Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I am no journalist, but I have shared a table, broken bread or knocked glasses with the likes of the late David Tambiah, A Samad Said, Musa Scully, Norman Siebel, Cheryl Dorall, the late Francis Emmanuel, my cousin KC Boey, the late gorgeous mini-skirted Adelle Koh, Maurice Khoo, Citizen Nades, Fauzi Omar, Lazarus Rokk, George Das, Datuk Syed Nazri, Johnson Fernendez, Ahirudin Atan, Shamsul, Ben Cuehna, Rudy Beltran, HK Png (?), Vera Pandian, Noraina Samad, Rose Ismail, Aisha Ali, Wahti and a few others, not because they are not significant, but because over time and less connectivity, I cannot recall them. I apologise to these. These were the thoroughbred journos who wrote without fear or favor and with extra doses of PASSION. These are the word-smiths that I try very hard to emulate in my postings.

Except for less than a handful, most of them have ventured away from the mainstream media. Those mentioned above and who are still around have not been sucked into the whirlpoor of condescension, kow-towing and spinning that is the flavor favored by the mainstream media. I only read their pieces on their appointed days. I gave up the NST when it sued Rocky and Jeff Ooi and it was the same day that I opened this blog. I only read Sunday Star and thought I would try its daily. Both these MSM are mere daily newsletter of UMNO and MCA....deteriorated into abysmal daily sheets of fish wraps. Take the Star yesterday.
They front-paged that the rally was a show of defiance. Have you clowns ever heard of civil disobedience. Does the name Ghandi ring some bell in your MCAed cranium? Court Order? You could buy court orders for pittance nowadays I have been told. Probably right, the state the Judiciary is in - another breed of running dogs, but benched. How come your reporters and photographers did not capture how the police defied Standard Operating Procedures by shooting their chemical-laced water canon DIRECTLY on the people?

You reported a bus was razed from a Molotov cocktail in Batu Caves. Where is the photo. Hindraf transported the carcass to avoid your photographers. It is difficult not to capture on camera a burning bus. You people really are amazing. Talk about lies. Seven vehicles damaged but you forgot to photographed this bike overturned by the water canons.

Today, your paper reported that the police did not fire tear gas inside the temple premises. No they did not....they dared not go into the premises after they forced the people into the premises. THEY SHOT THEIR WATER CANON AND CANNISTERS INTO THE TEMPLE PREMISES FROM A COWARDLY DISTANCE.
What prove does the Star need....this picture and the one above doctored by bloggers? You are getting disgustingly infantile. Don't just parrot the cops. Which temple official called the police. What time? Who received the call? Your reporters dont know how to use the basic, WHO, WHERE, WHAT, WHEN, WHY, & HOW?

Where are your photos of broken temple property? My 88 year old mum could do a better job if assigned. The gate seemed ok, even after the police forced them into the temple grounds. Then they did their bidding from, yes, a distance.

Moving away to signal the start of the water and gas treatment of those already behind the gates.
This crowd was told to get into the temple or they would be arrested.

Your photographers must have been having breakfast and missed this saga of 5 vs 1 subjugation.
Your guys missed a prize-winning shot. But running dogs always obey master. Eat your breakfast.
Bollywood shoot? Helping or arresting. My mother, without her glasses, said arresting. 2 vs 1. Of course your master wouldn't allow this to go to press. Running dog running away from running press....or miss press run?

Another Bollywood extra with studio make-up courtesy of police in mufti. Another 2 vs 1.

Rehearsal punch or dry run. These running dogs are brave when the numbers are in their favor. 3 lawan 1. Star missed this too. Ooops I forgot - your boys were on tea-break.
Friendly FRU pointing the way to studio for shoot....but you dont have to hold his collar. Your guys missed a good study on body language.
Of course your guys missed this 5 vs 1 struggle.....the police give their personnel a chance to be photographed in situations like this. Good for head-hunting files just in case a government analyst needs more muscle or a Tan Sri feels that a guard house for the property is the in-thing in these days of rampant crime.

You quoted Samy saying that MIC is aware of issues. These issues unsolved has brought about this rally. " Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been supportive and sympathetic towards our cause." This is typical running-dog-speak. What cause? Whose Cause? Here is another classic running dog spin: "It is a ploy to smear the name of the Government in the eyes of the world." Such priceless insights. You baffle me most times with your bufoonery Samy.

And you also featured the farmer too. WHY DIDN'T YOUR REPORTERS GET DOWN TO GROUND ZERO AND TALK TO THE PEOPLE AT THE RALLY? WE BLOGGERS DID! And the farmer said, "Other races have poor too." That statement caused a sonic boom. We dont need a farmhand to tell us that. We lived amongst the abject and morbidly poor Malays, Indians and Chinese, lah. Choose credibly lah Wong-ah dignitaries who can say something of consequence. And Wong-ah, you would not get your bonus and maybe another datukship if you miss out a comment about OKT. "Ka Ting braves Hindaf crowd to attend function". Coward! He has body-guards and out-riders(?). Moreover the crowd was peaceful.....I was with them when we passed Corus Hotel. He was afraid foreigners would get a wrong impression. Hello, chief RD, the whole world already knows that courtesy of your fellow running dog, now forced to get out of the country.....that a la ka zam lackey of yours. OKT shut up will you. You will not speak for me.

Overheard in the Star newsdesk: We need a young voice to make a comment on this Hindrah. No Vera may cause a back-fire, Jocylene....no she is Chinese and UMNO-bias....Bung...he says he lost his ten-foot pole....Joe Kuda? You crazy ah, he writes about running horses, not running dogs.
What about you Krish? No?....then get me anyone......but muzzle him....Print, only when I say so.

And thus, came along one Joseph Raj. He pontificates: At the end of the day, it is in the hands of the Indians whether they want to do better for themselves and their future generations. Street protests are definitely not the answer. In 1967, I was arrested for leading a street protest when our National Union of Teachers went on strike. I was a guest of the Campbell Police Station for 7 hours. Khir Johari after that decided to negotiate. We knocked glasses before this. Young Joe, you do not know the power of a mass rally. Why don't you write a good piece on HOW I CAN HELP ALLEVIATE THE PLIGHT OF THE POOR INDIANS. You are young. Dont get shackled so easily. Dont let your editors use you. Truth, unexpurgated truth must result when you hit the keyboard. Get out where you can run free instead of joining the ranks of somebody's hired running dog. Dont go near the 25 Indian NGOs who opposed the rally. They too are running dogs of the MIC. I will be looking forward to your next comment.


Anonymous said...

well said, zorro. time to dumb sunday star? looks like there is only the SUN left in the MSM thats worth a sneak.
hey, bloggers should get together, raise some money and start a paper. shit, i forgot there is a requirement for a licence. which means, you gotta prostitute yourself to the political master. never mindlah, gotta think whats next.
on the flip side, prostituting oneself aint no bad deal maybe. big cars, mansions, honorifics and at least 2 holidays thrown in each year. once you are past sell-by-date, you can start a PR firm and contracts will literally fall on your laps ( well pay day for being a lap dog all these years, isnt it). think of it, now i understand why there are so many prostitutes disguised as editors, sanctioned of course by the authorities, in the mainstream papers. and readers get sodomised with disinformation and having to pay for it. thats masochism at the extreme, isnt it?

artchan said...

Zorro//you really pissed?

I stopped getting pissed with the mainstream long ago..now the only items quite true in the newspaper are the massage advertisements/personal services in the classifieds.

Don't lose sleep. The only people losing sleep are those running dog journalist writng crap.

Anonymous said...

go and read yesterday star paper which reported that batu caves temple was damaged and demonstrators were responsible having forced open the locked gates. today, the same shit paper said that batu caves temple was not damaged.
why the change overnight? because the photos in the blogs showed that the hindraf protestors were herded into the temple by the police and were not the culprits. what say you now, MR IGP?

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernard,

I doubt Joseph Raj has heard of this song, "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" or "In The Ghetto".

He has not probably walked the squatters, the estates. Shame on you Joseph.

shiver said...

well said uncle, well said.
sometimes, if only they will publish what you wrote on the mainstream media JUST ONCE, i will consider them moving forward. that will be the day.

svllee said...

Boy 'o Boy. Uncle Zorro, you are really pissed off! Truly, the integrity of news journalists are only worth the paper they write for. If they can't report an unbiased truth, then they shouldn't be journalist but just copywriters.

Anonymous said...

btw, the indians can be their own worst enemies... so don't expect much from ppl like joseph raj

~~~ arTong

Anonymous said...

We should all boycott the Main Stream Media (MSM).
Why should we waste our hard earned money to buy newspapers read such distorted news, lies and spun you stories which are politically aligned to BN.
Save your money and buy a computer, if you don't already have one, and log on to the Internet and sift what is there to find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
If you are in the south of the peninsular you can tune in to the BBC World Service News broadcast via Singapore on 88.9 FM, or elsewhere you could invest in a Short Wave Radio to hear the uncensored news from around the world.
Don't bother to listen to the distorted news on the government controlled Malaysian TV and radio stations, in particular RTM.
Power to the people.
Vote out the evil BN.

Anonymous said...

Mr Zorro sir , you have overdone yourself again ! You have overfocussed on the idiots at star ( not really idiots since they really need their ricebowl), unlike you ( presumably retired ?
...and with nothing more to lose anymore ? Plse try to be more balanced and focussed on the big picture which is the Gomen. the police too are stooges of the one on top. Maybe you should swank your zzzzzzzz directly on them and not waste yr poor readers( and supporters ) time on those poor souls at nst/star ? In the movies zorro always show compassion to the hencemen and go for the real mcCoy !

come come you of all people should know your real enemy

Satya said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,

You said it! You hit the nail squarely on the head with this one!

People like Zam and Nazri criticise Malaysian bloggers for having no journalistic standards. Hah! That's rich. I think blogs like this one are a testament to the journalistic integrity that Malaysia still has. I'd have to hide my head in shame if not for the alternative media.

Thanks for walking for all the poor and the marginalised in this country. And thanks for doing what you do with this blog. Malaysians like you provide us with healthy, wholsome alternatives to the sh*t that the government through the mainstream media keeps feeding us. Keep exposing the sweepers and overturning the carpets.

PS: Minor random note... the Mahatma's name was misspelt in your post. Should be Gandhi not Ghandi.

Anonymous said...

We share the exact same sentiments re:Star's Wong-ah, Jostling,Joe Raj.The latter must just be because his seemingly-Mat-Salleh sounding name had sold-out his own kinfolks. Don't tell me he is so blind as to the 24/7 poverty and unfairness around him, writing such an article. And now only is the farmhand saying poverty knows no race. Why, in all their Umno assemblies they are all hankering for more handouts to their people, quoting doctored statistics that the 'son-of-the-soils' haven't achieve the targets set in the NEP(the never-ending-policy), when in actual fact they themselves are grabing all the riches of the land. Long Live Malaysia, my Beloved Land where my blood will flows, tanah tumpahnya darahku!

sr said...

zorro unmasks cowards in disguise

i stopped reading all newspapers when the NST sued the 2 bloggers.

do i have your permission to email a copy of this piece to my group of friends?

Mosesfoo said...

Zorro, you hangout with journalist and aspire to write great and true journalistic piece. Desi is an old hand in journalism, Helen Ang gave an analysis about newspapers and how they work and possible ways to tekan them where they hurt, Vox Populi also reminded us how the newspaper was once remain on the stand instead of in the hand. I say tell this liars, liars, twisters to keep your lying and spinning and orgying to yourself. We don't want to have anything to do with liars and twisting. Lets make it be known we do not condone lying and perjured tongues and hit them where it hurts. Amen!

Anonymous said...


my sentiments exactly. fantastic writing zorro XD

Anonymous said...

wel, young joe just managed to squeeze himself in with a column. a hole was dug for him. but then, he is jumping in with glee. thats a price he gotta pay to be in the mainstream. pity him, he has to prostitue his soul at his young age. his grand dad would be rolling in his grave an wish he can rise from his grave to straighten him.
young joe, pray and see the light. life is just more than prostituting yourself for the little extra in life. it is no good for your soul. pray.

bergen said...

Mr Bernard, the choice people make, which side to take, the game people play, is a chance we gotta take for survival. Prostitutes have a choice too. They can either walk the street or find a decent job like cleaning toilet. But most choice to walk the street because maybe it pays better and they got to wear better shoes.

I believe you are being too hard on the guy just because he doesn't share your view. Maybe we have to respect his decision because at the end of the day, it's his choice. Maybe it's economic or he may have his own reason but it's his choice.

Oh well, I guess it's your choice too to write about him the way you do in this entry. And for that I respect your choice too which is why I came here to visit your blog knowing very well that you write the way you write and you don't mince your words. It's my choice and since I don't pay to be here, I have no business to disagree with in a manner that could lead to a confrontation.

I read. I agree. Or disagree. And I respect your rights to express your opinion.

Have a nice day, sir.

Melvin Mah said...

uncle zorro,

what good is a reporter if he is ordered by their editors to behave like a some fool to ignore some truths out there?

just as in the HINDRAF rally, where you met a FRU man, what good is the FRU man when he is ordered to behave like a terrorist by his superiors?

there shouldn't be a sense of fear of writing the truth that may hurt because, as Edmund Burke said, evil will triumph over if we do not do anything...in this context, the reporters isn't willing to tell the truth at the expense of losing their jobs or getting reprimanded by their heads or ended responsible for putting their news organization under reprimand by the 4th Floor boys..

zorro said...

Anon 7:55pm.
My real enemy is MISINFORMATION which translates into misrepresentation of truth. Your "poor souls" at the nst and star are the lackeys of the Government. You advised: "Pls try to me more balanced and focussed on the big picture which is the Gomen." Your poor souls are the mouthpiece of the Gomen, aren't they? Isn't the big picture the gomen? What now?

The journalist who walk the streets for their story have always had my support and empathy. They do their job. They file their story. The editor edits to the tune of His Master's Voice. If the story sees print, is may not be the story reported or submitted. You awre of this?

You referred to Zorro's compassion. My compassion is for the journalist and the real McCoys are the editors of the MSM (xcept the SUN) who massacre the stories to appease their masters.

If it is a waste of your time to read my post, you are at liberty to lock the door to this blog, unless for a last read you might want to read what SATYA (comment after yours)has to say.

As a farewell aside: what is the gomen's going rate now?

zorro said...

Anon 12:07.
It is not fair to make reference to Joe Raj's grand dad whose current status is doubtful.

Joe....accept my apology please.

SR....feel free to pass this on...whatever is on this blog can be shared.

Anonymous said...

From unknown source...

"A car was involved in an accident in a street. As expected a large crowd gathered. A newspaper reporter, anxious to get his story could not get near the car.
Being a clever sort, he started shouting loudly, 'Let me through! Let me through! I am the son of the victim.'
The crowd made way for him.
Lying in front of the car was a donkey".

Anonymous said...


welll ... i don't know... you don't sound very objective.
whilst I agree we should be passionate about what we do, we also need to step back and not be caught up in the heat of the moment.
I really don't personally know the journos that you mentioned at the start of your blog, but if imitation is the best form of flattery, I don't imagine they were flattered by your name-calling and insults. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

hey dont forget the chinese newspaper whey... they sometimes got the balls to call a spade a freakin spade.

zorro said...

Anon 6:12pm

The chinese paper? Even the MCA aligned call a spade a spade? Just asking because I cannot read the Chinese dailies. But I am told some are very forward.Thats good.

zorro said...

Anon 5:32pm

You said:i don't know... you don't sound very objective.
whilst I agree we should be passionate about what we do, we also need to step back and not be caught up in the heat of the moment.

I like to call a spade a spade. In this case I insist on being objective. Heat of the moment? What was said about striking when the iron is hot?

You also said: "I really don't personally know the journos that you mentioned at the start of your blog, but if imitation is the best form of flattery, I don't imagine they were flattered by your name-calling and insults."

Some of them who read the posting called me and thanked me for mentioning them. I got an email from an alpha-journalist though:


tks for including my name in the honour roll. when i was in the old straits time in the
early sixtes at robson house jalan pudu i voluntered to cover the malayan open tennis
at the selangor club padang (took leave) and the late norman (sports editor) agreed and cleared my copy and gave me
byline. he said: " its not that i wanted to see the thais players in action but the THIGHS".

the late francis emanuel took me to my first massage in ipoh road and still remember
the woman's name --- TESSY. corner shop house still there (next to MAA building).

in one of the general elections where I directed the reporting team LIM KIT SIANG for the
first time praised BERNAMA in the dewan rakyat for providing FAIR coverage on all parties.

of course cant forget adele koh had many GTs with her before she married an aussie
journalist stationed in KL. cant remember his name...bob something... he too died of cancer...


Anon, those were journalists who worked smart, hard and played smart and hard. Should anyone of the above disapprove of my mentioning them, I promise that I will post this. Cheers bro.

Anonymous said...

anon 7.55
many tks for your returning comments ( something many "class" bloggers never do which is a terrible shame notwithstanding their mega readership ). I do respect you for your straightforward ( no holes barred ) kind of swasbukling zorro attacking style per your brave namesake in your usual over the top postings , as your undying ( I hope ) profound motto of unmasking the masked...I for one do not get easily impressed ( sorry to say unlike many of your uncritical ladylike commentators ), who appear to parrot their perceived heroes. Many times as the other anon has cleverly noted you do go astray & lose your objectivity/bearings and misses the big picture completely. Like inviting the female nst reporter for dinner for one fluke shot ( remember Thomas cup heroes 1992 ?)
and our present doubles champion ?
...cutting the story short I shall shoot you hard as you go astray goddamnit ! so just do it ! but keep on going sir !

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

No need to get all worked up. Its after all the Star, Chinese and MCA owned…..these guys don’t live on principles…..its luit, luit, luit all the way………cari makan thing lah you know…..their principle is simple maaaaa……you control the money and you can control anything which is why they don’t mind selling their mothers off for monetary gains….they are built that way….no matter how highly educated or even lowly educated as in the STAR…….so take a kit kat and read something else or organize a STAR bonfire to take that stress off….

faceook buddy said...

zorro dahling,

i stopped buying the star or nst a long long time ago. i've been telling/speaking/ranting to many many people as to why we must boycott these government controlled media. time has come for us to moot a public boycott campaign. hit them where it hurts the most. stop buying or subscribing to them.

about a year ago, i decided to terminate my astro subscription. i watch what i want online now. i download tv shows i like, watch and read news wherever i can get it. i still read the star and nst online (its free lerr) for laughs and trust me i get plenty of it.

Anonymous said...

Ya..The Star is another UMNO d1ckh3ad controlled media. I already asked my parent to stop ordering THE STAR and switch to The Sun. They agree and now i asking all my relatives to do so as well. I explain to them why the STAR is so sh1t and they dont really believe me. I printed all the article such as this one..and tell them..and they now switching to order THE SUN too. :)

Anonymous said...

The Star has long since gone to the dogs and I haven't bought the paper when I was still in Malaysia and I hardly read the star online now. The only thing that's somewhat worth reading are the crime reports.

zorro said...

I am not worked up...that is your perception....I am energised instead. Thanks for your concern...kit-kat...try Mars for quality...I dont read NST & Star except for certain days when good columnists take their turn in the comments page. My staple diet is Off the Edge, NYT, Times online and Mad Magazine for laughs. I cannot take your advice about a bonfire, because you need a permit for that I believe. Why dont you find that out for me?

satya.arjunan said...

You might want to watch these two videos that show police brutality during the Hindraf gathering:

Mr. Smith said...

Well said. I feel your pain, disgust, anger and disappointment.
In our small way let us do our part to make this country of ours (not UMNO's) a better place.
This government is making enemies by the day - and by the hundreds -.
Get every single friend, his relatives and his friends relatives to vote opposition.
I have found it is so easy to get MCA, MIC members to support opposition these days.

Da Real Deal said...

Zorro, didn't you know?

All journalists are running dogs, past present and future. Even bloggers are running dogs too, some for the govt and others for the opposition.

Some were running dogs for govt then when they left or were asked to leave became running dogs for the opposition for free. Those are called pariah dogs.

So what's new?

Eddy Zulkanaen said...

Well written there you old fox (pun intended).

To all of the MSMs; Shame on you! Those who died before you to uphold the journalistic integrity would be turning in their graves knowing that you sold it for a few ringgits.

You actions would do nothing except making a fool out of yourselves. Is this the kind of lagacy you want to leave for the future generations?!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the stuff on TV and out NST. Malay Mail n Star on the Sri Pandi restaurant being supposedly robbed by HINDRAF me4mber was the best journalist joke of the year!!

Keep it up...


Anonymous said...

Very well said. With all the running dogs having a field day trying to protect their masters they will surely be well fed. Looks like a civil society will have to wait another 100 years to materialise if the rakyat do not wake up soon!


The star has become a meOw since the operation layang2. It is now identified with the rich and sleeps with UMNO like a prostitute paid for its services with licence to print. It has forgotten the days when it voiced concernfor unfair treatment of the minority, the marginalised and stories on the poor ..

Anonymous said...

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