Friday, November 23, 2007

HERE IS A CLASSIC CASE OF RUNNING DOGS ,LACKEYS, OR TURNCOATS...and to think of it.....we pay their salaries.

At 10.30am this Friday morning, the over-active authorities HANDCUFFED and ARRESTED human rights lawyer-activists, and Hindraf legal advisor, P Uthayakumar at this office. Sources said that he will be charged under the Sedition Act this afternoon. I am amazed at the speed and alacrity of the Police in this instance!

BUT WE FORGET THAT WE COMMONERS WILL NEVER GET THE RESPONSE THE PRIVILEGED GETS......and to think that it is our money that pays these cops.....well here is another example of RUNNING DOGS.

...and I have been waiting since September for the police to arrest the uncle of a State chief, who has sexually molested a 45 year old lady in Tanjong Karang. This is the background:

In July 2007, a 54 year old woman was sexually molested by a 70 year old man, her neighbour. The woman, Siti Asmidah Binti Sanusi, went to complain to the imam of the local mosque and he advised her not to make a fuss over the matter as the culprit is related to the Selangor Menteri Besar. The imam told the fraught woman that the sexual predator known as Samsudin is an uncle to Khir Toyo and was in fact his wakil calun during the last election.

Nevertheless, she could not keep quiet any longer because this was not the first time this man had molested her and by now the whole village was aware of the incident. So, on 12 September 2007, she made a police report. But the police did not take any action by virtue of the fact that the sexual predator is 'someone' and related to the Menteri Besar.

A reader sent me an email and asked:

In the meantime, we would like the police to explain what they are doing about the police report this 54 year old woman made. Is this 70 year old man that powerful that he can enjoy exemption from being brought before a court of law? When a minor who stole RM0.90 can be jailed for two years and another who left his identity card at home can be detained for six months, does this mean these crimes are more serious than the crime of sexually molesting a woman?

If this is not true and if the well-connected man did not sexually molest this woman, then maybe the police can arrest the woman for making a false police report and send her to jail for a long, long time. This will not be the first time that the victim is jailed while the criminal walks free. This is, after all, Malaysia, and in Malaysia semua boleh.




Kata Tak Nak said...

I didn't know of this case. That uncle deserved a second circumcision but this time all the way down. I am getting more and more disgusted with these bastards. Up theirs man.

Anonymous said...

this is not the first time nor the last. the bastardised institution doesnt seem to uphold law and order without fear or favour.
best wishes uthayakumar and mag god look after you and your family. remember righteousness will prevail over evil eventually.