Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The attempt by first term Subang Jaya charismatic assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh and her husband Ramachandran Muniandy to register their daughter's race as 'Anak Malaysia' has received support by NGO Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) when the same request was rejected by the Registration Department.
The NGO urged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to immediately order the National Registration Department (NRD) to accept and register all children whose parents request that they be registered as 'Anak Malaysia'.

"We unreservedly support the right of the parents to determine the identity of their beloved child.

"Their stand to remind us of our common identity as human beings, and as members of this collective called Malaysia, deserves the highest accolade," said SABM in a statement today.


“The PAP failed to anticipate the extent of popular frustration in Singapore, where even a booming economy and near-full employment were not enough to satisfy the voters,” wrote columnist Karim Raslan in his CERITAH column.

He recalled:

I can still remember the charming Singaporean Immigration lady officer last week stamping my passport who, when asked about the elections, said: “Well, now they have to listen to us, the people.”

He then urged:

Barisan Nasional and Umno strategists would do well to study Singapore.


Of course Najib can hear as he is neither deaf nor dumb. But will he LISTEN to us underlings. And as Karim Raslan concludes:

At this stage it’s all about listening – listening to the people.

Read Karim’s column HERE

and SABM’s statement HERE



nstman said...

We are just asking them to listen to us. Is listening that hard, Najib

wandererAus said...

Is there a malay race?...How the hell NRD is going to register these blokes originating from Kerala Southern India, Indo islands, Southern China and Borneo jungles!! How come charcoal black mamaks are allowed to register as Melayu!...a mamak kutty stole a malay name?...and, considered himself a Melayu with a peeled dick? What a blooming joke.
Is'nt "Anak Malaysia" is more appropriate for a multi racial country like ours?.... Malaysia for Malaysians!!!

Uncle Vote said...

They wont listen lah..

..when will all rakyat understand this? No matter what you say, the gomens will just NOT listen.

Only thing we can do is VOTE them out! So young people, please please please go register yourself as a voter and make them PAY for not listening.

VOTE BN out!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernie,Umno's spines will tremble like an aftershock.
Although aftershocks are not as strong as earthquakes it will still
sent Umno's water pouches overflowing.That is if they allowed
Malaysians to registered their children as "Anak Bangsar Malaysia".Then there will only be one race in malaysia."THE ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA RACE".

Anonymous said...

To solve our problem we must not vote BN in the first place.

Jong said...

My heartiest congratulations to Hannah Yeoh and Ramachandran Muniandy on the arrival of their Anak Malaysia baby!

Now the greatest joke is now on Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Tun Razak while the whole world watch. What's "1Malaysia" he is promoting from US to Kazakhstan if there exist no 'Anak Malaysia' - the Malaysian race?

Anonymous said...

Najib is busy having holiday from country to country. Where got time to listen to rakyat?

loh said...

It is not enough to point to 20 Chinese tycoons and say how good the government is to the Chinese. There are millions of Chinese who are not tycoons. Most are employees. And they are concerned with bread-and-butter issues. And many Chinese are concerned about truth, fairness and justice for all Malaysians.

If MCA can make these 20 Chinese tycoons Malays, and NEP is no longer needed, then MCA might have a place. But then UMNO is corrupted, and racist. Even if the 20 Chinese tycoons are Malays, they will still say the 30% target has not been achieved, and hence NEP stays. The points is whether the 20 Chinese tycoons are Chinese or Malays, it makes no difference to other Chinese. So whether there are going to add 20 Malay tycoons, they do not matter to the ordinary Malays. The statistics of wealth grouped by race is irrelevant to the people so categorized. UMNO has fooled the people since NEP, and it is still doing it now by tampering with statistics. Yet MCA was not able to talk sense to UMNO leaders. Worse MCA is trying to compete with opposition parties in terms of opposing UMNO when it can easily move out of the coalition so that UMNO does not have their participation as an excuse that the policies had MCA agreement.

Uma said...

It is shocking to note that PM’s department staff had increased more than 100% in 8 years since 2003 which now cost all Malaysians to pay RM4 billion salary!!!

Mana productivity?