Monday, November 19, 2007


pic/graphics courtesy of witso per kindness of Lulu

So what's this about RUNNING DOGS? How do you qualify to be a running dog? What's the definition of a Running Dog.

After some research I have come up with this:

...thug, running dog, one who performs evil for a powerful person or organisation

......a servile follower or lackey

[Translation of Chinese (Mandarin) zou gou : zou, running + gou, dog.]

In fact there is a book of this title:

Running Dog is a novel by Don DeLillo published in 1978. At its center is a rumored pornographic film of Adolf Hitler, purportedly filmed in his bunker in the climactic days of Berlin's fall. The novel follows a journalist as she tries to penetrate a murky black market of wealthy erotic-art collectors in order to locate the film. The tale grows increasingly wild and violent as she closes in on this bizarre grail.

The book derives its title from a fictional "underground" magazine modeled on Rolling Stone

So one can conclude that there isn't a thread of anything positive in this term Running Dog. As such witso was indeed kind with his graphics under the photo. He had a bunch of cute pedigree dogs. The pictures below would do more justice to running dogs. They are what we would refer to as mongrels, pariah, or what the Bahamas call them, pot-cakes.
Scavengers of carcass would also be appropriately appropriate!
And they usually move in packs......never cowardly single

Can anyone take a wild guess who is this running dog we are featuring. No prize for guessing. Yeah, after the BN government went to town spinning that the King did not looking kindly on the Yellow Wave, this government MCA lackey took the lead as chief running dog.

My blogger friend Lulu has this to say about this obese running dog:

Do you know that this uncle who called the press conference has run many times in Bukit Bintang, but never won before.
Exception, of course, would be the "For the election, Wee Choo Keong, everything. How much, no body would have done all these" court decision mentioned in the Lingam tape. And that of course, was not an honest way to be the MP for Bukit Bintang.
And in the 04 elections, probably because kalah so many times, he decided to field a woman candidate who garnered 18,821 votes, of which 24% were from postal votes.
Uncle, you of all people should know where Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Pudu, Jalan Alor and Jalan Merlimau is relative to the Palace, Dataran Merdeka, Masjid Negara, Masjid Jamek, Sogo and Central Market.
To blame the Bersih march for loss of business, man.... it's no wonder why he lost so many times




shanghaistephen said...

Is it the "ko-ko-kai lockter" of MCA who got the Bukit Bintang seat by default, right?
Dog is too nice an animal to be associated to this vermin, please !

GobloKing said...

please rocky !!

can we stop abusing and maligning the loyal dog & compare it to those fat donkeys in the photo??

i really dunno who they are but "just 1 look, that's all it took" and

u know, I know...WHO in their right mind would trust people looking so ... like dat??

sheesh...WE are ruining their peace and business???

If you see them, and if they are reading this; PLEASE answer my donkey-like question...

(hand on heart please)

"are you doing this for YOUR own good OR are you doing this for the good of Malaysia ??"

hard-T said...

His not a dog... read this story...
KUALA LUMPUR, Sat. - Ex-farm chicken price dropped by 30 sen today to RM2.80 a kilo a day after two areas in Perak were detected with the H5N1 bird flu virus.
MCA Agriculture Bureau Chief Datuk Dr Lee Chong Meng said the sharp drop in poultry prices was due to low sales as many people avoided eating chicken and poultry products out of fear of contracting avian flu.
"On the average, some 1.2 million chickens were slaughtered daily with each fowl costing about RM2," he said after launching a "eat chicken" campaign at Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur.

This area got lot of chick'en u know aaa zorro. So can call him **** (in malay) chicken.

Rocky's Bru said...



The Ancient Mariner said...

Lap dog more likely, but looks like a fat cat to me.

Anonymous said...

Let's not get any innocent animals tarnished by the scum depicted in the picture.
Better just to refer to those individuals, singly , or collectively, as excrement of what ever species one deems fit, horse, pig, cow, elephant, donkey, the choice is wide.

Given the verbal diarrhoea that they emit,
best to name them after shit!

MaryKate said... know what scavengers do, they never hunt alone, they hunt in packs, it makes them secure and stronger. When alone, they are lost and hopeless. AND,they will do all sorts of errands for whoever who feed them crumbs and leftovers. Generally,they dont need much motivation to do this, a small bone or pat on the head and you see them lapping up the attention. Shame on them!!

Anonymous said...

My dog is faithful, loving and vigilant. I am insulted that you assiciated him with my dog!

Anonymous said...

The blind leading the blind (adaptation...)

Uninformed and incompetent people leading others who are similarly incapable.

This appears in the Bible, Matthew 15:14 (King James Version):

Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

The Upanishads - the sacred Hindu treatises, written 800-200 BC. From Katha Upanishad we have:

Abiding in the midst of ignorance, thinking themselves wise and learned, fools go aimlessly hither and thither, like blind led by the blind.

muststopthis said...

last I checked, Bukit Bintang is no where near the Palace. In fact the closure of Jln Syed Putra from Sg Besi diverted all traffic to BB,what kok, this fat man talking?

meesh said...

Oh lets not forget the allegations of millions of dollars lost. Please dont joke la. By 5 PM everything went back to normal!! Such Bullshit. I was in the area as most of you were Im sure, and only McDonalds was closed. Trust a stupid capitalist American place to be closed to. :P And everyone else was open saven maybe gold shops la, for obvious reasons....

Bloody LIAR!

Anonymous said...

eating too much chicken, eh? thats MCA quality for you. damn good in carrying balls, that is.

Anonymous said...

This fat Chicken shit is on banned steroids, should be put down.

Anonymous said...

last time, he became MP because the supper GOOD JUDGE awarded him. REMEMBER - He did not win in an election.

Anonymous said...


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realist said...

arent they allowed to have their say in a democracy?
you are behaving just like the ruling govt when you degrade people like this.

you all had yr say during the opposition party march on 10-nov, whats wrong if this people want to have theirs?

do we have to go down to the level of name calling?

i thought u were fighting for equal ity amongst political parties. but i see you are nothing more like those UMNO scums who start degrading ppl when ppl dont agree with them.

zorro said...

My dear Realist. Get this very clearly: I do not fight for any party, BN or Opposition. I detest untruths and please dont generalise (Umno scums)....I have good friends who belong UMNO and are fighting within to right the wrongs. Care to read this from What a Lulu?

A businessman who runs a wholesale clothes business in Jalan Merlimau, lamented the impact on sales.”We lost about a million in sales on that day as most of our customers come by during the weekend. source : NST

if you did “a million in sales on that day”
and Lulu were to extrapolate it for the year,
Lets assume he’s closed on Sundays [give him the benefit of the doubt-la…]
Lulu’s wondering what the factor should be on weekdays. For retail outlets, wild guess 30% of weekend sales.
52 Saturdays x RM1mill + 5weekdays x 52 x300K = (wow) 130mil/annum!
at 10% PBIT (Lulu just came from a company strategy meeting, so pick up acronyms like this) that’s RM13mil!
wow! wow! and wow!

This estimation is on the low side of his boast, cos if you think about it, he’s a wholesaler, which means that retail outlets buy from him to sell to normal people like you and Lulu. And retail outlets are busy on weekends, meaning they buy from him on weekdays.

either he’s making a lot, a lot of money, or it was just a sad, sad MCA boast.


zorro said...

By the way Bogus Realist, those "businessmen" could have chosen an ELECTED MP. Remember, this RD never won an election. He was appointed by the illustrious now-permanently-retired CJ with governorship[ aspirations!By the way, we are in the midst of investigating if they are REAL businessmen or BOGUS, i.e. BN lackeys...or to use a very Chinese term....running dogs....and somebody is checking if the 1million a weekend businessman is paying his income taxes. How about that? Really real, huh?

Anonymous said...

anon 10.27pm

he didnt win election. he was given the seat thru my friend in the judiciary.
correct, correct, correct correct, correct.

Yorus truly,

Lingam Saucy News.

realist said...

well, anwar ibrahim too wasnt an elected MP, but ppl chose him to lead the rally. so what?

meesh said...


Dont mess with Granpapa! :P You're seriously a damn fool, you come to blogs intent on picking on us for exposing these untruths and then you have nothing concrete to back it up with.

Read the damn reports and arm yourself with knowledge. We encourage free expression and reports and I will be the first person to defend someone's right to speak (even if I don't agree with them), but dont run your mouth off when you have no clue what we're talking about.

We marched, and we got a chance to protest? GREAT, bastardised accounts in the press... but that's fine. We moved on. And then these people, who are clearly LYING and with an MP who was APPOINTED, NOT ELECTED uses this case and these fellas as lackeys for his own political mileage, cos everytime he ran HE DAMN WELL LOST.

And what kind of LIES do his constituents tell? Millions of dollars lost? THAT, is what we don't support.

So get a clue, or shut your damn ignorant trap.

Melvin Mah said...

whatever the case is, mca being the running dogs is somewhat an embarrassment for Chinese community. we thought that they would help us but instead kicked back and enjoyed the party. the just simply kotow to UMNO who is just full of semi-literal people as Anwar said. The thing to fight this is that the component parties must band up together instead of taking orders or clinging to the might of UMNO.

Anonymous said...

BANANA (US version) Show!!

Any real Chinese will clarify cause & effects
before they project!
so they can shoot with perfect
and not being direct
only in one topic
the Traffic
or only Demo be specific!
How about Police
or Politics?
The ELECTION'S & Projects' Magic
or women & kids' Panics?

A real Chinese is a human
with sympathic and logic!
Working with sweat or tear or even blood without magic!
When all these lost
no one can say say a word
but get lost!

Any real Chinese will learn
by their ears and eyes.
Not only with one ear or one eye
so to take real to survive
and not relying on lies!

If they care so much on a million?
When gone with billions
that lives the millions
headed by their traditional political head!
Anyone came ahead?

If no million working in the Street
can you make million off the street?

A Chinese will show wisdom in a show!
Any wisdom in this show?
Need anyone be told
that MCA was behind the show?
NO Real Chinese will say they are part of the show!!

Anonymous said...

They Trapped!
To talk business on the Walk!
MCA had lost
because they think
Business is the only thought
to Chinese in all walks!

MCA doubly lost and terribly lost
to put Chinese and Business in all spots!
and triply lost
to take aircon "Demo"
against a sweating, showering, tearing if not blooding walk!

Should all in the photo think the same?
Surely, they will loss fourthly
after some realized they were played Monkey on that spot!

Lost Fifthly, Sixthly, Seventhly... will come
if no more wisdom come!

ycg said...

Dear bogus realist,

i see that you are creating problem here as well (same nick appeared in MIS Disquiet). I called, dear bogus realist, a mouth piece for the gahmeh (in Disquiet), cos he sounded so much like one. you know, the seemingly undecisive type, the type that tells you in one breath that they dont support BN but on the next stinking breath criticising us PEOPLE for standing up against injustice. the type that tried very hard to get you tongue tied not because he/she champion the right cause but pot shot you based on technicality.

See the way he answered Uncle have not replied to uncle zorro's rebuttal to your 1st post here. instead, you choose to reply to [those "businessmen" could have chosen an ELECTED MP. Remember, this RD never won an election] with dumb-o [anwar ibrahim too wasnt an elected MP, but ppl chose him to lead the rally]. why ar? u up to no good is it? or you agree with uncle zorro that [either he’s making a lot, a lot of money, or it was just a sad, sad MCA boast]?

He said Uncle Zorro having 'your' 10-nov and why not 'they' have their say. Can the floor see that he cleaverly neglect to mention which of the 2 is having a just cause to fight for? it's all technicality with you, dear bogus realist, and that's why you sounded more and more like you were instructed by the gahmeh...either that or you had a really bad childhood. sorry you turn out the way you are....*sigh*...