Friday, September 21, 2007


Blogger Ahirudin Atan of Rocky's Bru Faces Contempt Hearing.

When I was a kid, and Dad was transfered up north and Mum couldn't leave her job with the British Army in Taiping, we had to vacate CEB (central electricity board, later LLN and now Tenaga) quarters, and rented rooms from a Punjabi family. This is where I learnt to eat chapati, admittedly the healthiest food ever, slept in a chopra (better than any bed you can imagine) learnt all the Sikh expletives and was told all the bahyee jokes, existing then. For example, Uncle Santokh told me that the sikh who likes to swim to cool down is called Kuldip Singh, a baby Singh is called Singlet, and an only son is call Jaswant Singh and coconut plucker is called Kernal Singh. Then as a bachelor I shared a flat with Baldev Singh and my colorful vocabulary flourished unabated. The Sikh community is the most close-knit community in Malaysia and their unity is legendary. In those hitch-hiking days we could always find refuge in a Sikh temple and we are assured of the main meals. My closest sikh buddy today is Harkam Singh who I teamed up with in HR consultancy work. So what has Rocky's contempt proceedings got to do with any Singhs. Plenty, excuse me, with one cow-boy. Sigh: always some bad apples in a barrel.
This guy, this mundia (boy Singh) is Shearn Delamore's legal assistant, the copy and paste artist called Rishwant Singh.....he just wanna be rich. See how the name fits. Some history about his exploits from a blog:

You see, Rishwant Singh, the legal assistant (LA) who enjoys being praised as a meticulous hawk for his research and case preparation, must have been consumed totally by the accolades. He did a copy-and-paste for two sets of Statements of Claims against bloggers Rocky and Jeff Ooi, respectively. The first set was dismissed by the defense counsel as FATALLY DEFICIENT.

Shearn Delamore, for all the salt it’s worth, could have just stuck to their gun and shifted no commas nor periods.

No, the Singh re-worked and filed an amended Statement of Claims against the two bloggers. Again, COPY-AND-PASTE!

And just read on stealthily: And hear thee! Here comes the double blows, a copy-and-paste headache for Shearn Delamore.

Recently, the Defense lawyers have applied to consolidate both cases under one Judge - thanks to the Singh who had the two cases made interlocutory.

This own-goal was illustrated by the Singh in Paragraph 33 of the AMENDED claims against Rocky, and Paragraph 24 (Page 103 onwards) of the AMENDED claims against Jeff.

Put it this way, the Singh has cleverly offered Defense counsels the best ground for Jeff to merge the two cases, while Shearn could still continue to bill The NSTP and its shareholders for the wonderful “services” delivered! (In football parlance we call it "own-goal")

Kalimullah wouldn’t mind because it’s not his money he is burning away. Would he?

And our friend said that between May 18 and July 8, Rocky had published six articles which were considered subjudice. He also maintained that Rocky had maintained a hyperlink to a blog Walk With Us. When you are over the precipice you do get paranoid that everything in blogs are against you, even gradnma's blog about her 87 year old paramour, whose tom-cat is called Rock.So what has this no honor among thieves see money-face didnt have the common, basic, professional courtesy to inform Rocky's lawyers!
Oh pudi-diah, mundiah!


Zawi said...

Lets hope they will fumble this case and the judge will see to it that it gets thrown out for an ill prepared case.
Yet we have to consider which side the judge prefer to please more, the political masters or the people at large.
Lets wish the best for Rocky and Jeff.

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...


When come to money, they will go for it. Tat's wat professional for them.

By the way thanks for dropping by. Hope to meet you soon.


Trashed said...

A brilliant piece, Zorro.

Now, will the mundiah be red-carded for ungentlemanly conduct?

Anonymous said...

hey, nasty pee pay for the legal bills and he dont give a damn. get a favoured judge to see out the case and has these two irritants ie rocky and jeff ooi off to jail. if they can fix the promotion of judges, they can fix anything in the courtroom.
meantime, the priest and god will enjoy his drinks and food in his little lovely restaurant in Bangsar while you guys sweat it out. for a little more fun, he might invite some friendly judges for some drinks there. eat your hearts out, guys.

arifabdull said...

walan eh, kenapa kerajaan bersungguh-sungguh mahu mengambil tindakan undang2 kepada ibu-bapa Nurin? kesian keluarga malang itu!

apakah ini semua ada kaitan dengan usaha untuk mengalih perhatian daripada isu video si Lingam dan masalah kehakiman kita?

bagaimana mahu tegakkan undang2, kalau badan kehakiman sudah hancur sejak 1998?


adakah tragedi kehakiman yang terpapar dlm video si Lingam nih mampu dan cukup kuat untuk menjadi momentum sehingga terjadinya Hartal?

Tahniah kepada para peguam yang sedang memulakan langkah ke arah mengajak rakyat turun ke jalan pada minggu depan. Katanya, semua rakyat Malaysia dijemput menyertai perhimpunan itu.

Harapan besar untuk melihat inisiatif para peguam ini akan disahut oleh setiap rakyat sebagai cabaran dan dorongan untuk kita mencapai perubahan demokratik berlangsung di negara ini.
Malang dan sayang sekali, jika usaha para peguam ini dipandang sepi oleh semua, termasuk NGO2, parti2, dan rakyat Malaysia.

Cukuplah kita ditipu selama 50 tahun. Politikus-politikus jahat itu sudah kehabisan masa dan kini bukan masa untuk mengharap dan berkompromi dengan mereka lagi.

Tegakkan kuasa rakyat!

~Rakyat itu Raja, Raja itu Rakyat~

ewoon said...


bier jou heh

zorro, i wouldn't blame you for thinking the above bahyee phrase mean you can reward yourself with a cold mug of the golden brew after an excellent piece, which is most appropriate.

Or, you can take it to mean "please, take a seat" after the applause has quietened down.

Great piece. Loved every word.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you that Riswant Singh is no longer in Shearn Delamore. He had recently joined Zul Rafique & Partners where Cecil Abraham is now Consultant. I think the NSTP files were taken to Zul Rafique when they left Shearn and Shearn is probably no longer on record for NSTP. Please verify this with Haris or Malik.

zorro said...

Anon 2:13pm: yes, I heard that he has jumped ship to join his mentor.Tks. will verify with H & M when they come back to town.

zorro said...

Yes, it has been confirmed that the files are now with his new employer.

alliedmartster said...

meanwhile...back in the farm!...he he
to borrow the phrase from the old sea dog....