Wednesday, June 1, 2011


For the millions APCO is paid, they are not delivering! The Ministers are still talking cock! To my knowledge, when a PR organization takes on a retainership, the first exercise is to put the people that matters through a Media Relations training that will teach them how to effectively market their stories to the news media and teach them how to build positive, productive relationships with the rakyat through news media. Invariably this did not happen or else we would not have all the trash coming out of the mouths of our lawmakers and some self-appointed do-gooders:

Deputy Prime Minister announced that there are going to be "increase in prices on various products due to increase in oil prices and reduction in food supply caused by changes in the global climate."

Dang, sweet mama of Moses! ……changes in global climate is stigmatized by our DPM as the mother of all our ills…. a veritable punch-bag that cannot punch back.

Adnan Yakob, Menteri Besar of Pahang defending Lynas corporation: “Cell phone more dangerous than Lynas waste.”

Methinks we should ban the use of cell-phones, no? He seems to be an expert, yes? Down with telcos. Hidup Telekom!

“Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya”.

After asking the youth “Will you defend Putrajaya with me?”, and getting a positive answer, he then shouted, “Defend Putrajaya! Defend Putrajaya! Defend Putrajaya!”

You guessed right. The PM said that! Is Indonesia contemplating Confrantasi II? The last whiff of confrontation was when they accused us of stealing their songs, their batiks and mistreating their women, our maids.

And as KIM QUEK said in his Malaysiakini column: It is totally out of order for Najib to talk about defending Putrajaya, least of all its defence with blood and crushed bodies.

That to me is paranoia!

Go HERE to read what I wrote about this a year ago: 18 May 2010

When quizzed on the SUBMARINE deal, Minister Ahmad Zahid said: “I'm ever willing to go to court if I'm ever requested, provided that it is approved by the cabinet but if the cabinet doesn't allow, I don't have to go.”

Mister DEFENSIVE Minister, the French court wants Najib, not you! But if Najib wants to sacrifice you, his cabinet will allow you to go to court!

During a press conference earlier, deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin said there were no plans to declassify the PPAs. (Power Purchase Agreement made between the IPPs and Tenaga.)
"For now, there's no such proposal yet so we have not made a decision," he said,
adding that the government had nothing to hide.

DUNG DANG….waiting for APCO approval? Performance Now, People First your boss did say, yah? You don’t pay your power bills, the People have to!

And this, people, takes the (cake)koay kodor;

The death of 16 orphans in a landslide in Hulu Langat, outside Kuala Lumpur, yesterday was not in vain (bukan sia-sia), said the Mufti of Selangor. According to Islam, said the Mufti, these orphans died a martyr’s death (syahid). And the same goes for anyone who dies in a traffic accident, or whatever tragedy, added the Mufti.

PTUIIII! This koay is rancid!

I don’t intend to be an apologist for APCO but I just realized why APCO did not embark on this media training for the government’s spokesmen. Media relations can’t control the media or the media’s message. You do not own the television stations! You don’t have editorial control of what the UMNO-owned press prints.

But you could do one thing though. Tell them dumbo employers of yours a comment received over this matter:

if your gang have no intention to tell the truth; just shut up!

Don’t be angry APCO……I haven’t had my lunch yet…..


Anonymous said...

"THE Navy's brand new submarine-hunting S-70B Sikorsky Seahawks naval helicopters will make their grand debut at the National Day Parade this year, among other new acts set to wow the audience." hahahaha Singapore is will be hunting the M Scorpène..whahahaha

Anonymous said...

Given that APCO is retained to help Barisan Nasional manage PR, one would assume they have a role in crafting the PR strategy, i.e. more than just teaching dumbos how to speak in front of the media ...

... and given all the lies that have been spewing out of certain BN-controlled media and personalities, which are obviously sanctioned by the very top of BN and are BN's PR strategy ...

... and given that these irresponsible reporting and remarks have on many occasions resulted in racial and political tensions in the country ...

... can we say that APCO, being BN's PR strategist, is subverting national security and racial harmoany ...

... and given that Malaysia has laws to deal with subversions, etc ...

... shouldn't these laws be applied against APCO?

Anonymous said...

Jibby's money is good profit, but bad for APCO's CV. The stain will never go away, and it'll read like the most disastrous and complete PR failure undertaken by APCO, ever! Moral of the story and lesson for all other PR firms is that you can't teach the dogs what to say if they don't believe in it. Either chuck it out or Jibby needs to bring in another firm to motivate his entire cabinet on working together in RESPECT!

patrick said...

These 'ketuanan'types couldn't care less if they didn't get their acts together,b'cos they think they're 'tuans'here!As for dull Zahid,he's just a 'pak bodek'who doesn't even get it that it's Najib the French are interested in!Zahid who?

Anonymous said...

Zahid Hamidi my foot...Submarine my foot! and the retiring Panglima Angkatan tentera my foot! Najib wtf defending Putrajaya against Mongolian submarines!
Heard the commission for Eurocopter is slowly being distributed...
Mampus la Malaysia kalau perang!
Itu injin jet mana hilang? Itu Panglima Angkatan Tentera mahu lari mana sama itu injin hilang? Dubai ka?
Anak menantu macam mana sudah kaya ka?

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernie,Even before the French courts asked the government to send anybody to testify Apco has already sprung into action.Coming up with these silly excuses whether the cabinet will allow Zahid to testify.To even lay one foot on French soil will be the beginning of the end of the Najib administration.

Jaguh88 said...

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new fart said...

Good one Bro Bernard....I nearly die laughing reading your take!

cinaputra said...

Shhhhsh Bernard. APCO's an Israeli conspiracy to bring the country down. Dont let the pussy out of the bag lah! They've been doing a great job thus far.

Anak Gawai said...

A very large number of Sarawak sons and daughters of the soil have lost their land and means of survival thanks to the 48 years of UMNO PBB BN rule of pillage and plunder of native land and timber wealth.

Many thousands of ulu brothers and sisters have been driven off their traditional land and impoverished to make way for privatised timber logging, dam buildings and later the NCR lands laid bare were sold off for oil palm plantations.

A small single powerful family and ruling elite and their cronies and timber tycoon clique have been the main beneficiaries of this shameful organised theft of native wealth. This wealth is our national wealth. Most dispossessed landowners never recent one cent for this outrageous crime against the people by the “government” and if any payment was made it was not sufficient compensation and too late.

Life since 1963 has become a continued decline from the “good old days” to the “new bad times” of so-called “independence in Malaysia”. The land robbery coupled with the plunder of our country’s oil has turned Sarawak and also Sabah into the poorest “states of Malaysia”. The wealth has been drained to finance the “development” of Malaya and sadly to the overfilled pockets of the corrupt Kuala Lumpur ruling elite.

Anonymous said...

Unless there is deliberate attempt to cover the wrongdoing, Malaysians are entitled to know the exact provision of the power purchase Agreement between all IPPs and Tenaga Nasional Bhd!!!

Anonymous said...


APCO cannot be blamed entirely. I'm sure they did their job properly but with dumbasses as their employer, there's not much APCO can do. You can bring a donkey to a stream but you cannot force the donkey to drink from the stream if the donkey has no brain. And therein is the issue. The dumbasses in the government, JAKIM, JAIS and government sponsored NGOs (Pembela, GAP, etc) all have no brains.