Thursday, March 19, 2009


For crying out loud, how many of us would keep paraquat within reach in our homes.....especially if we are living in an up-market condominium?

For want of some expert advice, is paraquat the latest detergent (deterent, whatever) against rats, snatch thieves, rapists, office predators, amorous rivals,......or is it the IN THING to boast: "I too have Pariquat."

For being blur, didn't the urine sample show no traces of paraquat properties and yet doc said that she died of paraquat poising.

For a fact, blood is always thicker than water but Saj's dad did not think so!!!!!

For a laugh, is the doctor-relative trying to unseat Priscilla Patrick?

For the records, the police woke up to the fact that there was no police report month after the fact.

For Police Inspector Genaral Musa's sake, where was the forensic team....piece of cake for them compared to retrieving bone particles in a forest.

For emergency, the doctor could find a place in any F1 team.....such innate traffic-flow instincts & timing.

For all those involved in the inquest, sleep well because......

For want of a better word, this inquest is intriguing indeed.


Anonymous said...

Damn, this high class Condominium do have weeds problem - where's my requisite bottle of paraquat when I needed it!

Whatif said...

Yes, very intriguing indeed! Anyone would have taken her to KLGH instead of all the way to Klang. Tawakal could be nearer too.

What is happening to Malaysia?!

Anonymous said...

ladyRP we get faster n preferential treatment if we know "someone" in the Emergency Department???? Hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Master there is no way it would have taken this bastard pari to reach klang in 45 mins even before the jam started in klang. Or don't tell me he is going to tell the inquest that he hired a f1 driver for that particular day.Bapa borek anak rintik and don't forget that mutal of a doc i say hang them by their balls.

gram.kong said...


How are you old chap, haven't been here for a long time.Although we,sometimes, may not be on the same wavelength in politics, I do value some of your comments and articles.

I have read with interest this most unfortunate and very confusing episode of the death of a young girl under very suspicious circumstances and am asking the same questions that you raised here.The implausibility of the story is incredible. The key just doesn't fit in the key hole.

Why would one need to keep paraquet if one live in a condominiuim? Paraquet has such a strong rancid smell how could one take it by mistake?

Bought a house,a car,dinners together and overseas holidays together with her and no sex.Sound so surreal.You and I know men only give their mistresses those kind of things and sex is certainly on the agenda.

This guy must be a saint.

Now that they have cremated her, the truth will never be known.

With new technology in forensic science, dead bodies do tell stories.

Anonymous said...

any asshole will know that the first thing to do is to order the urine for paraquat and then proceed with further management and in themeanwhile flushing out the poison by inducing vomiting or taking the aspirates for paraquat testing or theleast if the patient is brought indead urinecanstill be got by bladder aspiration. there is an attempt to hide the paraquat poisoning here. was the doc on call to handle the case. why is the director of klang hospital not involved.nopost mortem,oh mygod what shitty things are happening in the hospitals.where did this doc qualify from?derecognise the collegehe isfrom won't be suffice to get to the bottom of the truth

zorro said...

Hi SeaDevil, sure is a surprise to have you visit after such a long time. How's the mem and your daughter?

We may be on different sides but we do find a common ground to behave like professionals. Likewise my relationship with SakmongkolAK47 and Bengkel Waziboy (formerly Pade Doh). We have to agree when good sense dictates such. Like I always said, there are still many good people in UMNO who wants change. I know lots of them. I have more friends in UMNO than in MCA, Gerakan. It is easier for me because I carry no membership card.

Yes, forensic science can do wonders but are our people up to know the truth. That is the problem we are straddled with.

Take care my friend....and please shout if you come to our it still sepuluh tiga?


Monsterball said...

The inquest is being fed so many lies...its just unbelievable the guy expects us to believe all the junk ?

Paraquat is not something you normally find in an urban high-rise home. And it has a strong, very unpleasant smell, which is deliberately added during the manufacturing process.

I suppose he qualifies as the best employer in the,car, overseas holidays, strictly no s*x ?

Old Fart said...

Anyone can buy me paraquat from within 5km radius of where I stay in Jalan Ipoh next to that condo?

I guess for a city girl to drink paraquat it kind of makes it the cocktail of choice for Indians wanting to check out!!

I'm asking becaue I'm an Indian too and I don't have that favourite concktail in hand. Maybe Vel Pari can help!

telur dua said...

It is the latest trend to have paraquat in recycled Cola bottles and stored in the fridge.

Anonymous said...

another kugan?

gosh, even the hospitals are now infected by a disease called corruption.

whats left, zorro?

Starmandala said...

Paraquat is the poison of choice for estate laborers. Since Samy Vellu & his son Vel Paari emerged from that sort of scenario, it's natural that paraquat would be used to induce suicide in troublesome mistresses. To be fair to Vel, I can imagine the whole sordid melodrama where the lady finally gives up hope that the guy will ever "make an honest woman out of her" by dumping his first wife & marrying her. Being a guy myself, no matter how much money I had stashed away, I'd never buy a mere employee a luxury condo & flash car! A loyal secretary of either gender might get a no-interest loan to buy an apartment & perhaps be given a Proton Savvy - but that's about it! And why would I hire a beautiful starlet as my personal secretary unless I needed some real incentive to work late at the office? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hantu Laut,

hey i like u! u behave wiser than how Rocky does!

SameSame said...

Like I wrote in my blog..this stinks heavily of S*it la!. Romeo and Juliet gone him so much but sucide becos he buys her so many lavish gifts...and he wants nothing in return! fat a**e. What a load of crap unloaded for us to read!

All and sundry in this country linked with politics and BN are so full of....... (you finish it yah)

Anonymous said...

The problem is, when we pay half baked so called professional, we get half baked result...even unbelievable result!

Benjamin Nicholas Cameron said...

Dear Bernard,

On a separate note, I am moved with tears, when I read of the kindness showered to employees of MIC-Maika. With extremely generous benefits such as condos , RX-8, overseas holidays, siblings' further studies plus even underwriting of overseas business venture thrown in ; I can't help to think that HINDRAF is so sowrong!

Anonymous said...

Was she pregnant? Or was any attempt to verify this ?

resident.wangsamaju said...

Now, the whole thing smells fishy doesn't it. I sense that luck is going to run out for dad & son soon.

Anonymous said...

It is high time Indians especially from the MIC (Malaysian Indian Crooks) get rid of the father and team for good.

They have plundered, highjacked money meant for the welfare of Indians and raped and connived at the murder of the Indian community and still have the gall to pretend to lead the Indians.

Either MIC wakes up and throws these two to the dogs or to MACC aka Malaysian Asses for cows and cars or be wiped out in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

All cases of poisoning or suicide are always treated with suspect. It is strange that a case of "suicide" or "accidental poisoning" is let off without a full postmortem. Only a police above the rank of an inspector can decide not to have a pm done in certain circumstances, but not in this case. Also why the hurry to dispose of the body by cremation?

Anonymous said...

Such a contrast in the standatd of investigation. Just two days ago an indonesian contract worker was sentenced to three months jail and fined RM1,500 for making a false report that a policeman had gone through his wallet and for tarnishing the good name of indonesian workers in this couintry.

Here no postmortem. May be we should start with the doctor. Come on Medical Council of Malaysia and Bar Council wake -up before it is too late.Do you not have anyone in your Council who is willing to take up this matter without talking about fees. Bumi Man

Anonymous said...

The Director of General Hospital Kuala Lumpur should sue theis man for casting aspersions on the staff who run the Emergency department. I had an experience and I must say that the staff was very helpful and had done their job to my satisfaction. Adilan