Monday, March 16, 2009


I received this on my comment box this morning over YB Gobind's issue:

Brunt Council said..

You are getting awfully boring and shallow. Parlimentarian must set a good example and not make unsubstantiated allegation.

As of now, Gobind has been suspended a year. Thats justified. Giler panggil orang pembunuh.

(deleted, as it maligns somebody not related to this posting; if BC has a quarrel with this person he should do it in that person's blog and not here. That is only common sense and basic etiquette).

Strangely you have fans. It only means there are many like minded shallow, boring and giler people like you, Zorro.

Please please zorro, do retire from blogging and stop your comments politics. You are writing garbage. It just shows you just do not understand politics.

Go do something else.

March 16, 2009 1:29 PM

It is difficult at my age to give up this habit of blogging. It is so uplifting especially it ferrets out the worms in the smoking 'em out.
Yeah, why don't you teach me a trick or two about good blogging. I am a willing learner if you are a good teacher. However, if you cannot share your wealth of knowledge, then get the fuck out of this blog. If you do not like what you read, why waste your time in here. You will learn nothing and cannot take back anything to your master.
Or better still, start a blog.....put your real you in the "About Me" section and let us all learn from you.
Tell you something. how to stop lah when I get this type of response (below). Of course you did say that my fans are as gila as I am. Maybe they will respond to this. I leave it to them.

These are my readers lah to stop not having you as a reader is no great loss. However I will miss your fart, as they seems to have more substance than what you enunciate verbally.

You remind me of of those distrubed souls who get nightmares during day time. You know something? I like something about you.....your complete lack of ego. GOTCHA!


Anonymous said...

you cannot stop blogging as I depend on you for accurate news. I have long stop reading the Main Stream Media for their lies and feelgood propaganda.

Please continue your good cause Bro!

Peace, Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

r u giler ? mr. gilabodoh dung, get LOST !!

Anonymous said...

Read the f***ker Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz's hypocrisy and lust

Anonymous said...


What Brunt Council said is TRUE. Be fair & be sporting sikit, bro!!! Brunt Coucil hit you right at where it hurt most & the ironic thing is that "YOU LOST". Just becos you CAN'T accept FACTS & FAILURE.....You now wanna be a SPOIL SPORT???? Grow-up, ok???

From a neutral point of view....Brunt Council 1, Zorro 0.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,
You don't know me but I'm your regular reader & supporter ever since i discover your blog. Don't let this 'dickhead' ever stop you from blogging.
Keep up the good work brother !!!

Anonymous said...

Don't waste too much time on him, Zerro. Sycophants and umno apologists like him, unfortunately are still many in Malaysia. Even in the august house.


Anonymous said...

hahahah zorro,
he should thank you, for at least having the courtesy to approve his comments.So like, dont visit la betul tak??

Anonymous said...

Brunt Council - If you don't like a particular blog then don't visit it. Why do you still visit Zoror's blog when you think its 'boring and shallow' ? It is not right to ask a blogger not to blog. No point in giving unnecessary comments which in no way relates to what the blogger is writing about. I always read blogs with an open mind. This is because most of what is written are opinions of the bloggers and I do not 'pull' my hair or have steam coming out of my ears if I do not agree with what is written.Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Its either you buy it or just leave it.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, m with you and please dont stop. MSM is nothing but shit and I dont read them just a waste of money.If I write to them not in sync with B end views they dont get published not like your blog Brunt Council dont agree with you but his comment get publish by you. Your blog is hurting B end esp now in Sarawak, so they are trying to get you to retire. AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN

Donplaypuks® said...

Yeah I've come across this Bruntcouncil's shallow comments on other bloggers' sites.

Zorro, I think he's afraid of people like you (and me to a much, lesser extent)who fight for truth and justice. That obviously means he's pro UMNO/BN. Ergo utter lack of understanding of blog etiquettes and principles of free speech and democracy!

As you say, let BC start his own blog and we'll see who reads it, if any!!

bn haramjadah said...

neutral and his or her ilk of loosers and umno sponsored leaches and cyber troppers, get a job a life, here 5 cents, pergi main jauh jauh sikit kechik, leave the thinking to adults and intelligent people, when you have the aptitude of a twit what would you expect from a rempit and pekida mentality.

Unknown said...

zorro, you got one bad apple in the huge cart lah. tip it out and it will biodegrade. since it is also the size and has the mentality of a paramecium, it will soon return to its tiny atoms. then ... puff, gone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernard,

Take that pipe of yours & shuff it right up your OLD ARSE!!!

Starmandala said...

Grunt Council & Neutered, we the rakyat pay your salaries to ensure public order & private security. You are supposed to do that professionally & without racial or political prejudice. Don't waste our time displaying the abysmal dimness of your intelligence. One Zorro is worth 100 million shitheads like you.

Anonymous said...

'Be fair'. The judiciary and constitution has been raided. People dissappear. Abuse happened. Double standard. Selective prosecution,and it goes on. Fair, what is fair?

Anonymous said...

uncle zorro

take it all in like the likes of these comes along every now and then...

the best way to deal with a to ignore it.

u have more urgent things to attend to...the by-elections for starters.

keep up the good work uncle zorro.


Anonymous said...

kecoh la. its bernards rights to blog whether you like it or not la. accurate or miss fire pasal dia la. lu tak suka what or how he writes, gi la layan tempat lain la. apa ni 1-0, kalah menang? ade competition ke? grow up la cybertrooperkiddos ni bukan game, ni blog dia, paham? suka hati dia nak tulis apa!

Anonymous said...

Zorro is our favourite and will always be. You cannot change that, Mr, whoever you are. Get it?

Anonymous said...

Why bother with someone who calls himself Brunt Council? Anyway a more accurate handle whould have been Grunt.

Anonymous said...

I'm normally a lurker, but negative comments like this push me to comment and say to you "please keep blogging!!"

Comments like these validate your blog as much as the positive comments. The fact that you have haters means you're doing the right thing! =)

I've read your feed for ages and will always be reading it, so please keep blogging and ignore those negative comments!

Anonymous said...

this giler fler : he/she/it(?) doesn't know what is 'gila' = a 'it' lah !

Anonymous said...

Most probably, this CJ is not Chief Justice but a Chief Jerk and a sycophantic cyber trooper send by Armno to wage war here, in our territory..... If the Jerk doesn't agree with us, then get the f##k out of here!!......Silent Observer

Anonymous said...

this gila 'it' is cemburu of u lah , el Zor !!

SOBA said...


Anonymous said...

at least they are sending those who can actually write & spell with reasonable skill =]

Uncle Zorro, pls allow me...
Oi BogsCleaner & Neutralised....


We dun always agree with him... but it's HIS blog..

okok.... maybe they will come with brains, not just language skills...

shar101 said...


With three forthcoming by-elections, the blog psy-war begins in earnest, yet again.

You've engaged Sakmongkol and PadeDoh/Waziboy during the KT by-election and both sides remained civil in spite of having opposing political views and despite the outcome, the mutual respect continues.

Kudos to you for initiating intellectual discourses with like-minded bloggers from the 'other' side through your 'Friday Blogger' series which you've done on your own volition.

You brought credibility to the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers, bro.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Gobind's suspension will serve notice onto the wide powers of the House Speaker, whether at Federal or State level, which the BN MPs might not realise as having a bearing to the case in Perak.

As you've said, Z. Gotcha!

Donplaypuks® said...

Honestly Zorro

Why do you publish reaally low iQ comments like Anonymous 5.03 p.m.?

Anonymous said...

Rosmah slapped her husband Najib, the next prime minister of Malaysia!

There is this hot SMSes going around saying Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor slapped her husband Najib Razak, the future PM of Malaysia, in front of journalists in KL recently!
Not only the future lady, Rosmah, slapped her husband in front of a bunch of journalists in Kuala Lumpur recently. She also has the audacity to also supervised, together with to other persons, the blowing up of a foreign woman in a forest out of town. She did that to cover he husband involvement with the blown up woman.
Yes, Najib had one hell of a sexy and sordid affair with this Mongolian woman and bore her a child. So to protect the secret he ordered the woman to be killed, otherwise he cannot be the next PM.
Feeling remorse Najib converted to Hinduism secretly, I suggested Buddhism to him as the ritual is a lot easier. Being a Hindu Najib now has to break coconut during Thaipusam ritual and climb the stairs, sigh!
BTW what was not reported by Malaysia Today was the fact that a spaceship had also landed on the murder site when the murder took place and when Rosmah was supervising it. When asked why did he not report the alien landing in his report, Raja Petra Kamaruddin said: "Hey! Nobody would believe me if I said a space ship had landed. IN fact one of the aliens was actually asking Rosmah for the nearest MacDonald?!...come on... if I report that I will be a laughingstock of the whole country, and I will no get the respect of YB BABI anymore!"

Sigh! This is a very sick country and Malaysians are just plain gullible. Heard about a story of how expensive a Malay brain is...and why?Well, because it is hardly used!

Cheers I am leaving for Canada!

Unknown said...

I am a big fan of yours and eff the bastard who called me 'giler'.

Anonymous said...

These Umno bastards want war. We will oblige. These Umno bigots and corrupt bastards want war, we will deliver. We will teach Umno bastards what war is.
My last message to Umno bastards: We will fight you in the air, we will fight in the seas, we will fight you in the land, we will let you see stars on High Noon. kWe have had enough of Umno bastards. The whole country is sick of you corrupt bastards. We want to bury you bastards.

Unknown said...

Uncle Bernard,

You are in your element in this post and you got him where it hurts!

I applaud your fire and brimstone tongue-lashing and am totally amazed at your ingenuity in conceptualizing your rebuttals!

Brilliant! Please don't ever stop blogging!!! Hubby and I read your blog daily!!!

Blessings to you and yours

Anonymous said...

tis brunt cowcil smells like my hamster that has not been washed for 2 wks ..... phew!

njoy reading ur blog very much!


Anonymous said...

I'm reading your blogs everyday from Philippines where I work. Been reading shit in the govt controlled newspapers that has never been fair to oppositions before and during the days of the blogs. Now they the BN are saying that the PR govt in PR contolled states are not fair to the press. Damn it, I wasn't born yesterday. I was never supportive of PR but I must say that going home to Penang recently changed my mind about the PR led govt. Komtar is nicer than ever and roads that were so bad are now in better shape to take people to their destination. To all the critics of PR govt in Penang...just shut the fuck up and let them do what they should be doing. The BN has been controlling the state of Penang for too long and things got worst for the residents and we are hardly that vocal. Now we have a PR govt governing for a year and we can see some fair to them. If they can't make it, vote them out the next election.

Anonymous said...

Brunt Council.. you remind me of the Evil Council in Kung Pao!

Hahaha... maybe your real name is BETTY!

Get a life! Leave our hero alone!

Anonymous said...

Another penyu.

Hey, i suspect all these anonymous Kamal Basah, Brunt Council, Neutered.. all these sound like the same person lah...

Alamak... lost identity.. not easy becoming cybertoopers for UMNO eh... tapi takpe lah.. i bet u guys are making real good money doing what u guys are doing..

Drop in to Malaysia Today, Zorro Unmasked, People's Parliment, leave some dumb comments, then proceed to surfing your porn sites..

This is how our money is wasted on penyus like u guys..

SOldier on, Uncle Zorro.. WE ARE BEHIND YOU!

zorro said...

Blogger donplaypuks® said...

Honestly Zorro

Why do you publish reaally low iQ comments like Anonymous 5.03 p.m.?

Shank, just to prove a point that Anon 5:03's remarks is akin to the desperate meowing of cat being strangled.....words that even a vegetable would be ashamed of.

Anonymous said...

brunt council,

why dont you tell Najib and Rosmah to stop murdering other people?

oops, i was just joking coz they are both saints and wouldnt do anything that bad.

brunt, why dont you start your own blog to glorify the PM2B. But though make sure his wife is equally happy else you are FUCK big time.

meantime, continue to tell Zorro to butt off, ok.

and meantime, can i check whether you have a mother, brunt? DOUBT YOU HAVE ONE and i am sure your surname is not Brunt. That sounds like a BASTARD.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Some are just celaka's cyber troopers paid just to do that.
I wont be bothered at all by such.

And i am in total support to Gobind and Karpal Singh .
Only the cowardice celakas will suspend and use sedition act.
And i am sure the botak is ready with the ISA papers to incarcerate Karpal if the sedition fails.

Eyes Wide Open said...

ha ha ha! zorro plenty of these dudes floating about in cyberspace nowadays. They even take time to try and whack a small-timer like me.

I gave them back something similar to what you wrote la. It's on my blog if you wanna read it. That was a real RIOT!!

It's just too much fun to point out their little swinging willies when they don't even realise they've dropped their pants and exposed their small...minds!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,

Please don't let losers such as BC and 5.03 affect the momentum.

We have 3 important battles ahead, especially in Batang Ai from a moral point of view.

I want to also say thanks on behalf of Malaysians who are just not as brave and dauntless as you are, for standing up for decency, justice and equal rights. May Allah's peace and blessings be with you.

(BC, relax I'm a Muslim!)

Anonymous said...

Heya Uncle Bernard..
Dang, if u aint giler, then u must be damned cool to take all those shit from Brunt Council. :p Yeah, tell him to get the fuck outta here if he doesn't like what he reads here.. soldier on, "gud ole general" !!!

chai n tea said...

keep blogging Zorro..pedulikanla org lain nak kata apa. Mereka xde kerja la tu

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

el Zor Sir, leave these @#$%^&* 'gilars' alone : we have MORE vital
issues, esp. the buy-elections, to handle, ok !?

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

The attack on you and your blog is directly proportional to the success you are achieving.

sigh...if only they will spar with you intelligently. it kinda looks like they got nothing between the ears...and elsewhere since somebody don't even bother to turn up to face the brave ones such as Admiral Tojo and delC.
so who is being celaka now?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got a lot of comments of support, guess pointless for me to say the same, but of course, don't stop blogging, lets see the Blue Blitz in action in Batang Ai.
(or will you and RPK be coming on the back of some crocodile instead?)

Anonymous said...

Sir, just keep on blogging. I respect your tireless efforts in getting the news across to the many like me who had nothing to turn to, except the government propoganda for news. Everyone has a choice to read whatever they want to read but coming into to your blog and calling you all kinds of names is not being profession. It takes a bigger one to know one. If one does not agree, write in with one's views. I'm a Malaysian and I'm proud of of my nationality and I think Malaysians are a better lot of people. So, for these names calling people, please don't lose your self-respect by acting so uncivilised. Our parliment is already looking like a circus in the eyes of the world for having arrogant members of parliaments pissing off their opposition by name calling. Politics are for professionals not childish people.

zorro said...

Herr Wenger,

Happy for you KJ is cleared.
No can lah the Blue Blitz to cross the South China Sea. I figure the group of Sarawak bloggers are making strides and of course they know the demographics and logistics better. What do you think....Batang Ai to PR?
If you see the BB in the two bukits, holler our and we can have some tarek.

Pat said...

Hey Zorro,

Way to go! Hahahaha. I am a fan and proud of it.

But I understand why you leave the idiot comments here: give them the rope, and they'll hang themselves, no?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! Love your blog so much!