Thursday, November 22, 2007


SHAME....she forbade him to head for Hague
SHAME! Go so far to fight for a piece of rock!

SHAME! Somebody gave junior a leg-up

SHAME! We used so much resources for such a small thing
For using this doctored foto
SHAME! To lie in an International Court!
SHAME! For sending an inadequate team of father, son and balding spirit.

SHAME! We could not perform in front of the international community.

SHAME! We never seem to win without bag-men like Zek Mension and Sam Sudin.
SHAME! If what is left of our international image has to end like this. Rent-seeking businessman Noor Hisham Yusof....get ready to file a report against our Hague Team for damaging OUR image. If you succeed, you may qualify to be another bag-man.
SHAME! Something is dreadfully wrong with the house of Denmark. We get pinned down most of the time!

SHAME! That we have to end up in this posture in the international arena. Why do we offer ourselves to be buggered?


Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

sorry to re-post the following comments again...

The blind leading the blind (adaptation...)

Uninformed and incompetent people leading others who are similarly incapable.

This appears in the Bible, Matthew 15:14 (King James Version):

Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

The Upanishads - the sacred Hindu treatises, written 800-200 BC. From Katha Upanishad we have:

Abiding in the midst of ignorance, thinking themselves wise and learned, fools go aimlessly hither and thither, like blind led by the blind.

~~~ arTong

Kata Tak Nak said...

The whole world is against us. They are jealous of our success. I would't be surprise if they sing this song.

Anonymous said...

plagiarism is shame, no? best to check with nasty pee.

zorro, talking about the subject shame. its shameful isnt it if the ACA witch hunt against the suspended Ramli. Charged for corruption, yes he was. but it was for not declaring fully his assets and abuse usage of plane for personal reasons. isnt it a shame too on how the ACA bully a lawyer by handcuffing him in his office to embarras him and put in lock up for one night. and that for not declaring his assets to the ACA as demanded. in the first place, nobody seems to understand for the said request as he was not being investigated for corruption. or was it a shamefully intimidating tactic since this lawyer is acting for Ramli?
when it comes to certain protected people, you can se the true ACA. shit, ex-CM of Sabah lost RM21 million on the gambling table ( serves him right isnt it) and the ACA has the galls to say that they cant pinpoint the source of funds and therefore corruption case closed. do they have to? why not use the same tactic that nailed Ramli and his lawyer by asking for a simple declaration of assets and the source. do i have to teach ACA how to do the job? or this is a shameful act of ACA to only apply the laws for those that run foul or no longer in the good books of the ruling party.
It will be really a shame if the ACA is just a tool and at the bidding of the ruling party, isnt it? it may be even worse than losing he rock to Singapore if ACA is so compromised to the extent that it is unable to uphold the laws independently. your take, zorro and my apologies if my posting is off tangent here.

ycg said...

uncle zorro,

what to do. our ppl at the top office all too used to pampering. they have not heard of hard negotiation...always try to stuff abit of moolah here there to curry some favour. when dealing with the little dot, one cannot go unprepared. come on, little dot survived and thrived till today, living M'sia behind collecting think they'd gone so far by farting? These ppl are protege of Mr-no-bullshit-lee, and living proof of the word 'kiasu'. i heard from some ex-general talking about old days (aka rambling :P), at one makan time, while Mr Lee negotiate for Singapore with Tunku, Tunku verbally promised Mr Lee something. at that moment he said Mr Lee got no paper with him so he swipe the serviette on the table and wrote down their conversation and ask Tunku to sign on it. The moral of the story is, even at the early stage of Singapore, they already dont trust us. Cakap banyak banyak, bila mau bikin, tanya bikin apa? And to prove my point that our gahmen never learn from then, see Puk Blah...see what he promised us in last election...any action yet? somemore threated the Rakyat with 'Saya pantang dicabar!'. what kind of niamah PM is this?

Back to the issue here, closing words for our representative at international court; We the Rakyat expect you to defend our Tanah. If it is ours, i'm sure you have the proof to back up our claim. but when you resort to using lies and deceit, you are actually doing more harm to the nation. so, by your account, are we still 'truly asia'?

p/s for those ppl who read this post with the intention to kena me, pls dont be stupid (like nutzri) to implied that i say tunku is a liar. that is not the point.

Anonymous said...

Yo Zorro.

Good article, strong and powerful image.

You da man, you said it so weel.


Hamzah said...

look at the bright side uncle zorro - the Singapore CJ is an Ipoh born Anderson boy - Malaysia Boleh!


Well done Anderson but you're still not as good as Sam Tatt lah!

Jefus said...

ycg said:
Tunku verbally promised Mr Lee something. at that moment he said Mr Lee got no paper with him so he swipe the serviette on the table and wrote down their conversation and ask Tunku to sign on it.

LKY is a lawyer,... he knew what he was doing.

Anonymous said...

hi Zorro,
guess you really have to rub salt to the wound. There are just too many incompetent blokes up there. Just too many.

If our AG have any grain of integrity at all he would gladly resigned voluntarily. But then again we are not talking about Mahathama Ghandi here.

Keep rubbing the salt.. oneday .. maybe just one someone somewhere might feel the pain..

God bless us all.

penang-kia said...

they are so use to cheating us malaysian that they think they can get away with it internationly.
serve them right.

Anonymous said...

It has been Singapore's Brains v.Malaysia's Bullshit.
The monkeys you featured could have done a better job at presenting Malaysia's case.
Come the verdict in June 2008, the Brains will have surely won.
The Bullshitters will have lost, and deservedly so, but for sure they will concoct a fantastic fairy story to cover it up.
How about:
"It was decided that Batu Puteh was not so white as we had anticipated, consequently we rejected it until enough sea birds crap over it to re-whiten the rock"

Maverick SM said...

As Malaysian, we don't know what is shame for the fact that, our ministers had re-interpreted shame to be something else...

artchan said...

Some stupid minister with the big mouth once said..they are just a little dot...we should have sent that minister to Hague...and let him scream obscenities..and that is the Malaysian way of winning arguments. Why did not AAB think of that? Too busy planning his sailing holidays I guess..end of the year

TheWrathOfGrapes said...

Dear Leuchttuerm3,

I will assume that you are truthful when you said you have been interested in lighthouses since you were a little boy, and not lying through your fangs.

That means you should know quite a bit about lighthouses, ya? Sprechen Sie Englisch?

So, what would be the first thing you, as a lighthouse enthusiast, should do? That's right - go to a site called World Lighthouse Society. Click on the link below.

And you would find on this site has several photos of lighthouses, with their countries of origin. One of which is Horsburgh lighthouse and in brackets, it says "Singapore".

Now, isn't this a better picture of Pedra Branca than the ones you posted? The quality is better.

Why did you not choose this photo? Or link this site to your blog? Is is because it says Horsburgh lighthouse belongs to Singapore? BTW, if you go to Google Earth or any international maps, you will find the reference to this little island as Pedra Branca and not Pulau Batu Puteh.

You sure you sprechen Sie Deutsches? Methinks you sprechen Sie Malaiianer.

Come on, fes up.

Anonymous said...

this paints a really bad image of malays in particular. i myself a malay middle income earner, 2 children and loving wife knows that our generation is dooomed by all this hanky panky nonsense played out by our very pathetic people in power.

This has to stop. We get stares from foreigners as if we malays are all rent seekers and free loaders. That really hurts. i can't help but feel the anger in all those innocent bystanders. Malaysia is for malaysians and not these PATHETIC sons of bitches in power.

Anonymous said...

pak lah : failure is not a choice.

but seem like its becoming a habit in his administration.

MaryKate said...

shame shame all the monkey know our game kakakakaka...i like the pics, especially the one with the head buried, and this is how our "team" should do, bury, but nooooo..they will be back to work at no time, our mainstream media will be publishing all the good stuff only and a majority of Malaysian will never know the facts. These people where got shame one, this is very normal ma...

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Anonymous said...

Correct, correct, correct!