Monday, June 13, 2011


It’s difficult not to recognize these 3 frogs, yah?

One has been certified a clown,

One other wants to own a golf club with a RM2 company,

Another one is stamped a munafiq.

Frogs croak to get attention.

Frogs croak when frustrated.

Frogs croak when they are impotent.

Even Mr Bean learnt too late that you cannot be too kind even to tadpoles.




Anonymous said...

Ibrahim Kodok Kotor nak lawan Bersih 2?

He better get an ambulance on stand-by to send him to IJN.

Anonymous said...

Hi Master !

Katak him wants to stop BERSIH 2. HaHa The mention of katak him will get votes away from BN. Good for BN to let people assume that katak anak sial leads BN by the noose.
WE will love to see katak in action at bersih2 if he can just raise 100 supporters.
HOT AIR ONLY this SOB katak

KoSong Cafe said...

I can't wait to see if they would be given a chance to stand for the next general election. If they are, how badly they would fare in the elections.

Anonymous said...

Drown the Katak and the Kotor in the Magnitude of the Bersih.

Katak's shittttt.

Union of the Kataks.

Antares said...

Hahaha. Cornered into fighting democracy "in the name of democracy"!

Jong said...

Those Kodoks are nothing but trouble-makers through and through, desperate for attention, that's all. Najis must be nuts to want to risk fielding them in GE-13!

Traitors by any name they are still traitors, and like leopards, expect them to change their spots?
Never trust a farn-kuat-chai!

patrick said...

Time to make a meal of these frogs 'cos they serve no better purpose than to be consumed and excreted as manure!GO FOR IT,BERSIH 2!

Anonymous said...

These three "FROGGIES" are only tools to their masters.As long as they can be used and played around,they are still useful.Once they have outlived their political usefullness they will be discarded as household garbage.

These people will be used to mobilised their supporters for this coming anti Bersih rally.Money will be be given to these three froggies to distribute to their supporters to pay
"mecenaries" to joined their anti Bersih rally.These paid goons will make up the bulk of the anti group.

Or else where are they going to get the crowd.Only paid gangsters.If not enough they will recruit from Rela to make up the crowd.Then they will go all out to provoke trouble.The authorities need an excuse to move in.Then they will send in the "real goons".The PDRM,FRU and the ASKAR.

Anonymous said...

Zorro,Comments cannot be logged in.Are you under attacked?

Anonymous said...

Finally I got through.

These three frogs are there to serve a purpose.As long as they can be used and played around they will be paid.Once their have outlived their usefullness,maybe after the coming elections they will be discarded as household garbage.This coming Bersih rally these froggies will be given sacks of money to distribute to their supporters.Then their supporters will be asked to recruit goons to join them.

But there will not be enough goons to recruit because most of them will be in the Bersih crowd.So they will have to call in the cowardly sissies from RELA.Remember RELA has a few hundred thousand 'pussies'.Then they will go all out to provoke trouble from the pro Bersih crowd.Do not give this anti bersih crowd any excuse to start any trouble.Because the authorities cannot move in until they have an excuse.

backStreetGluttons said...

Mr Zorro
Yr colorful sense of biting humor keeps us ROTFL, even when the sky is grey & Rosmah spends sommore !

We love frogs, when braised with ginger of course must be well cooked

Anonymous said...

Why weren't their misdoings exposed when they were with pakatan?

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO they are not frogs but TOADS !!

wandererAus said...

These "UMNO samsengs" are trying very desperately to lick Najib's balls in public.
Hoi, Ibrahim Ali if you have just a tiny peeled dick, do not try to show you are a great f*cker.
AI, you and your froggies, racist swines and Fat Mama be at the fore front of your group and face the Bersih boys...if you have balls!

wandererAus said...

Understandable, Malay rights group Perkasa planning a counter-protest to stop the Bersih 2.0 rally. Pigs and racist swines are more comfortable
in a anti-bersih environment....

Anonymous said...

Empty vessels can only make noises...

Anonymous said...

Instead of convening at KL why not at Putrajaya! Recently they (BN) had their Youth Rally there and cost a whopping 27 mil!

Anonymous said...

Wahhh! Perkasa celaka now want to take on the Chinese, Christians and Bersih all at one go!...there are Indians and others too...including the non-UMNO malay!! So Ibrahim asshole how?...take on more two third of Malaysia populaton ar?
We will roast your blooming dick!
Malaysia, it is time to stand up o these racist morons.

Anonymous said...

sighs ! @#$%^&* the son of Ali-baba again ...@#$%^&* !!

Anonymous said...

All these froggie sandiwara are orchestrated by Najis using the blueprint of UPCO. Hissamoodin, Mooheedin, Zaid, Nazri the nazi and Mamak's son, the botak Moookreez are just the stagehands.

When Najis decides to call for the 13th GE. he might just sacrifice Katak Ibrahim as an anti-national, detrimental to national security to placate the voters and put up a show that he is a tolerant and moderate leader.

Having said that what is the BIG FOUL MOUTH aka the Home Minister doing about a militant terrorist group raving and ranting about fighting to the last man? Who do they want to fight? What these idiots are proposing is civil war. Isn't that a crime to incite violence under the guise of defending democracy? Our Home Minister should go for a refresher course in law before he talks about law and order.

Anyway I am quite happy that katak AI and his 'perkosa' gang of ultra Malays would be the ones to sink the racist UMNO ship. Normal Malays, Chinese and Indians will shun these bastards as the plague and vote opposition parties just for a CHANGE to bring about better governance.

Go katak go and commit suicide along with Najis and the Barang Naik government.

Anonymous said...

TOADS yang tak-suci-bersih ialah ...!