Saturday, June 25, 2011


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Your freedom to walk HERE


Anonymous said...

The lyrics, especially about freedom, suggests that there is tremendous oppression in Malaysia.

This may or may not be true depending on whose side you are on, but isn't the Bersih movement about free, fair and clean elections.

The reference to God too I think is unwarranted as those who disagree with us will call on their god as well and this could turn into a religious isssue instead of being focussed on the elections.

If you have any influence please get the lyrics changed.

Cheers - j

Anonymous said...

Syabas, Dewan Pemuda PAS! Full of impact and meaning. We need God's Almighty Hand in our struggle to ensure we have fair and clean elections because without Him we can do nothing.


Anonymous said...

Taking Bersih2 to the streets in KL will only create traffic chaos and disruption to businesses. Having it at some stadium would have been a better alternative.

Anonymous said...

ok, JOM !

wandererAus said...

“Police detain busload of PSM activists”… for their protect mah!
Why are the tax-payers’ money wasted on these so called Royal Police. They insult the King and a disgrace to the nation. The
problem lies with this racist corrupted govt, engaged only sub-par idiots to do a dirty job for them…Malaysia boleh, UMNO bangsat lagi boleh!!

Anonymous said...

On on side we have pro-PR supporting clean, fair and transparent election.

On the other hand, we have pro-BN NOT supporting clean, fair and transparent election.

Can it be more obvious which side to choose? Clear as daylight. Bersih atau Kotor. Even a toddler can pick.

Cheq said...

I will wear my yellow FIFA Fair Play t-shirt on that day.

Anonymous said...

For so many years, the election process in Malaysia never escaped tampering by the ‘powers that be’, until the year 2008 which gave the ruling government of Barisan Nasional a rude jolt.

Now, three years later and still reeling from the fear of losing a bigger share of the nation to the opposition come the next general election, the BN government has decided to muzzle even the slightest of murmur calling for a just electoral system.

Haji Amri said...

The more Najib try to deny us the rights for Bersih, the higher the chance for him to be out of the office in the next GE

With or without Anwar, or anyone else, put in an elephant in my area - I will still vote OPPOSITION !!!

Let's show BN/UMNO who is the real kingmaker. I guess he had forgotten that the power is with the rakyat. Lets give him a wake up call on July 9 and eventually boot him out during the GE 13.

Anonymous said...

Umno youths found the wrong tree. All the barkings by them only succeeded in shooing away some birds perched on the branches and a couple of mating squirrels nearby. Wot inconsequential undertaking. Wasted efforts. And as usual money needlessly and improperly expanded in the exercise. If this is not public display of mess orgy then what is?

PKR is for “bersih”. Ibrahim bin perkasa is for “kotor” (which he, thinking that others are stupid decided to style his stand as anti-”bersih”, instead). And the hairy monkey is against ibrahim bin perkasa. In other words, hairy monkey is anti-”anti-bersih”. Whether that could be translated into anti-”kotor” and hence “bersih”, we do not know. Logically, that conclusion seems inescapable. But hairy monkey has yet to make his stand clear. Would he, come 9th July, walk with “bersih” or with “kotor” or would he rather get himself all muddied and soiled somewhere in the middle?

The point is this. Ibrahim bin perkasa is only “good for a laugh” the hairy monkey once opined. And that is good enough. For us, that is. Ibrahim bin perkasa is no friend of his. Yo. That at the least represents a tiny bit of common ground in the world of umno-maintained diversity between he and us. Hence, and really we then have no reason to anti-”hairy” on the issue of “bersih” election. Hey middle ground is still better than an all out support for “kotor” election.

So umno youth, look elsewhere for the suspect who issued that death threat. For a start, why not look inside umno.