Thursday, November 29, 2007


For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels;
And not the words of one who kneels.
The record shows THEY took the blows -
And did it THEIR way!

and not the words of one who kneels

the record shows they took the blows

to say the things they really feel

they took the blows


On Sunday 2 December 2007, at 8.30pm throughout the country groups of people will gather in the place of their choice, light candles in solidarity with the poor in this country and for the brave souls who took the blows for them last Sunday 25 November 2007. There are no fixed agenda for this candle-light vigil....just be spontaneous....


Kata Tak Nak said...

After reading your mail I went to Malaysiakini, no I am not a subsriber, to look for the offending write-up or whatever and from there I went to Mahaguru58 and read the article. Aww common, the writing style is simply not yours at all. I knew for sure that it was all bullshit. Got to be the job of a cyber-trooper.

Kavitha said...

I believe ethnic Indians in Malaysia still enjoy more rights than Indian citizens who is living in their own country. India accounts for 40 per cent of the world’s poor and its fiscal deficit is one of the highest in the world. Almost half of Indian women are still illiterate; about 40 million primary school-age children are not in school.

Indian workers form the third largest foreign work force in Malaysia, with 140,000 of them seeking out a living there.

According to the Indian census of 2001, the total population was 1.028 billion. Hindus numbered 827 million or 80.5 %. About 25 per cent, or 24 million, of those Hindus belong to Scheduled Castes and Tribes. About 40 per cent, or 400 million, are “Other Backward Castes”. 15 per cent belonging to the three upper castes. Dominant group of Hindu nationalists come from the three upper castes who constitute about 10 per cent of the total Indian population but controle the civil service and economy. And thus the caste system virtually leaves lower caste Hindus to an oppressed minority.

About 20 per cent, or 200 million, are religious minorities. Muslims constitutes 138 million or 13.4 per cent, Christians 24 million or 2.3 per cent, Sikhs 19 million or 2 per cent, Buddhists 8 million or 0.8 per cent and Jains 4 million or 0.4 per cent. “Others” numbered 6.6 million or 0.6 per cent. Christians provided education at all levels to other religious groups without prosyletisation. According to Tahir Mahmoud, an Indian Muslim journalist, “The 2.3 per cent Christians in the Indian population cater to 20 per cent of all primary education in India, 10 per cent of all the literacy and community health care, 25 per cent of all existing care of destitutes and orphans, 30 per cent of all the handicapped, lepers and AIDS patients etc”.

1.38 billion.Muslims across India are severely under-represented in government employment, including PSUs. Ironically, West Bengal, a communist ruled state reported 0 (zero) percent of Muslims in higher positions in its PSUs. A Muslim child attends school for three years and four months, compared to the national average of four years. Less than two percent of the students at the elite Indian Institutes of Technology comprise of the Muslim community. ( Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee)

According to the National Human Rights Commission, as on 30th June 2004, there were 3,32,112 prisoners in Indian jails out of which 2,39,146 were under trial prisoners. That’s more than 70 per cent. India’s jails hold a disproportionate number of the country’s minority Muslims, a sign of discrimination and alienation from the Hindu majority.

Hindu upper caste men, who constitute just eight per cent of the total population of India, hold over 70 per cent of the key posts across newsrooms in the country. The so-called twice-born Hindu castes dominate 85 per cent key posts despite constituting just 16 per cent of the total population, while the intermediary castes a represent meagre three per cent.

The Hindu Other Backward Class groups, who are 34 per cent of the total population, have a share of just four per cent in the Indian newsrooms. Muslims, who constitute about 13 per cent of the population, control just 4 per cent top posts while Christians and Sikhs have a slightly better representation. But the worst scenario emerges in the case of Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) : Based on CSDS study, 2006

India’s subordinate courts have a backlog of over 22 million cases while the 21 high courts and the Supreme Court have 3.5 million and 32,000 pending cases (2006) There were 13 judges for every million people. Merely 7.8% Muslim employees working in Judicial sector of 12 high-Muslim population states surveyed by Sachar Panel.

According to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, India has the highest number of street children in the world. There are no exact numbers, but conservative estimates suggest that about 18 million children live and labor in the streets of India’s urban centers. Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta each have an estimated street-children population of over 100,000.

The level of child malnutrition in India is among the highest in the world, higher even than some countries in sub-Saharan Africa, says the report ‘Extent of Chronic Hunger and Malnutrition in India’ by the UN’s special rapporteur on the right to food (2006)

When it comes to Human Rights issues in India, it is not ratified the Convention against Torture, its citizens do not have the opportunity to find recourse in remedies that are available under international law. The victims are trapped with the local Hindu caste system, which in every aspect militates against their rights. Many victims conclude that a justice system accessible to the poor of the land does not exist at all.

RSS is the Hindu-supremacist organization that has fueled a rise in anti-Dalit, anti-Muslim, anti-Christian and anti-Sikh violence. . The former ruling party, the BJP is the political arm of the RSS and helped fascism to spread across civil, defence and educational steams of the society. The caste system and the fact that the government machinery is basically controlled by this Hindu-centric group means that violence against vicitims largely goes unpunished.

I believe HINDRAF and Uthay Kumar is closely associated with RSS, a Hindu Taliban who spoil India’s social fabric with fascist ideas. Let us not forget that, Malaysia’s ethnic Indians are mostly from Indian state of Tamil Nadu, an impoverished land lagging with illiteracy and feudalism. The poverty in Tamil Nadu, compelled them to move Sri Lanka, where they are now in war with their hosts, Sinhalese.

Do the ethnic Indians in Malaysia want to come back to India? I bet none of them want to come back to India. Instead of asking for more rights they should try to learn to respect their hosts, the Malaysian people. Only such an attitude will bring them prosperity. Let them not forget the poor and impoverished indian citizens living in their own country.

zorro said...

Kavitha, Saffron Sunday is all because of the poor and impoverished citizens, malays, chinese and indians in this country. For the records, this blog does not support Hindraf. I have said it all along.
However thanks for all the valuable information about India. Appreciate tis very much.

mahaguru58 said...

Greetings Bernard,

I truly apologize for the mistake just now. As Cikgu says above, I believe that I have been victimized by an impostor who used your nick 'Zorro'.

Have deleted the posting and emailed you the related profile and email containing the comment purportedly coming from you.

Am awaiting you to either email me as to what you would want me to do to rectify this error and as to whether you'd want me to post you a global apology ?

Terribly sorry and sad that this had to happen bro.

Call / sms me at 016-3969881.



Krishna said...

Kavitha, we are talking about disenfranchised Malaysians. If you feel so strongly about disenfranchised Indians in India do something about it. With your amazing knowledge and grasp of the facts it is the very least that you could do.

Recent events this past week have crystallized how the Rakyat is being governed. Throughout both the recent rallies the official stand was that the people were not using 'due' process, 'available' channels, 'proper' means, 'the right' way to express their concerns and grievances. So we get an MP who suddenly discovers some testicular fortitude who attempts to use one of the above mentioned ways, the legislative process. He brings it up in Parliament our seat of Government where the peoples elected representatives are supposed to bring forward the Rakyats cares and concerns. And what happens? He gets shot down. He is told he is breaking ranks with the party, is threatened with suspension and is currently being hauled up to defend himself with the Chief Whip and DPM of our proud Nation. The boys club in other words takes precedence over their obligations to the Rakyat who voted them in. And it makes a mockery of the statement advising Malaysians to use the proper channels.

Wake up and smell the roses gentlemen. All the people are asking for is for a clear, efficient, transparent administrative process clearly eradicating the debilitating effects of poverty, lack of proper education and healthcare. NOT through additional expenditure but through the costs that could be saved by having an incorruptible government that is clear, transparent and accountable to the people who voted and empowered you.

Krishna said...

One other thing Kavitha, I take great offense to your statement and I quote:-

"Instead of asking for more rights they should try to learn to respect their hosts, the Malaysian people. Only such an attitude will bring them prosperity. Let them not forget the poor and impoverished indian citizens living in their own country".

I am not a guest and neither are my fellow Malaysians my hosts. I AM A MALAYSIAN CITIZEN AND MY COUNTRY IS MALAYSIA!!!

It is obvious from your statement that you on the other hand are an Indian National and as such I would ask you not to pass comments on how Malaysians wish ourselves to be administered.

If you are however Malaysian and view India as your own country, your patriostism for your Nation is questionable.

yok hoong said...


i cant say it better and i am with you as a malaysian.

BeerAnyone said...

what a freaking week...

so much angers & tensions...

might generate bad karma, bad chi...

tgif... beer anyone?

Krishna said...

thks yok hoong! Beeranyone, say when.. :-)

MG said...

TechFun has left a new comment on the post “Al-Jazeera”:

MG: First, have you ever seen unbiased evidence of Al Jazeera falsifying reports? I have not. Second, have your politicians ever lied to you before? In my case in the USA, I cannot say yes.

So far for me, Al Jazeera has a better track record for honesty than the US Government.

MG has left a new comment on the post “Al-Jazeera”:

dear Techfun,

thank you for your comment. i wish to state that I am not claiming Al Jazeera is falsifying news.

All i want is the truth.

Now, let me give you a sample of what i mean.

This is what Al Jazeera has claimed.

and now, this is what malaysian media says(watch till the end)

Clearly someone is telling lies here.

If Al Jazeera is not liying, they better start defending their point. else i would be forced to sue Al Jazeera to get the real truth out of everyone.

please note that i still have faith that Al Jazeera follows their Code of Ethics. But the whole country of malaysia has declared them as liers.

so tell me, how am i to accept, trust or use any information from Al Jazeera if my country declared them as liers ?

TechFun has left a new comment on the post “Al-Jazeera”:

MG: i watched both videos and I don’t see any conflict. I did notice that on the second one, BEFORE the English portion, the footage was all of cheerful peaceful protesters with no evidence of the people sprayed with water or soap or whatever that was. And the person from the government kept contradicting himself about allowing protest and the protest being illegal. He seemed to refuse to give a clear answer.

Not speaking whatever language was being spoken on the early part of the video its hard for me to judge, but nothing in the Al Jazeera coverage seemed to be at odds with the video footage shown on both videos. The second video just seemed to stay away from that whole part of the protest where the police intervened.

MG has left a new comment on the post “Al-Jazeera”:

good, now have a look at this news.

quote :

Describing the coverage as biased, unfair and confusing to people living overseas, he said he would write to the station stating that the Government was aware of what the station was trying to do.

now thats what i call as a hard slam impact right on the face of Al Jazeera.

And being a fan of Al Jazeera you are now marked as a fan of Al Jazeera, the satellite television station that is biased, unfair and confusing the people.

MG has left a new comment on the post “Al-Jazeera”:

they make use of Al Jazeera, took their video, edited it (with or without authorization), made the demonstration to look calm, and finally claim Al Jazeera to be a big lier and actors.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kavitha, you got your point. Yes, Indian authority does unjustified action. Then you should condemn their act. Start a blog to goes against the government. Wake up their citizen right.

Equally in Malaysia. When its citizen are discriminated. We must protect and assure their equal right.At least for their basic needs, likes education, housing, and religion.

Unless you're someone who just care about your own welfare. Then I would like to condemned you for being so selfish and uncompassionate. We don't need human being like you living in this earth.


beranikeranabenar said...

hi there! :)
if Al-Jazeera is a liers then what about our mediaz? i think they lie to rakyat more then 50 years! better i trust Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN then our stupid mediaz! if u can or wan to sue Al-Jazeera then u can sue our mediaz too! show the real fact before telling they are liers! ask BN who lie to who!
to kavita i think u cannot compare india n malaysia b'se india is a large country compare to malaysia! so i think u noneed to compare the lion n the cat in this case like Nazri ask the lion to backoff eventhough he knows we are the cat! be smart ok!

Anonymous said...

Kavita...i think you are a dumb and selfish woman. How could you ever compare a huge continent with varying culture, languages and people with those in Malaysia. You seem to miss the issues being raised by Hindraf. If you had followed Hindraf processes, as an intelligent,analytical and learned woman, you would have realised they had exhausted all avenues for a fair hearing. I do not believe Hindraf would ever succeed in its petition to the UK Govt. At least it has created some kind of awareness on the plight of Malaysia indians, which had been swept under the carpet for many years. You can expect such kind of situation in India. Yes..but you cannot condon such kind of unfair deals in Malaysia. Times are changing. For can you justify demolishing of temples just before deepavali? Don't tell me the Chief Minister concerned is not educated enough to understand such kind of sensitivity... There are many more issues....maybe you might not know the background of how some towns were created in Malaysia at the expense of estates being taken over. And temples were there well before any development. Why can't the authorities provide a decent land or space to build or relocate those temples? Is it too much for the asking? There are so much of wastages in the Govt adminstration..don't tell me the Govt cannot allocate some fund for relocating and building of temples at alternative sites (and make sure it is not next to a sewerage)..or enforce ruling on developers that such a provisio be made in their development plans for places of worship. If you do not know exactly what's going on in this country...just shut up and don't make comparison with will never be an 'apple to apple' comparison...understood! Despite all its shortcomings, don't ever forget that the entire world is now converging in India for a slice of action. And economically, this includes Malaysian businessmen as well wanting to go for projects in India.
I have read some many blogs...some of which I agree and some I don't. Some of it talks about 2 systems and laws in this country. Thus, how can you ever receive any fair treatment!!!Therefore, use your GOD given brains to compare and write something more sensible and justifiable.

Vineeth said...

May be you could compare Malaysian Poor with the people of Somalia and Cambodia.. hehe..

First stop relating everything with Indians and be broadminded enough to think for all the Poor helpless Malaysians..

I volunteer to take you to Malay and Indian poor whose Annual income is less the 2000 RM.

People like you who are living the sweet life spoon fed to you by your parents wont know, how its like to be a born poor and the factual realities of struggle for survival.

Kavitha.. wake up.. Another "cut & paste" UMNO cyber-trooper or MIC putri . Trying to justify government actions.. Go and take rest..

Good Luck..

lotus said...


There are still terrible inequalities in India, extremely rich people and the poorest of the poor. Yes, there are Dalits who are oppressed. But no country in the world has done so much for its underprivileged since 1947.

Today, many government, academic, bureaucratic and even medical posts in India are held by Dalits and Other Backward Castes. A Harijan made it to the highest post of President. India had another Muslim as President, a Sikh as prime minister and a Christian as 'eminence grise'.

Did the United States ever have a black President? Did France ever boast of a Muslim prime minister, or a Hindu President? India's Dalit Ambedkar wrote the country's Constitution which till today is followed to a T. Did any of the so-called "civilised" "christian"
democracies allow that?

No way. And that's a fact.

In fact, today it is the Brahmins who have become the Dalits of India.
Most of the intellectual Brahmin Tamil class has emigrated outside Tamil Nadu.
The average income of Brahmins is less than that of non-Brahmins.
A high percentage of Brahmin students drop out at the intermediate level.
75 percent of domestic help and cooks in Andhra Pradesh are Brahmins.
And most of Delhi's public toilets are cleaned by Brahmins. THESE ARE THE FACTS.

Yet, contrary to the West, where Christian priests and popes constantly meddled in politics and acquired huge health and land, which led to the separation of the Church and the State under the French Revolution, the much maligned Brahmins never interfered in the affairs of State throughout Indian history, restraining themselves to advising kings and maharajas on spiritual matters.
And it is today still skillfully employed by missionaries, Marxists and the millions of parasite non-governmental organisations who make money out of India's misery, without really uplifting anything but their own bank accounts -- one of the greatest scams today.

Dalits should never forget that the caste system, which once upon a time was just an arrangement for the distribution of functions in society, just as much as class in Europe, has been the stick that all invaders have used to put down India. Kavitha, go research on Britain's CLASS SYSTEM and do a comparative.
Also do read Aurobindo, Kalidas, and Konraad Elst's "Decolonisation of the Hindu Mind" thereby getting a proper perspective and removing your ignorance which stems from traitors of India - Marxists like Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib, Satish Chandra, K M Shrimali, K M Pannikar D N Jha, Gyanendra Pandey -
ALL EXPOSED BY Arun Shourie, Sita Ram Goel, Subash Kak to mention a few.
Be very very aware that perversion of facts and statistics is prevalent in India perpetrated and perpetuated bythe Congress Party.

As for being Anti-Sikh, lots of material on the murder of Sikhs ordered by none other than Rajiv Gandhi and the Congress Party. and Shekhar Gupta have written at length on this. Also read what the very anti-Hindu Kushwant Singh did in 1984 that saw the fall of the Congress and the rise of the BJP.

So how much are you paid bythe West to demonise India? Or the Islamofascists of India who consider India as "Unfinished Business" after failing to islamise the country for 762 years? And the filthy Brits who created Pakistan t o punish Hindu India? Do realise that all wisdom arrived from India, first.
Lin Yutang has written a good, accurate account on it. Go do some proper reading.

Baru said...

Ponder for a moment, just think how low can the Govt. stoop to adopt another one of its' preponderous policy to stay in power by monopolising even the 'Pendatang Haram' by tricking them to register as voters for BN, if not they would be refused entry by the Immigration. They know these illegal workers would even 'memeluk Islam' just so that they can be citizens in Malaysia. Power-crazy Umno-led Govt. who's dreaming to be the ruling elites to stay in power perpetually!
Just ponder for a moment........

Websites - , ,

zorro said...

People....lively dissertation. Keep them coming. The poor are the poor and will continue to be poor unless we the more fortunate stretch out a caring thought or caring hands to pull them out of poverty's octopus-like clutches. You and your children can start by lighting a candle with us this evening at Blog House at 66 Lorong Setiabistari 2, Damansara Heights. Fellowship follows the lighting of candles at 8.30pm. Lets meet. Contact me at 016-6319973 if you are unclear about directions.

Tzarina said...

Well said lotus.

To Kavitha, sorry we are not bothered with the "facts" that you presented. As mentioned by lotus, you must either be a MIC fella trying to justify the state of the Indian community in Malaysia by comparing against a country that most of them have never even visited, or you are a phony Indian in disguise. The very fact that you overdid your so called factual digging just to support the government's "tak kisah dan tak mahu tahu" attitude towards Indians seem to support this.

And don't keep insulting Indians from India, especially the Tamils. If I wana list down the achievements of India Indians in big organizations like NASA, Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Mittal Steel, etc, etc it will hog the bandwidth! Heck, they even have Nobel and Booker prize winners. The achievements of Malaysians flying the flag in North Pole, boating around the world and sending a space visitor (literal meaning) is laughable at best (coz the other option is to cry at the wasted millions spent on making Bolehland look stupid at its mediocracy).

Crankshaft said...

Uncle Zorro. Can I use some of your photos on my blog, please?