Thursday, September 6, 2007


The Star reported that the CJ has written to the PM about the Federal Court Judge who has not written his grounds of judgements in 35 cases when he was High Court Judge. That's something. He threrefore admits now that there is a guilty, errant brother-in-LAW, who until recently was cacooned comfortably in blissful. euphoric amnesia.
So why is our soon-to-be-set-out-to-pastures CJ still in Zorro's chambers? Because he is still hedging. He has not named the delinquent Judge! Surely he is not afraid of defamation? Or is he afraid that should he open the can the proverbial worms, the wigglers will worm their way out publicly in merdeka exuberance?
Another reason for CJ's continued remand: When asked about records in AG' chamber revealing some existing 100 death row cases, he glibly pontificates: "We are in the process of investigating." You DON'T investigate. YOU go down to ground zero and YOU bloody well ACCOUNT for the inadequacies and shinanigans in your Office. That's ACCOUNTABILITY! Thats PROFESSIONALISM. Or are these two words blurred in that lofty world of yours up in the clouds?
When cornered about the 1500 cases awaiting written grounds of judgements, in both magistrate and sessions courts, he merrily(?) but confidently volunteered: "Looking into it." Into what? The Can of Worms?
When further pressed as to whether all his delinquent charges would be sacked for such major infractions, he found solace in the same limited refrain: "I will (also) look into it." I say, old fellow, there is nothing to look into. You just got to dirty your hands, dip into the can, grasp the maggots (or worms) out in public and let justice be served. However, if your right hand is already soiled, use the left. Be ambidextrous. But you could opt for clinical or CSI gloves.
Short of cutting off further queries he sang some bland praises on his new annointed knights of the 'raised bench'. Somebody tell me. Were these new elevated ones from the original list that the Council of Rulers found wanting? Somebody else tell me (Hantu is on extended summer vacation): Is it true that our Cee Jay is seeking tenure-extension since a precedent has already been created with the IGP?
Wonder of wonders! We have been labelled Bolehland, Bodohland, Bocokland, Gangland and now it is Extensionland. OK then, Zorro follows trends. He extends CJ stay in the Chambers.....until all due investigations and looking into have been exhausted. Have an unpleasant extended stay.


Anonymous said...

First you have the faous phrase "I DONT KNOW" from the PM. Next, the "I DONT KNOW" PM appoints a "I LOOK INTO IT" CJ. Whats next in Bolehland where accountability and responsibility are not in vogue?
By the way, these words are now banned by town mayor in Russia. Reason? These words are tantamount to being irresponsible and unaccountability. You hear that, dear PM and CJ?

Anonymous said...


This sitting pretty cj is a known idiot.

He should have been fired long ago for his incompetence. Wonder how such ninny could be appointed to this high position is a wonder in itself.


asuk said...

What a joke! He will 'look into it' when every seedy thing is happening right under his bloody nose! He thinks he can fool us with these weasel words? He thinks he can score points with the zzzzFIL and those religious bigots by proposing to replace the English Common Law? I am disgusted by the farce of this manupulative c**t. May he remain in the gas chamber and rot forever.

Zawi said...

His tenure will definitely be extended. Not because of the precedence from IGP extension but for the following reasons:

1. He is needed to clean up all the back log of unwritten judgement.
2. He is the best CJ who will comply with all the requests and need of the executives.

That is enough reson to extend his tenure for another 3 yrs?

team bsg said...

with all these infractions happening LRBC ( everywhere ) it is amazing they are still where they are drawing gaji & blood !
Malaysia truly Bolih !

Ben said...

Another sterling judgement with a capital Z!

Looks like you do your best when the crooks are at their worst.

Anonymous said...

What about the poor fellow who has been sentenced to death? His lawyers still "dunno" what the grounds/reasons are. So how do they appeal? Is it fair to torture someone any further before they are murdered judicially? Fight to abolish the death penalty...there is no guarantee we won't get anymore lazy idiots in charge.

Anonymous said...

Please read this Petition To The Agong

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

What is there to really hide
When there's eternal truth to abide
Including the need to seriously chide
The guilty one revealing the rear side

Samuel Goh 130907