Sunday, November 25, 2007


Whilst waiting for Eric Voon (I am a Malaysian) to give me a ride to the Kelana LRT station I went into the condo convenience store to purchase some gum. I glanced at the Star and true to running- dog fashion this headline zapped me:


Below it were these:

  • PM says it in Kampala (traveling again): Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the arrests made were not racial issue but for sedition offences. (Say it sir, did your boys said it is sedition or did you read the transcript yourself?)

  • DPM warns against sedition: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the people can speak up but they should not be seditious. (Sir, was it 1987 or 1997at TPCA Stadium, someone said that he would bathe the keris in Chinese blood? If that is not seditious, it definitely is not a nice thing to say. Yes?)

Got to go walk with my Indian Brothers and Sisters. Eric just arrived.


Anonymous said...

Regarding what the sleepwalking PM and the once-racilist and now- pretending-to-be-liberal-minded DPM said, I think what they are doing is "not practising what they are preaching" or "do as I said, not do as I do" type of thinking.I remember fully well what the DPM said as he addressed an Umno Youth rally back then,as retold by you above, and I can't forgive him till today.It seems that for anyone to get ahead in Umno , one must hantam the other races keraskeras during a rally or their assembly to be noticed and forge ahead in the party, as is happening now with Khairy Jal. Sadly, this is undenialable happening now in this so-called dominant party in the Barisan government.

Trashed said...

DPM Najib said that in 1987 at TPCA Stadium - the prologue to Op Lallang.

Young One said...

So why wasn't Najib detained for uttering seditious words???

Young One said...

I'm sorry to ask the above question. I was too young then. Wouldn't it be unjust if so many were detained & he got away???

zorro said...

Young One....we live in a county of double standards....the same law does not apply for the chosen few. That is why there must be change! Take a look at Aisehman's quote on my sidebar (top right). Do you qualify to vote? Have you registered? If you have, make your vote count.