Thursday, November 1, 2007


OK his number came up and he is put to pastures. His appeal for extension through the Executive, fell on deaf Royal ears. The King made a right royal stand. DUALAT TUANKU. The Agung spoke for the people. I salute the 5000 brave Malaysians who signed the petition to save the judiciary APPENDING THEIR IC TO THEIR NAMES.
Lets go back to August....remember this:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This is not a decent way to helrald in the next 50 years. Not decent, because I am incarcerating the Honorable Chief Justice into this dreaded chamber until such time that he can bring himself to tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So God in all your mercy, help him.

Then again:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Star reported that the CJ has written to the PM about the Federal Court Judge who has not written his grounds of judgements in 35 cases when he was High Court Judge. That's something. He threrefore admits now that there is a guilty, errant brother-in-LAW, who until recently was cacooned comfortably in blissful. euphoric amnesia.

So why is our soon-to-be-set-out-to-pastures CJ still in Zorro's chambers? Because he is still hedging. He has not named the delinquent Judge! Surely he is not afraid of defamation?

Today 1 November 2007........or did he. Well that is not importnt for the moment. HE IS BEING RELEASED? Because of magnanimity? Not is the time of the year when we do our annual maintenance of the do some reburbishing....and maybe add a few more windows to accommodate many who want to volunteer their contributions. We may take some two weeks. Meantime the list of candidates are on hold....and we are spoilt on choices. You can guess I sjuppose.

PS: This is what A Voice commented on my previous post this morning:
A Voice said...

U left out your Mexican gas chamber :-)

November 1, 2007 11:14 AM

Voice. I did not really.....was just thinking about it before I read your comment....what did they say about great minds.....salam brother.


Anonymous said...


you should also send the shithead from ACA to the obnoxious chambers. reasons:-
1. after completing investigation against CCID chief, they start to harass his sisters.
2. A COP made a police report against the ACA for kidnapping his family members so as to force him to recant his statement.
3.the lawyer acting on the CCID cheif was done in and incarcerated overnight for not responding to the perplexing request for declaration of his personal assets. If this is not intimidation, then what is as there is no reason for the ACA for such a request unless the lawyer is being investigated for corruption.

Instead of upholding the laws, the ACA now engages in such deplorable acts of intimidation. This is no less cupable than the CJ.
next in line will be the AG as the events unfold in this saga of deceit and corruption in the POLICE, ACA and AG offices.

Anonymous said...

Zorro well done!

At long last Ahmad Fairuz left Palace of Justice at 4:15 on 31-10-07 IN DISGRACE!!! Rightly so for the miseries that he had dished out to innocent people/litigants.

Zorro for heaven sake please do not think that everything is now fine with the judiciary. IT IS NOT.

You and the other bloggers must carry on the crusade to clean up the judiciary. You must press for the setting up of a Royal Commission to clean up the judiciary and to examine a new machanism for the appointment of judges.

As long as we leave the appointment of judges to the CJ or PM, forever we will face with another "Ahmad Fairuz" and VK Lingam. a fmous English has said "POWER CORRUPT ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY." Therefore, we must not allow the appointment of jduges to one or two person. It must be scrutinised by a committee consisting of representatives of many organisations including the Bar Council.

All Malaysians must take an interest in the judiciary - a corurpted judiciary is no good to the small men in the street.

Anonymous said...


How about the Court of Appeal judges namely Low Hop Bing and Moktar Sidin? Why are you not writing about them also?

They are just as good as Ahamd Fairuz Ok! They are also close friends fo VK Lingam.

Anonymous said...


Why several readers are asking question hte integrity of two Court of Appeal Judges, Datuk Low Hop Bing and Datuk Moktar Sidin?

Why suddenly these two names proped up? Something fishy must be going on? Zorro, shed some light over this.

Anonymous said...

Whty no lawyers or readers render more detalied info on Low Hop Bing and Mokhtar Sidin, and other judges?

Surely someone out there must know somethings about judges especially these two, who are famous.

Zakhir's Zoo said...

Whats so disgrace about CJ Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim retiring from his esteemed post on 31 Oct 2007? Its compulsory retirement!

The law states that a member of the bench retires when he reaches 66 years old.

He wasn't sacked, nor was he reprimanded. He retired as per all previous LPs and CJs before him (with the exception of Tun Salled Abbas, who was suspended (upon the instruction of HM SPB YDP Agong), found guilty by a specially convened Law Tribunal of conduct unbecoming of an LP and HM SPB YDP Agong terminated him!).

So what Hoo-Haa are you guys celebrating about now????

Simple things pleases simple minds, is it?

zorro said...

Big DOG.....where have you been? We dont care if he retires; he should have been "retired" years ago. You dont know what we are celebrating? He asked for extension. He was not granted! That's what the celebration is all about. You dont have to join in the celebration. But that does not mean we cannot celebrate.

FYI. The expression is: Simple things delight simple minds.

But rejection of his extension is not a simple thing....of course you did not put your signature and IC (did u?) to the 5036 signatures to the Agung to save the judiciary. This aint a simple thing....took great effort. However, it was a simple gain, small gain if you like, but still a gain. That iw what the huha ( I prefer hulabaloo) is all about.

Sometimes, I just can believe you....your recalcitrant allegiance to certain people or cause has clouded you to the point that I do not believe what I am hearing from you. However, to each his own. We lie on the bed we make. Salleh Abas suspended by the Agung (who was cowed into submission then) and the specially constituted Tribunal was a big joke then. This became a laughing stock in all law shcools of the world, studied, dissected and laughed about. You didnt know or did not want to know....thats the cloud I was refering to earlier. Come on, Biggie, you are not the person I used to know.However, you can believe that I can still be your friend, if you want me to. Woooooooooooo

Anonymous said...


Good for you. A very good reply. We are celebrating because Mr I do Not Know PM wanted to extend Ahamd Fairuz tenure for 6 months buit he couldn'tr do it even with the help of Nazri making stupid comments in the press.

We must celebrate because Ahmad Fairuz had to retire in disgrace or had to walk out of Palace of Justice with "the tail in between his leg" so to sepak. There was no sending off party or any kind. Ahmad Fairuz had to kide himself away from the press or public.

Bigdog needs not be so defensive. We are not bother of the past but at present - how this Mr I Do Not Know PM handled this judiciary crisis. As usual he up. So BigDog please do not worry, we are celbrating becaue the father-n-law and the SIL fu.. it up yet again another one. You should be celebrating with us over this.

Anonymous said...

Please don't be so sensitive. Please do not worry we share the same agenda to get rid of the Mr I do Not Know PM, SIL and Kalimullah. I am sure that you want to see SIL and kalimualh dead tomorow. So is Zoro. I also want to see three of them in the same grave.

Bigdog next time please don't jump the gun!! I know where you are coming from and I am not going open it up because we just that Mr I do not know PM.

Please do not jump into conclusion and blame Zoro for it. Do you know that Ahmad Fairuz is damn corrupted to the core. SO are Low Hop Bing aned Moktar Sidin, the court of appeal judges, who are the champion of corruption. These two Court of appeal jduges should be sent to the gas chamberos!! They will sell their mother or father for monies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bigdog, you have a duty to tell the UMNO fellows to send these two corrupted judges to hell. So please stop blaming Zoro for celebrating because we all do to fu.. up these corrutped jduges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrina said...

Hi Pa
I gather that the petition to the Agung worked but have no details. Can you explain to me how it turned out?

Anonymous said...


Pleaes asked Bigdog to wake up! We are celebrating because we have had enough of the SIL,who has been protected by Bodowi!

Bigdog stop simply wof!wof! it dose not help you at all and in fact it screwed up your credibity.

We all share the same objective with you i.e.e to get rid of Bodowi, SIL and Kalimullah from Malaysian soil because they have bled Malaysian blood!

Whateve we do, we must get rid of the SIL and Father-in-law , who is sleeping all the time and Kalimulah is bleeding the country!

Bigdog let join Zotro and screw up SIL and Father in Law and make sure they had to migrate some wheres else.

So let be united and fuck these father in law, SIL and Kalimullah, who are screwing up the coutnry big time!!!

Anonymous said...

just ignore that idiot bigdog ! He's so full of shit ...that's very umno, right?
must be getting new contracts ,perhaps with this umno AGM meeting ?