Tuesday, March 24, 2009


If it was somebody else who was to stand in Bukit Gantang, the BN would not have panicked. Yes of course this is a referendum over the BN's illegal takeover of Perak. Those little minions in Perak, from the Judicial Commissioner, the State Legal counsel, the clerk who did not allow the Assembly to be held, and the Police who flexed his muscle, must be desperately seeking transfer out of Ipoh.
YB, GO GET 'EM scums out of Perak......oh, yes....dont forget that city council cicku who ordered the desecration of the Democracy Plaque. Give this traitor-maggot to us and we will try to look as friendly as a lynch mob. Give the whole lot to us and we will make them choose between the pain associated with the extraction of a root canal and ripping off a toe nail. Dang, I am getting a bit uncomfortable with this sadistic stance. But, luncheow, this is my home state....a citizen by operation of law!


arifabdull said...

Dear Uncle,
Did you get the msg I sent through sms via Delcapo? I need to call back that guy with the answer.

thank you very much...



wandererAUS said...

Oh! I like to get my hands on that novice JC, that c#nt sure stinks...puiii!
It is beyond me, how these ass licking bastards can stoop sooo looooooow...do we taxpayers, need to support these low beings?
Don't forget the two corrupted China Doll lovers and that ugly slug, who created this State impasse. Let Perakians deal with them!
(Forgive my language, I could not find a better way to describe them)

BoyDontUcry said...

Perhimpunan Agong UMNO kecoh

bennyloh said...

Yes, Go Nizar Go Get Them. I had to attend your talks in Subang Jaya even though I was one of the ten chinese among the thousands of PAS members who attended this PAS ceramah.
But, luncheow, this is my home state....a citizen by operation of law!
For I am a PERAKIAN too and you are my MB

wizsurf malaysia said...

Spoken like a true brave Perakian , as are 4 of us wishing to emulate the Great One .

Go get them Pasir Panjang

Andrew Ong said...

Wah Uncle Khoo... Lunch Ciao pun keluar... dasyat...

Anonymous said...

You are getting a bit angry uncle...take care, I also gerammmm real gerammmmmmm.

sinnerconman said...

Dear masked bandit,

Ripping off a toe nail, better still is the big toe nail and it is much painful - just pain and plain simple pain and unforgettable too.

Me also from silverland which was turned into timberland on 3/3/09 when the emergency sitting was literally sitting under the rain tree.


Jong said...

Nizar, the most popular Menteri Besar Perak ever have, is the best choice candidate for Pakatan Rakyat. Perakians simply love him! He will win Bukit Gantang hands down and there's no doubt about it.

Go Nizar, let's durian them at Bukit Gantang!

Anonymous said...

I saw those devices used in the Spanish Inquisition on tv. I would love to use those on the buggers mentioned. And I am not a bit squeamish. I think I will enjoy it, especially on the incompetent junior judge.

Anonymous said...

rahmaN(Nizar) = GODBLESS ! viva PR !

Shazlee said...

Dear Uncle,

My dad encourages me to read blogs to gain more knowledge. He says that it will help me with my english and hopefully I can do well in my UPSR this year.

I dont understand politics, but i just read what people say in their blogs.

Can you please explain to me what the meaning of the word luncheow is please?
thank you and best regards

Please keep house in order also said...

Published: Tuesday March 24, 2009 MYT 11:31:00 PM
Speculation rife that Jeff Ooi to quit as chief of staff

GEORGE TOWN: Speculation is rife that prominent blogger Jeff Ooi is quitting his position as chief of staff to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Ooi did not deny the speculation when asked, but pointed out that when he agreed to the post last March, he had made a pact with Lim that the appointment would be only for one year, or “once the (state) administration is on the right track.”

Ooi, also the Jelutong Member of Parliament, refused to comment further.

If he does resign, he would be the second person from the Penang Pakatan Rakyat state administration to resign within a week.

On Saturday, Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin had tendered his resignation as deputy chief minister I and state executive councillor effective April 8.

Anonymous said...

uncle zorro

i) yb nizar will increase the majority in bukit gantang.

ii) we need more malay-languaged posts...

iii) only the malays can persuade the malays, effectively.

iv) tq 4 all the hardwork u & ur gang has done for us.


Anonymous said...

You are a stupid idiot

Anonymous said...

uncle bernard,

let me ask you a question. i was made to understand that your trip to sarawak was a meaningful one. but why the trip was made so short?

was didnt all of you stayed back till the end of the elections?

something went awfully wrong as the candidates were not rightly placed.

is that right uncle bernard?

zorro said...

andrew ong....you got a problem with luncheow?

Anon 10:47....whadya mean a little bit angry....I am fucking angry if you dont't mind

Shazlee....your papa encouraged you to read blogs....go ask papa what luncheow means. Sad, if you are chinese you dont know what it means! Dont come here to improve your english....sure you kaput in your UPSR.

Anon 1:18am....it takes a more stupid fellow to recognise another stupid fellow. Have fun being stupid. Of course it will tax you a lot to ask you to explain why I am stupid. Anyway stupid idiots have no name or are they afraid to come out front and say who they are? Fat chance.

Jong said...


Uncle Zorro when he's angry he scolds even the innocent luncheow which is "blue bird" in hokkien dialect. Nevermind, just excuse him.

donplaypuks® said...

I Polis Raja apparently infiltrated the Democracy Tree Plaque auction and have now determined that it was an illegal gathering! Charges are to be made in bits and pieces.

Luncheow, how desperate can they get? Bad news like this completely put me off my beakfast luncheon meat and toast!!

shar101 said...


I agree with what 4RAKYAT aka Anon (1.01am) wrote on item 2.

Checkout - http://perakexpress.com/www

It's a group of BM bloggers who called themselves the 'BloggersNetwork' and they have already set up base at Bkt Gantang since last Thursday.

BRB will need to outreach this bunch in due time coz they're basically... errrrmm .. the home team mah. I've got their contact numbers for our further deliberation. Wink2.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Shazlee, luncheow in different intonation have difference meaning. It can be identified as 'blue bird', 'man bird' or organically correct, 'spirulina'.

Ah, quite confusing also.... all this luncheow lan causing misery to the state of Perak.

zorro said...

OBE...email all necessary details to me please.

Anonymous said...

i no Perakian but YB Nizar u r wat every decent rakyat look for in an MB. very much the same quality that pple respect when they hear Obama speaks. we nid an avalanche to bury lan-niao BN-UNMO. never feel so depressed b4 in my life being forced to accept a lanlang nude-PM. nude (not 'new')bcos it makes no difference he wears anything or not as any decent human being can see thru his camouflaged evil plan for a doomed-malaisia.


down with tyranny said...

Go YB Nizar! People power will prevail!

Anonymous said...

The idea of demolishing more commemorative plaques is good for Pakatan because they can raise more funds from the auctioned broken pieces for collection. So erect more for the 'Tree of Democracy' and they would sell like hot cakes more than the goreng pisang for UMNO delegates during their Assembly.

new fart said...

I like YB Nizar. He looks decent enough and he is probably the best person to lead all Malaysians as one people. Let's give him all the support! He is the future of a new Malaysia!

Wong Pencen said...


You are real smart boy and from your writing, your English is much better than many bloggers. So go back to your father and advice him to give you a better advice.

And your manner, with your please, thank you and beat regards is far better than many bloggers and learning the meaning of the word that you ask will not improve that.

But mostly, if you inject that level of sense of humour while answering your UPSR papers, you will make some teachers happy, marking your papers.


Makkal Sakti said...

luv the closing comments, they're hilarious! couldn't stop laughin for a good 10 mins...

Anonymous said...

Nizar is our future to Malaysia !!