Friday, November 30, 2007


Penang's State Executive councillor, Datuk Dr Toh Kin Woon has never been a push-over. While others hum and haw, scratch and scrape, lick or show lip to the ruling mobsters, Dr Toh has never hesitated to step forward to call a spade a spade. Whilst the other running dogs sniff around the top dogs with their tails between their legs, Councillor Datuk Toh, "broke ranks" to chastise and cajole his peers to look into solutions instead of amplifying the negativity of recent mass gatherings of citizens. I produce here verbatim what appeared in Malaysiakini:

In a letter to Malaysiakini, Toh said the country had witnessed a series of protests over the past few months, the latest being the one organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

"These marches drew flak and condemnation from almost all BN leaders. Their criticisms centred on their illegality, potential threat to peace, the possible destablisation of the economy including frightening away foreign investors. I disagree with the views of our country’s leaders.

"Instead of condemning, one would have thought and hoped that they should have been more concerned over the grievances, frustrations and disappointments that have brought so many thousands to the streets in the first place and to seek fair and just solutions to them," he noted.

Commenting further on the Hindraf rally, Toh said the government must look into the grievances, frustrations and unhappiness of the lower strata of the Indian community and other communities pertaining to housing, education, health, jobs, equity and religious freedom.

"Until and unless these and many more issues concerning our country's judicial and electoral systems as well as social justice for the poor are looked into seriously and satisfactory solutions found, the discontent that brought thousands to the streets over several months will remain.

"To me, it is this discontent and unhappiness that will be a greater threat to our country’s peace and stability, rather than marches, pickets and demonstrations," he added.

Datuk Dr Toh, Zorro salutes you!


pragalath said...

He's one of the few true leaders that Malaysia can be truly proud of

BeerAnyone said...

just like shooting stars, before you could even say cheers - and they are gone.

though you will be retiring soon, just the same - kudos yb & like they says...

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not his balls, then he has naught".

artchan said...

But the strength and character of a person is left to be seen..wait until and if he stands his ground from the onslaught of mad taxi minister and armno me a sceptic..but I have seen many BN non malay reps go soft when threatened by their masters.

I have to admit Toh's letter something I never expected. I hope he stands his ground, and prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

i had dinner with him together with a group of friends few months back. you gotta respect him for his forthright views. sadly, his efforts trying to change things from within has been an exercise in futility.
i guess this will be his last term and its good for his soul. being together with the corrupts, it is never easy trying to serve the rakyat. what more, the current atmosphere does not welcome honest and independent minds in the administration;only lackeys and corrupts will survive.
best wishes, Dr Toh and I truly respect you.

Baru said...

The desperate ruling elite who's been clinging on to power perpetually are obviously people with an underlying psychiatric yearning and desire to be 'power-crazy' or 'intoxicated with power'. Kerajaan yang 'mabuk-kuasa' ataupun 'gila-kuasa' adalah kerajaan yang takut kepada kenyataan dan juga ingin memerintah dan memegang kepada kuasa untuk selama-lamanya sehingga akhirat, walaupun rakyat jelata sudah jelas kini telah menolak dan tidak menerima lagi 'propaganda' kerajaan yang telah 'brainwash' rakyat selama 44 tahun!

Jika bukan begitu serahkanlah bagi pembangkang jadi kerajaan pulak? Ini adalah cara 'demokrasi progresif' yang ada dilaksanakan dinegara seperti Taiwan, Jepun dan lain-lain lagi seumpamanya yang merupakan negara yang disebut 'Asian Dragons'.

Suara pembangkang (Barisan Alternatif) merupakan 50% daripada populasi Malaysia iaitu 13juta.