Wednesday, November 7, 2007


As the GE draws nearer....more will be swept under the BN carpet. Do we sit and watch it happen?

On Thursday, 1 November, 2007 I put up a posting on the release of the Chief Justice from my "Chambers"( here.)

Resulting from this posting I received the following comments:

Anonymous said...


How about the Court of Appeal judges namely Low Hop Bing and Moktar Sidin? Why are you not writing about them also?

They are just as good as Ahamd Fairuz Ok! They are also close friends of VK Lingam.

November 2, 2007 3:17 PM

Anonymous said...


Why several readers are asking question hte integrity of two Court of Appeal Judges, Datuk Low Hop Bing and Datuk Moktar Sidin?

Why suddenly these two names proped up? Something fishy must be going on? Zorro, shed some light over this.

November 2, 2007 8:05 PM

Anonymous said...

Why no lawyers or readers render more detalied info on Low Hop Bing and Mokhtar Sidin, and other judges?

Surely someone out there must know somethings about judges especially these two, who are famous.

November 3, 2007 11:56 PM

Guys, honestly I do not know anything about these two characters. Thats the honest truth. If you are privy to such information that will make this country more credible, more cannot hide it under the carpet. Only the truth will set us free.

As such take a few minutes to ponder on these:

Should we use the next General Election to RESTRUCTURE rather than to reform?

Shouldn't we demand swift accountability across the board from leaking pipes to leaky mouths?

Shouldn't we put an end to our elected political-sycophants' plundering and piratise-ing tax-payers money?

Why are we still tolerating a government that is forever giving excuses that even a vegetable is ashamed of?

Why are we putting people in government who have not learned from the past, not worrying about our future and unashamedly screwing up our present?

Why are we still tolerating MPs and State Assemblymen who dont show up when you need them because they say they are busy - as busy as a dog with two pricks. So busy that they wonder how leaks can happen instead of wandering around to look for "leaks" and "leads".

Shouldn't we also depoliticise religion. Religion teaches good values. We have failed in this area and failed miserably after 50 years . Just visit our National Zoo at Jl. Parliament and experience the stark difference between good values and desecrated values.

Shouldn’t we insist on a reform of the electoral process? (Join the Yellow Wave on 10 November at Dataran Merdeka.


Shouldn’t we smoke out these two Judges. We need to know the truth:VERITAS NOS LIBERABIT….only THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE!

So People Who Cares....if you have something to whisper in my ears go to


Anonymous said...

I am surprised why you do not know about these two characters (Low Hop Bing and Moktar Sidin). Moktar Sidin (Court of Appeal Judge) has been specifically mentioned in Lingam video clip.

It was an open secret that these two judges were extremely "close" to Eusoff Chin (the chief justice before Dzaiddin) and V K Lingam.

You will recall that a few years ago there was a scandal in the judiciary where photos of Eusoff Chin and V K Lingam (were holdiaying in New Zealand) were circulating around.

When Eusoff Chin was the CJ, Low Hop Bing and Moktar Sidin were running very high.

The present acting CJ, YAA Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamed, should keep an eye on these two, who well known ... and very rich.

Since ACA has ordered Datuk Ramli, Commercial Crime Chief, to declare his assets, ACA should also order these two characters to declare their assets. If such an order is issued to these two, I am very sure that they will get a f..king headache immedaitely.

I hope that ACA will take the necessary actions immediately to protect the integrity of the judiciary.

Anonymous said...

What had happened to the judiciary of this country? It is embroiled in scandals after scandals!

Eusoff Chin & V K Lingam, Ahmad Fairuz & V K Lingam, Low Hop Bing, Moktar Sidin & V K Lingam. Even the CJ of Sabah (Richard Malanjum) and Sarawak was not spared. Please visit Malaysia Online/Raja Petra go to "Marina Gugat Kehakiman Sabah.

Well, the judiciary had gone to the dog for a long time. So we need a Royal Commiission to investigate adn put right the judiciary once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Aiya! Zorro, how can you do not know about these two characters in the Court of Appeal. How to be Zorro like this? Excuse you because you are honest to say you do not know. You are much better than the PM, who do not know most things in the country except Khairy, Kalimullah and ECM Libra.

Now that you do know about these two characters in the Court of Appeal. What are you going to do about it? Please tell us. But don't tell me that you are just going to look into it!

Anonymous said...

How about Zorro zero-in further into Low Hop Bing and Moktar Sidin? It is sickening to read about this type of judges, who are supposed to be upright in every sense of the word.

So please zero-in on them and the others. We must get rid of such rubbish in the judiciary.

zorro said...

Anon 11.41 are a tough nut man.

You said:"Now that you do know about these two characters in the Court of Appeal. What are you going to do about it? Please tell us. But don't tell me that you are just going to look into it!"

You cannot swallow an elephant in one day....small bites a day and
I dont want to choke eating the apple whole....again small bites.
If you can be patient I think we will get on to "something". Meanwhile, I am going to look into it....I did end my post thus:

"So People Who Cares....if you have something to whisper in my ears go to"

the first step has been taken. NO?

Anonymous said...

Ok lah Zorro. If you didn't use the name Zorro, I wouldn't have made such high demand from you. Oklah! Slowly, a step at a time. We join you to get rid of these questionable characters in the court. One (Ahmad Fairuz) down many more to go!!! But surely, together we can do it.

You are still a Zorro ok! So we need you and the others to make these robbers to shit bricks. Good day and a Happy Deepavali to you and family.

shar101 said...

*And Zorro takes out his trusty spanish blade, sharpens it on the grinding stone, puts on his mask, bridled up his loyal steed, and prepares himself for more thrustings and piercings to unravel the truth*

"Ahhh..Zorro, don't forget to put on your pants?"

Anonymous said...

Zorro, why no development on this matter? No one whisper to you?

For a start, we should ask the ACA to ask these 2 judges (Low Hop Bing and Moktar Sidin) to declare their assets. I am certain that they will have more problems than Datuk Ramli (Commercial Crime Department chief)to declare their assets.

Then get the ACA to charge them for not fully declare their assets.

These two jduges are well known for .. ( you know lah) during Tun EWusoff Chin's era and also very close V K Lingam. So what other information do you still need. Good judges will steer clear from such character like Lingam.

Food for thought. Please do something Zorro.

Anonymous said...


How come no one has whispered to you about Moktar Sidin and Low Hop Bing (court of appeal judges)? You don't need people to whisper to you about these two guys because they are already well known inthe legal circle. That's why Moktar sidin was stuck in frustration in the court of appeal for years.

Zorro, you must campaign to get the ACA to get these tow guys to declare their assets and I am sure that the total will be more than RM27 million!!

Anonymous said...

Zorro, pleae do not waste more time to talk about other maters affecting the country. As a matter of priority, we must put right the judiciary first.

Wihtout an independent judiciary, there will be no democracy.

So lets get on with these two jduges, Low Hop Bing and Moktar Sidin, to start with.

The legal fraternity know about these two judges and they are very famnous not for their judgments but for the "VERY WRONG REASONS".

Stop holding back your punches Zorro, please call a spade a spade. This is the time for you to lead the campaign to clean up the judiciary once and for all.

Anonymous said...


Why are you still holding back on these two fellows (not judges? Please Zorroed them once and for all in the national interests.

Pakistan is the classic exmaple where the lawyer stood up for the judiciary when Musharaf sacke dthe Supreme Court Chief Judge and 5 other Supreme Court Judges (I think) refused to take aoth of office under Musharaf martial law.

Mind you, the Pakistnai lawyers have balls and they are still protesting until this day against Musharaf.

So Zorro, you have unmasked that means you are also no scared of the power that be. So let start on these two fellows. OK! The honest Malaysians are waiting for you to start the ball rolling so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, How come you are not movinglah? You have had enough rest during Deepavali already so get moving, brother.

We are all waiting for you to strike. But you are not striking. Just fire the first salvo and the other bloggers will follow suit, I think. You don't have to wait for the Opposition because they are all playing politics and not serious with the development inthe judiciary.