Saturday, September 29, 2007


Evil, chicanery, stealth, betrayal, disloyalty ( you name it) seem to find their habitat in the darkened corridors of power. Malaysia Today reported this:
In Malaysia, if you were to squeal on those from amongst you who are corrupt, you will suffer retribution. Now do you know why it is so hard to pin down those police officers who murdered Altantuyu? Many know what happened but not many dare come forward to reveal what happened. To do so would be detrimental to one’s health.

Take the case of Nordin bin Ahmad, a police officer. He investigated the underworld bosses and helped build up the case against them. He squealed on the dirty cops. And he was made to regret that. They used the ACA to kidnap his wife and children on 23 September 2007 with a warning that they will be released only if he presents himself at the ACA office and changes his testimony implicating the underworld bosses. Both Nordin Ahmad and his wife, Kalsom Mat Nor, have made police reports on the matter (which you can view in Malaysia Today.)

Yes, this is the same ACA that investigated the allegations against the Deputy Minister of Internal Security and the IGP and subsequently cleared them. If the ACA can resort to kidnapping the family of police officers and witnesses who testify against crooks, it makes one wonder whether you can any longer take the word of the ACA. It appears like they are accessories to crime rather than the eliminators of it. It appears like the ACA helps cover up the crime instead of going after the criminal. I know they say it takes a thief to catch a thief. But in this case the thief is protecting the thief and kidnapping the family of those who report the thief.

Today, I light a candle for the safety of Nordin Ahmad and his family. One candle in the dark corridors may not make much difference but it remains a fact that many candle power will brighten those dark corridors and bring to light the wrongs that have lurked in those corridors of power. My lone candle will remain on my sidebar until the threats issued to Nordin Ahmad is withdrawn and justice can run its course and that justice is seen to be done. Bangsa Malaysian, light yours in solidarity and in vigil.


ewoon said...

One more lit candle from me.

Anonymous said...

on my god, is there anymore law in this country?
after the judiciary, this is another confimation of the rot in the system in Malaysia.
whats next? the police? the politicians?

Anonymous said...

i dont think lighting a candle will be enough. i think there is a need for another march; this time involving the legal eagles, bloggers, NGOs and all those who care for the country.

zorro said...

Yes, a stronger demonstration of our purpose would be ideal. However, I subscribe to taking small bites...dont wnt to choke on bigger bites. Tks for support.



whatever little we can do..
i light a candle.

Damn such evil!

artchan said...

what the f@ck is happening to to our country..

This is unbelievable..I am shocked if indeed this happened. I was pleased to see the lawyers walk..And if anyone is organising a walk to the ACA..I will march with them.

And you know or do you not know what is happneing?

Anonymous said...

This is Malaysia Ku Gemilang for YOU. SOOOOOOOOOoooo GEMILANG.

Knock Knock wake up Badawi.. don't look at Myamar... clean your own backyard. Don't go to United Nations and scream.. You have enough to scream at in Malaysia.

One more candle for the galant cop. As a Buddhist my family and i will pray that you and your family are protected from any harm.

nstman said...

I have said it and I am saying it now. The struggle against lies, stupidity, hypocrisy, corruption and Umno cronyism goes on. Man, I am sick of it all. Sickos.

Theodwyn said...

I lit a candle.

Lung said...

it's lighted. But surely we can do more.

bayi said...

Let me light another.

We need all the light we can get. The Dark Side looks formidable.

Mat Salo said...

Not only a candle, Unker. A bonfire is what I got in mind... Count me in.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for the light, and I offer you my candle in return.

Old Observer.

mis_tey said...

Dear Zorro

Here's one lit candle from me.

Anonymous said...

You need napalm for this. At least flame throwers. Directed at those crooks.

Mior Azhar said...

Consider one more candle lit from me while I weep for my country.

Anonymous said...

Neraka berdarah punya orang!

Nordin tidak perlu malu menghadapi semua ini kerana yang maha esa akan sentiasa melindunginya dari kekejaman dari orang yang aniayakan dia serta keluarganya.

Saya tidak mahu menyalakan sebatang lilin ~ itu bukannya sokongan simbolik saya pada Nordin Ahmad serta isterinya yang penuh pengorbanan Puan Kalsom Mat Nor ~
tetapi saya mahu menyalakan UNGGUN API ~
tanda sokongan pada Nordin serta doa yang tulus ikhlas saya pada Saudara Nordin serta keluarganya.

Saya doakan saudara Nordin serta seluruh ahli keluarganya sentiasa sabar, tabah, kuat, sihat serta sejahtera dalam menghadapi segala tomahan, hasad dengki, khianat dan kesengsaraan ini.

Pintu neraka jahanam dengan api yang mendidih dengan meluap-luap panas akan menanti pada orang-orang yang aniayakan orang lain dalam menegakkan kebenaran.

" Ya Allah ~ laknatilah pada mereka yang aniayakan orang lain dalam menegakkan kebenaran. Bukakanlah hati mereka kepada kebenaran dan kembalikanlah kebenaran pada yang berhak menerimanya " Amin.

John Labu.

Anonymous said...

Dear bangsa Malaysia, I am with you even though I am thousands of miles away. it's really time all of us do something about OUR country!!!!

One candle from me!


Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...

Bro Zorro,
One more lit candle from Miri

Anonymous said...

What is Bodohwi doing!? Don't talk about Myanmar and scream your "Harakiri" in the UN but clean your backyard and my sympathies and many candles lighted for Saudara Nordin and family. May God bless and protect you and family.

the witch's broo said...

mr zorro,

i have two candles in hand and several in my room. after all, i am a witch!

and i curse those who have cursed this land with their vileness and evil.
may they rot right here on this good earth!

oombra coovra davradavra.. (oh.. by the way this is witch's curse)

galadriel said...

Sorry for the belated visit. I light a candle here in the hope that it burns all the corrupt asses in the country.

I light another candle in honour of Nordin Ahmad and the likes of him, unsung heroes whose conscience is their pilot as they wade through the river of filth that is governance in Malaysia.

patrickteoh said...

I humbly add a lighted candle here for the safety of and justice for the innocents.



Anonymous said...

Another candle for justice and for the love of this country. Stop the rot!

Sikembangcina said...

Keep The candle Burning - A dedication to police officer Nordin Ahmad

You think you're alone
There in your silent storm
But I've seen the tears you've cried
Falling down
And trying to drown
The flame of hope inside
Let me tell you now
Tell you now
When you're walking in the dead of night
When your soul is churning
When your hope seems out of sight
Keep the candle burning
All it takes is one steady heart
In a world that's turning
Shine a light and pierce the dark
Keep the candle burning
Keep the candle burning
When you're down and you're discouraged
When the darkness clouds your view
You got to gather up your courage
You know the Lord is gonna see you through..

my sweetlady said...

Count me in, Zorro, sir.

Johnny Ong said...

if wat u hav written is true - may God / Allah take control of the whole situation. we can't rely on such humans any more. those guys better pray hard that God / Allah's curse do not befall them

SnakeEyes said...

oh dear! Am i so ignorant to actually be shocked at this kind of news? but are things really to this extent or worse? i am shocked

StockTube said...

another candle from me ... need to buy more from 7-eleven ...

cheers and may god bless nordin and all the innocents ...


CP Waterman said...


Yes one lit candle from Paris.

Its up in my Bright-I blog too till justice is done.

Thanks & God bless!

joe penang said...

Dey tambi!
Ini negara demokrasi, bukan daddy Lah/beruang hitam yg kasi.
Payah sangat hangpa buat la camni. Isytiharkan Malaysia negara kuku besi, negara satu parti, haramkan demonstrasi.
Ikutlah cam negara Burma.

kepada nordin:-
Jika terpaksa mengorabankan keluarga, inilah salah satu ujian besar pada pejuang. Jangan undur atau mengalah. Kebenaran tetap ditegakkan. Lawan tetap lawan...

elviza said...

I rest my case with this person lah.

Two candles - from Luqman and his mommy

Annie said...

I lit a candle, too.

May Nordin and his family be safe.

Anonymous said...

i lit a candle too.
i dont know how you guys go on, i'm already now in the state of depression on whats going on with malaysia. mixed rice (2 meat one (chicken, pork) with one verge) is now RM5.30 in the suburbs!!! how can this go on? my neighbour house was broken into two months ago, two houses away. whats going on? why does the main stream media continue to promote their propaganda?

my heart is broken because they are blatantly robbing and raping negaraku by the billions. and simple thing like putting on a MT car sticker scares the hell out of the ordinary malaysians.

my heart is broken. is there no hope for Malaysia?

Sorry Zorro, trying to feel optimistic but pessimistic feel overwhelmed me the past week reading blogs especially on MT.


Justice Bao said...

I don't want to light a candle. I want to light a fire!! I want to light a fire to burn down those damn houses of corruption with all their dark corridors of evil and all those devils that reside within.

Anonymous said...

Wow Zorro,

Kidnapping is a Capital Offence.

What more if committed by the "protector" himself.

Can we call upon the YAB Law Minister to give his learned and well-informed view on the matter?

>>"can't believe this is really happening in Negaraku, Malaysia"

Ben said...

A great injustice not to mention the indignation. In this this justice generation, even as we show our compassion and feel empathy for them, there is a feeling of helplessness. It doesn't change anything.

We pray something powerful will happen. Let's live our lives for justice as a compulsion. No choice. Make this generation remembered as one that is compelled to stand up an make a difference, not as an obligation but a responsibility.

zaheer said...

This has gone too far, enough already.

Anonymous said...

Is our country run by criminals?

Anonymous said...

The world is moving forward but Malaysia moves backwards. And Malaysia wonders why more and more professional Malaysians are leaving the country. Think Badawi, raise your pillow and think. Corruption more than tripled, crime (robbery, rape, killing ... etc) more than tripled, security bragged about new and high tech equipments not to stop crime but how to catch silly traffic offense that will buffer up their pockets. All politicans just think how to triple and triple their assets overseas with your glorious steal from your OWN citizens while your own citizens suffer from misbehaved your consequences. Why the HELL should I support our government when they do NOTHING for us Malaysians. I am so FUCKING embarassed to be called Malaysian!!! Light up Malaysia and damn the useless present government and have somebody who is worth to lead the country to where we should be.

Anonymous said...

bushfire lit from aussie

one thing for sure, i am happy to see that i am not the only person who is heartbroken by the way our country is being run ... i'm sure there are enough of us to stand up against all these injustice ... who will lead us against these morons?

Peter Chen said...

Hi Zorro,

I would like to light a candle for Nordin too. Probably do it tonight if I don't end up alone in the house, and put it in a post in my blog plus a link to this post.

BTW where did you get the button/banner "We Walk with MalaysiaToday". I would like one on my blog too, to link to Raja Petra's blog. I can right-click and "save image" if that is not infringing your copyright. Only thing is, the text in your banner is a bit blur. Perhaps if you tell me where you originally get it, I will go there and get it from there and hopefully get one with sharper text. If you have the time, just comment in my blog (signature line) with the URL or your permission.

Peter (Blog*Star)
Guide to Malaysia

Anonymous said...

What phrase... super, a brilliant idea