration for a better Malaysia....Bersih have Heart...Kotor like you have FART....ha ha ha...

PAS jadi perisai, bumi non malay rakyat Malaysia jadi Lembing on 9 July....Formidable when UNITED...turn defence into attack!!....All government WILL fall and submit to the will of the people......Ayuh!!

Anonymous said...

My plan:
1. Go to show I CARE for my country

2. Be prepared with some 1st aid & cider-vingar soaked bandana & spare masks (industrial strength) so tht I am able to assist my brothers & sisters

3. I will not dessert my brothers & sisters

4. I dont want blood to be spilled but I will defend my brothers & sisters


J. D. Lovrenciear said...

For as long this nation has these adulterated Hang 'Jebats', we can continue remaining a third-world nation teetering on the incline of fourth-world.

The reasoning of these 'Jebats' is akin to the Law Minister's argument: trying to define the meaning of freedom.

Never mind about the 'Jebats' Sir, because Merdeka was won by people like you not by people like the 'Jebats' fortunately.

Anonymous said...

Check it out a kind of literary piece on Bersih 2.0. Not a political writing. More of a the author's personal reflection on Chinese and Malay youth relationship with each other and with regards of Bersih 2.0. Poignant, different, deep but still political with in its own sprinkles of literary style of writing.

radhi said...

Ken has inspired me to support Bersih 2.0!