Sunday, March 15, 2009


I spent some three hours reading links to this subject. I questioned if the pictures were anti-Iranian propaganda. Some said it was real, others said that it was street theatre. Since I was not able to authenticate the veracity of those pictures and the story, I have decided to bring down this posting. This is the first time I am bring down a posting. Again I apologise if sensibilities have been hurt. It was never my intention. I thank those who posted comments as their comments led me to probe further on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bernard,

I was also very enraged when I first saw that many months back. Then, someone clarified the scene and that made me feel better.

The problem with us is that we have been bombarded with so much bad news nowadays that we almost always jump to conclusions. Although some sadly turn out to be true such as the 75 yr old women being whipped (refer Syed Akbar’s blog) and the 14 yr old girl being stoned to death in Nigeria or Somalia, we have to be vigilant in verifying such news items before passing them on.

If only, education could reach out to all 4 corners of the earth, perhaps such atrocious events may be reduced or eradicated. Although you may have erred in getting a couple of points incorrectly but these are honest mistakes done without malice unlike some others who spin and spin with agendas of their own.

Please continue your good work in bringing about a conscientious Malaysian society, where justice and fairness should prevail. Take care.


KTemoc said...

Bernard, alas I missed that post but if it is about photos showing a truck about to run over a young kid's hand on the allegation she was punished in Islamic fashion for stealing, I have seen that before.

I and many others saw the truck carries Israeli registration (licence plate had Hebrew letters), so how could that be in Iran? It was definitely an Israeli registered truck.

She also had a blanket to cushion her arm (why bother if the punishment was to 'crush' her arm?)

'Twas just a roadside 'strong medicine' show not unlike our Malaysian version of Chinese kungfu strongman bending iron rods with their neck.

Indeed if it was those series of photos, it's part of an Israeli campaign of demon-izing Iran - meant principally for American audience.

The Israelis want to whip up anti Iranian feelings (of disgust) in USA so that the US Administration could be pressured into bombing Iran's nuclear plants, or at least approve Israel's intention to do so.

Too bad those clowns didn't change the licence plates ;-)