Monday, June 13, 2011


The flavor of the month is now WELFARE STATE. Even the top dogs in UMNO claimed that Malaysia is a welfare state all along. TDM is having a fit….”how dare they just take away MY muslim state.”

THIS is what BN’s welfare state is:

pic courtesy of Finance Twitter

Can’t you smell the shit, directed at us?

You will after you read:


It’s a long read, but worth every minute of your time. After which you will enjoy Dato Arif’s piece HERE in case you missed it.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

Northern European social democratic
welfare states = economic growth with redistribution through progressive fiscal policy.

UMNO/BN "welfare state"
= economic growth (thanks to the Mianland China economic machine) + impending bankruptcy + with redistribution upward through rent-seeking, crony capitalism.
Plus cutbacks in subsidies that hit the poor of all ethnic groups.

Welfare state all right -- for the rent-seekers and kleptocrats.

Phua Kai Lit

Happy Camper said...

"Facts about PAS and The Islamic State Issue", by Pak Sako.

From Malaysiakini:

The 'professionals' have been elected to PAS's central working committee. PAS has trotted out a 'welfare state' slogan. The party's deputy president-elect, Mat Sabu, has been hailed in Malaysiakini as a “cosmopolitan democrat”. A moderate image of PAS is being actively advertised.

Yet the question that worries many non-Muslims and moderate Muslims remains: has PAS abandoned its Islamic state ambition or hasn't it?

For the answer, we need to go beyond slogans, media spin and the opinions of the politicians and examine the bare facts.

The bare facts are found in Clauses 3 to 8 of PAS's constitution. They outline matters pertaining to party goals, laws and authority. Their key points, translated, are as follows:

1. The foundation of PAS: Islam.

2. The aims of PAS: To create a society and governance in which the values of Islamic life is implemented; to defend the sanctity of Islam.

3. The undertakings of PAS: Among others, to preach or proselytise Islam to all of mankind; to make Islam the guide to politics and statehood; to introduce Islamic values in efforts to uphold justice and bring about improvements in all fields including governance and administration, economics, society, learning and education.

4. The laws and powers of PAS: The supreme laws are Al-Quran and the Sunnah; the annual general assembly and all other committees in PAS such as the central working committee are subject to it.

5. The roles of the Syura Council (the top committee in PAS's organisational hierarchy): Among others, to guarantee that authority in PAS does not depart from adhering to the highest laws, i.e., the Al-Quran and the Sunnah; to order that all parties and committees in PAS obey and implement the foundation and other provisions in PAS's constitution; to monitor all activities, movements and administrative matters within PAS to ensure that these obey the foundation, provisions and requirements of the constitution.

Interpretation and comments about the constitution outlined above:

1. Points 1 to 4 would be a part of the framework and action plan necessary for setting up an Islamic state. Points 1 to 4 are the embodiment of PAS's Islamic state goal.

2. Point 5 empowers the unelected Syura Council to ensure that the actions of all committees in PAS do not deviate from Points 1 to 4. The implication is that the central working committee, whether completely filled by professionals or religious scholars, cannot avoid working towards establishing what shall eventually be an Islamic state.

3. The very same applies for the Islamic state of Iran (refer to the country's constitution): the supreme law of the land being the Al-Quran and Sunnah; the application of Islam to all spheres of statehood; and the position of the religious guardian council that ensures that Islam is the bedrock of the constitution.

4. Mahathir Mohamad and Ibrahim Ali's allegations that PAS has abandoned its ambition to establish an Islamic state are baseless.

Click on the link above to

Anonymous said...

welfare state is misrule, mismanagement n rampant corruption. see PKFZ - billions disappear. MAS lost RM 240 million in Q1 2011 n write off 3 billion in 2009 for losses in hedging oil prices> TNB gave IPP a blank cheque n subsidies cut, petrol goes up n so is power tariff, salaries remain poor n low, 5 rinngit per hour as aretail assistant in a fast food chain ie 1000 ringgit a month, graduates start at 2000 ringgit a month. HOW TO SURVIVE IN MALYSIA with HIGH INFLATION>? ask BN UMNO lah

Anonymous said...

IPP'S is Dr. M's brain brain(not brain drain) to everlasting riches.Just look at how powerful Dr.M still is.Without the power of the ringgit Dr.M would be voiceless(dumb).And he is still playing the puppet master.And his sons each are worth hundreds of millions.Just look at Dr M's crony Vincent Tan's worth.Billions.