Monday, March 23, 2009


THE TIME IS NOW! In the 60 plus hours Haris, Danny and I spent in Kuching and Batang Ai, everybody we meet says the time is NOW for change......even the barman at RUAI Bar in Greenhill. ITS NOW OR NEVER....CARPE DIEM!

I ask this brutal question: If the IBANS won't start this change, WHO will?

The BORNEO WARRIOR talks about it here:

"Now the war cry is for CHANGE. But the opponents remained unchanged. 18 years on, the might and the power of the State BN and Taib now has multiplied. Will the war cry for CHANGE be able to replace our salvo of DAYAKISM in the 90s? Time will tell. (Let me add: but there is no time left....NOW is the time!) But alas... the State BN has an "achilles heel"... look for that vital point and the whole world of the State BN will crumble...." (Better still, TED, point out the archilles heel to your brother bloggers....there seems be be little time left to look for the vital points.....this is my gut-feel from what I have gathered.)

Go HERE for the full story and make a good study of the VOTING PATTERN HERE




Anonymous said...


You guys talked about justice and equality etc. But how come you guys dont fight for Darren Kang??? He was the boy that was beaten to death by Nazri's son at Hartamas a few years ago.

How come the opposition and bloggers like yourself are silent on this great injustice and murder??

zorro said...

Anon10:51am....this is not related to topic of post....but I will allow this. You said: He (Darren Kang)

was the boy that was beaten to death by Nazri's son at Hartamas a few years ago.

YOU GOT THE PROOF....GIVE IT TO US...IF YOU DON'T HAVE THEM, THEN JUST SHUT UP and go back to work or whatever.

And you say we have not blogged about this. Look for this in my previous postings....I have no time to waste (for YOU)looking for my posting on this subject.

And if you have time to bitch about justice and equality, why dont you spend all your energy looking for Altantuya's murderer, instead of just bitching.

Thank you for you know that I can be a bitch too.

Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with Sarawak politics but, I am very positive the more educated urban rulers are taking full advantage of the less informed natives and their bureaucratic ignorance. I am glad Zor, have given us a better insight of the situation there.
It is a difficult task to dismantle a reinforced corrupted UMNO-BN structure. Perhaps, with a nuclear bomb!
They say, "Before we reach a thousand steps, one must begin with the first" This is good a time as any, to bring in the bulldozer.

Anonymous said...

Kepada kawan ABM yg kini di Sarawak. Terima kasih & tahniah kerana laksanakan agenda perubahan di sana.

secara peribadi, aku juga ingin berama kalian. namun, tugasan di sini menghalang.

Uncle, your prediction on the candidate for Batang Ai is precisely correct... hehehe

Anonymous said...

Is this guy writing about MY politicians or just being general ;-)

A Lesson to be Learnt
by John Andrews / March 21st, 2009

Politicians are well known liars; so well known that it hardly needs pointing out. Whether they are lying about spying on political rivals (Nixon), closing down coal mines (Thatcher), women they’ve had sex with (Clinton), or mythical weapons of mass destruction (Blair/Bush), lying and politicians go together like pigs and brown smelly stuff.

However, the very sizeable arsenal of tools of deceit available to their fingertips is not confined to the more obvious porkies such as these few crass examples. Indeed, for everyday purposes there are far more subtle devices available. Take the ‘honest mistake’.

Hardly a day goes go by without a very brief appearance of some important person in a suit on TV informing the nation about some inquiry or investigation into yet another government failure, where ‘lessons have been learnt’. It will always be some earnest-looking individual who appears to be truly shocked at the catalogue of ‘mistakes’ his/her investigation has revealed. The phrase ‘lessons to be learnt’ is now almost as familiar to our daily news as ‘and now for the weather’.

The most obvious and familiar calamity where the words ‘lessons’ and ‘learnt’ are as common as ‘failed bank’ and ‘government bailout’ is of course the destruction of the western economy. Almost every politician in the world, together with the media lapdogs who obediently peddle their lies, is standing solidly behind the cover story that the disaster was entirely unpredictable; that it was the result of numerous ‘mistakes’; and that inevitable ‘lessons have been learnt’ to prevent it ever happening again. Well that’s o.k. then.

Why ordinary people should waste a single second of their time listening to exactly the same people who ‘led’ us into the cesspit earnestly advising us on how to get out of it instead of grovelling for their lives as they should be doing, is a legitimate question that many are asking.

The institutionalised ‘honest mistake’ is nothing new. It has comprised a significant part of US foreign policy for at least half a century, and has been successfully employed internally by that nation almost since its creation. The American sponsored holocaust of South East Asia in the 1960s and 70s is officially recorded for the history books as a ‘well-meaning blunder’ – something that was admittedly disastrous but was an ‘honest mistake’, made by good people with the world’s best interests at heart. It is the sort of deceit that is almost plausible – were it not for the fact that an exactly similar ‘well-meaning blunder’ had occurred not ten years earlier – in Korea. You could be forgiven for thinking that even the slowest mind must have started to smell a rat when the failure of mythical weapons of mass destruction to materialise was basically excused by faulty ‘intelligence’. However, as that great teacher John Pilger has pointed out on more than one occasion, quoting the dissident writer Milan Kundera: ‘The struggle of people against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.’ (Freedom Next Time, p. 37.) In other words, whilst history continues to selectively ignore the memories of those who can well remember the ‘mistakes’, the ‘mistakes’ may be safely repeated over and over again.

This systemic ability to continue making ‘honest mistakes’ has been noticed by many others of course, and even excused by some such as historian Gabriel Kolko: ‘The world’s leaders and their governments have time after time revealed an ignorance that has cost humanity a price in suffering beyond any measure.’ (Century of War, p. 454) The assumption that the world’s condition of Permanent War is a product of the permanent ‘ignorance’ of our leaders explains how ‘honest mistakes’ may be endlessly made – it’s through honest ignorance.

Ignorance is something with which we can all identify – it is, after all, the condition in which we ordinary mortals are all carefully kept; so at first glance it seems reasonable that our ‘leaders’ might also suffer from the same complaint. Except for one small problem: all our ‘leaders’ have at their fingertips a wide range of very expensive experts who are supposed to guide them from one faultless decision to another. Either these experts routinely fail in their duty, or their guidance is routinely ignored. So ‘ignorance’ cannot be a valid excuse; it is either incompetence, or something far more sinister.

The examples from history of this ‘ignorance’ in practice are truly legion, as Mr Kolko pointed out; but let us focus on perhaps the most recent well known occurrence: the destruction of the world’s economy.

Hardly a day goes by without some ‘expert’ or ‘leader’ commenting on the ruin of the world’s economy in terms of the ‘mistakes’ made and the ‘lessons that have been learnt’ to ensure it never happens again. Included in the long catalogue of ‘mistakes’ is the one that no one saw it coming; the collapse of world banking took everyone by surprise. This is simply a flat out lie; and the evidence is widely available.

The first inklings of a serious problem started to become widely known about twelve years ago; for it was about twelve years ago that tens of thousands of UK home owners with mortgages began receiving letters from banks and building societies telling them that the endowment policies they held in the hope they would pay off their mortgages, in fact wouldn’t. It was about the same time the first major banking scandal of modern times had rocked the world with the revelation that a ‘rogue trader’ – Nick Leeson – had caused the collapse of Barings Bank through his dodgy deals. Dodgy deals that soon transpired to be quite routine and common practice; Mr Leeson’s misfortune being only that he was found out. A few years later, an exactly similar story from Germany demonstrated that absolutely no ‘lessons had been learnt’ from the Leeson saga. In other words, the banking world knew exactly what was going on and, as our ‘leaders’ presumably have access to the same news as the rest of us, we can assume that they did too. They all simply chose to look the other way. ‘Ignorance’ had nothing to do with it. It was simply a question of make as much cash as quickly as possible while the sun still shone and hope the rain stayed away until it was someone else’s problem.

Whether we look at the world’s carefully maintained condition of Permanent War, the destruction of its economy, or the ruin of its delicate ecology we find a common thread: ‘leaders’ making decisions that are later seen to be ‘mistaken’ or ‘ignorant’ by new ‘leaders’ who have ‘learnt lessons’ and ‘moved on’. In fact the most important lesson of all is studiously avoided – not because no one knows about it – but because our ‘leaders’ depend upon it for their existence; and that lesson is this: the whole decision making process of the world’s most powerful figures is institutionally corrupt and designed with the sole purpose of their own enrichment and empowerment. The welfare of today’s ordinary people is entirely irrelevant to them, and the welfare of tomorrow’s ordinary people is even less significant.

This, the single most important ‘lesson to be learnt’ should be learnt not by our ‘leaders’, who know it already, but by the ordinary men and women who alone comprise the only body capable of doing anything about it. For it is only when ordinary people take control of their own lives by making their own political decisions that global institutionalised corruption might be permanently consigned to the blood-soaked pages of history where it belongs.

Anonymous said...


Based on your show us proof thingy...

Out of curiosity then do you have proof on the Altantuya's murder??? Since you wrote about it, you must have the evidence, right??

zorro said...

anon 2:34: what did I write about the Mongolian? I asked you to go help look for the murderer.

Unknown said...

thank for spreading out awareness and all the wonderful works you guys have done for the country. salute you guys.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, Hope Ted tell us the "achilles heel" of B end but I doubt it very much. He is a person who writes one thing but does the opposite. He is amongst the very few dayaks who got contracts from B end, n doubt peanuts by B end standard but enough to induce him to forget his community.

Anonymous said...

I will follow your positive remarks and will write from the heart. Dont wori,i have had too many obstacles and as my former JCs Malaysia President Teresa Alberto said,Don't give up you will still win the hearts of many.
I serve with full conviction and will not be swayed easily.
Kindly link me up in your site.
I have linked yours to mine already. Great tks for the fatherly advice.appreciated

Anonymous said...


thanks for the mention. your link is up on mine. i hear that you and a few others were in kuching. i hope you enjoyed your stay. Too bad I wasn't with you guys at Grand Continental.