Friday, June 24, 2011



precedes Lent.


precedes Ramadan!


is the


Bring out our drums, our wind instruments, our dancers.






wandererAus said...

Ohhh when Bersih, go marching in, when Bersih go marching in. The Kotor motherfuckers will run, run back to their shithole...ohh, when we all... go marching in!

The time for fear is over, with collective effort, we will triumph over evil...nothing ruin forever!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

malaysia won against lebanon last night, now its time for the rakyat to win!

Sabri Yatim said...


Please give credit to Jibby for franchsing its 1Malaysia: from toilet to supermarket to Prime low cost housing.

You may in future buy your coffin with the 1malaysia logo!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

I feel the Bersih 2.0 rally should be called 1Bersih Malaysia 2.0 rally. Surely the Polis Raja Di-Malaysia and the intoxicated homo minister will not act against anyone associated with "1", or am I being naive?

The 1Bersih Malaysia 2.0 rally tee shirts should have a huge number "1" printed at the back of the tee-shirts so that the international news media can focus on the peaceful participants when the Polis Raja Di-Malaysia starts attacking the participants with their high powered cannons of chemical laced water and tear gas. It will be an unforgettable scene if the cameras are trained on the participants in their no. 1 tee-shirts running for safety.

The 1Kedai will be running out of foodstuffs soon as my friends and I will be making a beeline to the 1Kedai to buy up all the cheap foodstuffs to stock up as advised by the country's no.1 Toad, Ibrahim Al. However we will not stay indoors but will be part of the rally.

Anonymous said...

GO, tell it on the mountains , over the hills and everywhere ,
GO, tell it on the mountains that BERSIH is on 'July-the-9th' !

Anonymous said...


Again more of my krystal ball predictions are coming to life. Some are talking about the actions in my proposed plan B.

Me krystal ball glowed in the dark last night and show apparitions of people in yellow being detained or stopped from taking public transports or going to KL. KL will be lockdown and even ants cannot get through.

Perhaps, should also think of Plan B Module 3 for people going to Bersih 2.0 ... do NOT wear yellow to the march. In fact wear your normal clothes as you head to the rendesvouz areas. Act normally, like you are shopping or walking past or simply lepaking. KEEP your yellow stuff in your back and put it on only when you arrive at the rendezvous areas.

This is especially important for those coming into KL from outstation. A busload or carload of yellow will be stopped. Just wear your notmal clothes to get in ... anything but yellow. Keep your yellow in the bag first ... beginning to sound like broken record.

bruno said...

All Bersih organisers,NGO's and rally participants including all opposition politicians should stay off the radar screen and go on with their regular lives and have a wonderful weekend.Take the rest of the remaining days off and come down to KLCC on July 9, 2011.

Leave the empty streets to the gangsters ,holigans and paid trouble makers of political pariah Umno to vent their frustrations on the dustbins,concrete barriers and lamp posts.If not enough they can smash the expensive cars of their Umno masters too.

Then come July 9, 2011 these moronic goons will be a spentout 'lembak' weakling force of irrelevance.Then all the Bersih crowd has to do is just walk over these pariahs.This is called "strategic planning".I predict July 9. 2011 a "BERSIH WALKOVER".

张日洲 said...

I support Bersih 2.0!