Monday, June 20, 2011



Kuantangites DO NOT want LYNAS to affect their kids.

UNITED, they led Kuantan folks into Taman Gelora


Kids penning messages to their dads.

Getting into formation to form LYNAS

The cleaning brigade gets down to work

…..and left the park cleaner than when they found it at 8.30am


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* george k said...

* Dear Bernard,

Looks like the decision is already a done deal for Lynas to go ahead to operate even if the findings are against them.
The shares price of Lynas in the ASX shot up from a mere AUD 0-50 cents in July 2010 to near AUD 2-00 to date.
It shot up nearly 4 % point just for today after just 2 hrs trading.Its a big gainer for the investors.
I really admire the guts & dedication of the anti-Lynas campaign groups but I m afraid your Federal Government are not listening. They probably given an OK even b4 the construction begin. Sad Sad Sad, what a corrupted lot.

June 20, 2011 10:44 AM

Kuantangites…..its not over yet….go to your Member of Parliament and State Assembly reps. Ask them point blank…..”What have you done to protect US?”


Anonymous said...

I will fully support "anti lynas" .

Anonymous said...

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights.

Get up, stand up, dont give up the fight.

new fart said...

It's oleady a done-deal as far as those corrupted Ameno goons are concerned. Pockets oleady greased lah...comes hail or shine, they r going to build it! May they all go to hell when their time comes!!!

Anonymous said...

The only way to get even with them a tooth for ALL their teeth. That is to vote them ALL out of office if possible and the way forward is to get ALL friends and colleague to vote against them as well.

Teach them a lesson that they will remember forever especially the thuggist big minister of the state.

Anonymous said...

Let our kids grow up in a healthy and save environment. Say no to Lynas.

Anonymous said...

...jom kita bakar sajer kilang tu,
kita bakar sajer...

Anonymous said...

All Malaysian should boycott and do not take any offer to work at the plant, after all it’s not safe and you will be the first to be hit by the radiation.
Then they will hire foreigners – boycott them too!!

Anonymous said...

Its great to see all Malaysians united together in this anti-Lynas gathering. Despite the fact that the corrupt UMNO led government will still issue the license to Lynas, the united stand by the Kuantanites shows there is still hope for a united Malaysia sans the diseased BN pariahs.

Kuantanites should also unite against renting out their houses to those working in the Lynas refinery. Let Lynas build homes near their own refinery to house their employees and see if their employees will want to live next to work place.

mikequah said...

Amazing! Decent folks gather to show corporate and political bullies that they need a decent environment to raise their children. When they leave, the earth they walked, is clean. What a statement to the scums. Indecent men, as always, rub the decent with dirt and get their way! But walk on decent ones as always!

bruno said...

Kuantanites,Don'give up hope.When the lady with the big broom 'Sassy Lady Ambiga' with her huge Bersih crowd showed up on July 9 to clean house,a new colourful rainbow will shine over Kuantan.The game's not over until the "FAT LADY SINGS".

george k said...

65 million Lynas shares today, up 4-4 % & the large amount of shares traded confirming inside/leak infor for the well connected indicating your M'sian Govt; definitely going to give the green light for the go-ahead which is bad news for the Kuantan folks.

Lots of $$$ changing hands.

These peoples are heartless

Anonymous said...

Master Khoo,

I am still waiting for someone to initiate a protest against the MRT project. The government has indicated that 91% of Malaysians support the project, through a poll of 6,000 individuals. That is absolutely absurd when 6,000 people represents the total population of Malaysia.
In the end, RM50 billion will be disbursed to god knows who and the project will never be completed. Lets put a stop to this siphoning of the Rakyats money.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to the wonderful,
multi-ethnic people of Kuantan!
My people!

Phua Kai Lit (a Kuantan boy who will retire back to Kuantan, after Lynas is STOPPED)