Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This afternoon, at around 11.10am my 67 years old heart skipped many beats, but it was because of the exhilirating feeling I was given a chance to experience. It was a sight to behold. It was a sight that strengthened this old heart. It was the sight of close to a thousand black-jacketed lawyers coming together, shoulder to shoulder who had gathered at the PutraJaya's Palace of Justice to begin their 2 kilometer march to the PM's Office.

The Bold & Beautiful
I salute you legal eagles. I know you realise that you cannot SOAR like an eagle if you are forced into association with benched turkeys. Thus this brave decision to translate "enough is enough" into this brave march.

The March was boosted by a continuous cacophony of honking (in support) by passing cars. They too felt for our lawyers in their infant steps to initiate some house-keeping of the tainted and dilapidated judiciary.

By 11.10am the steps to the Palace of Justice was already jam-packed. On the road-edge the FRU had already formed a threatening phalanx. But we had come prepared for a peaceful march. I purposely left my "never-leave-home-without Swiss pocket knife", at home just in case there was a police check-point to go thru. But we were alerted by Ena about road-blocks at the entrance to PutraJaya, True to form, our navigator-driver Tony 'McGiver' Yew took us by the back entrance and were therefore not harrassed. However 6 busloads of lawyers were denied entrance. They alighted and these 200 odd gallant men and women WALKED some 5 kilometers to the POJ. If this ain't determination and staying the course, I dont know what is. As such the march was delayed to await the arrival of the forced marchers. Amongst these were one lone blogger, Old Blue Eyes aka Shar101.

Blogger Shar101 Walked The Extra Km in the Forced March

Protecting The Untouchables?

Us Against Them?
The March began after Bar Council President Ambiga reminded her associates and all participants that this was going to be a peaceful march.

The March for Justice Begins
Long March But Impactful
The Longest March?
Waiting for others to arrive.

Bloggers spotted joining in the march were Airuddin Atan of Rocky's Bru, Noraina Samad of 3540 Jl Sudin, Tony 'McGiver' Yew of Can You See It, Jeff Ooi of Screenshots, Raja Petra of Malaysia Today, Patrick Teoh of Niama, Wattahack, Stephen Francis of Shangai Fish, Li Tsin of Politikus, I Am A Malaysian's Eric Woon and Tony Pua. Lawyer Bloggers in the March were Malik Imtiaz of Disquiet, Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament and Write Away's Elviza Michele.

Storm clouds loom
Thats how strong the storm was.

Ten minutes after the Bar Council representatives were allowed into the PM's office, the heavens opened as though sending showers of blessings on this brave band of lawyers. The incessant rain beat down for close to an hour. BUT ALL STOOD THEIR GROUND IN THE RAIN. It was such admirable behavior of our legal fraternity. THANK YOU MY FRIENDS FOR ALLOWING ME TO SHARE IN THIS MOMENTOUS MARCH although the walk and the rain took a toll on my shoes. I lost both soles....but it was well worth it. THANK YOU AGAIN.

All pics on this post courtesy of Rocky, Raja Petra & Tony Yew.


elviza said...


I thought the title to this posting should read first as "I lost a sole" and then changed to "I lost two soles"

What happened?

So proud to be walking beside you today!

And you are famous. A stranger spotted you and shook your hand.

A Voice said...

Comentator when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon: Thats one step for mankind.

What say you Zorro: Two soles for ...?

The Ancient Mariner said...

Sorry I couldnt join you guys yesterday. I had to be in Melaka to see a very sick aunt at the GH. I'm off again this morning after sahur for the funeral.

nstman said...

Our judiciary has been sodomised, mugged and raped for far too long. The long march is an expression of our pent-up frustration and anger. We will continue marching. Eh, by the way, Uncle Zorro, at 67 I think you shouldnt be marching in the heat. Let the young guns do the marching.

Roxanne said...

You're a good old sole, Zorro. Your post gave me a good picture of the march through your eyes. Yes, it was indeed exhilarating!

big easy said...


next time wear crocs!


ahiruDin aTTan said...

Yesterday we walked with a couple of thousands of Malaysia's bravest souls, Zorro.

So good riddance to your soles! I'll buy you a pair of Crocs if you'd like. They don't have soles at all. My next big win at the darts board, be at hand to receive the guys' money.

Anonymous said...

Left your sole at the gates of PMO yesterday, didn't you?

I was amazed to see senior and prominent lawyers march all the way to the gates of PMO. I had earlier thought that only the legal assistants would be there, along with a few human rights lawyers. As we were all waiting in the rain for Ambiga and her team to return from the PM's Office after handing the memorandum, I saw a sleek black Merc driving up to the curb near the crowd that was huddled together all drenched. A man broke away from the crowd and ran over to the car and got into the back seat. He must be a very successful lawyer who had just called his driver to drive up to where he was so he could get into it and leave the place. He didn't need to be there in the rain and watch his what looked like an Italian made suit turn into yesterday's cabbage dinner. It got me thinking - far more people that I thought are angry with the way things are, and more importantly far more people are willing to do what it takes to get changes going.

There was a chance that we would have been sprayed yesterday, judging by the way the SBs were swarming all over the place, by the way the police were treating the march - FRU trucks lined up along the way, and the helicopters whizzing around. But the middle-class people, many of whom are professionals, walked regardless of what may happen and in a fearless manner which was strangely unusual for middle-class professionals in Malaysia. And, you know how hard it is to get Malaysians to walk - they would circle around a shopping mall car park looking for that spot that is right next to the lifts and escalators, rather than walk 100m.

My faith in my countrymen swelled in the rain yesterday. This is too good a country to sit back and watch it rot.


Anonymous said...

i salute them too !

thank you, dear lawyers of malaysia !

zorro said...

Vanitha....was admirable of you to use your off day to be part of this moving mass of determined professionals pledging to right the wrongs so apparent in their own backyard. I salute you and Devid too.

Rocky and Big Easy...I hinted to my daughter about Croc but instead got a blackberry....the power of hints...and now here comes my buddy with an better can life get? Rocky I will be rooting for you everytime you step up to the board.

Roxanne....besides the exhilaration, the goose pimples aroused a myriad of emotions that meer words would be futile.

Nstman....buddy long time since you paid a visit huh? Not to worry, as long as the old supports can carry my bulk, I'll continue to walk for any worthy cause. And besides, yesterday I thought I will put age before beauty....never seen so many bold and beautiful ladies and great looking men in the legal profession. Must get out more often, yes?

Capt.Yusof sir, I understand. I know that if you could you WOULD.Anchors aweigh, the next time.

Voice: two soles for a better tomorrow for all of us.

Elviza: the change of titles from the intended "I lost 2 soles" was necessary. It was definitely not appropriate to steal the thunder from you and your brave associates.I was privileged to walk with you and Jeff and your associates.

penang-kia said...

Kudos to those who marched for justice.
This is what happened when sensible people being ruled by idiots.

Am not too worried about the soles as it needs to be replaced.

Proud of you uncle Zorro...despite your age you still marches on.

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...

Bravo Brother.

zewt said...

zewt salute them..!!!

the girl being interviewed... from my church!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Zorro.

You were so committed to the cause - standing in the rain and all. Hope you did not catch a cold.
God bless


eva's haven said...

Way to go, people!
I love protests, peace marches, walks. Done it all -- pro-choice, pro-democracy in Myanmar, for our farmers, for our kids, for our planet..

and for the judiciary? YES!wish i was there.

and my poor poor honeybunch! I'd take you on my Harley anytime, sweets!
Didja get wet too? my poor wet honeybunch!

J.T. said...

A sight to behold! A peaceful protest march - that seldom happens in Malaysia. If it does, it is always a mob of angry people (as far as I can remember) shouting and creating a ruckus.

So, kudos to all lawyers (and supporters) for banding together to stand up for some things worth fighting for.

Mat Salo said...

Oh man, O Unker! This is one of the few times that I wished I was back home to lend my support. I really am taken by Vanitha's comments above. Yes, I guess there's still plenty of hope for us Malaysians regardless of race or religion. Screw the soles, Unker. Just be proud that you were able to joind them. Oh I really wished I was there...

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! From now on, no more bad lawyer jokes from me!

Kata Tak Nak said...

I salute them. I am also humbled by the monks in Myanmar

ewoon said...

What's two soles for untainted justice for all the combined souls of Malaysians?

zorro, a blackberry i cannot afford but a pair of comfortable Clarks walking shoes i'll offer you for your senior citizen's bit to save the judiciary. i'm sure we can count on you for a lot more walks that will be forth-coming. Just let me know the damage; i am serious bro.