Saturday, March 7, 2009


Serdang Hospital director Dr Mohd Norzi Ghazali earlier alleged that Kugan's body was tampered with by a mob of about 50 relatives and friends at the mortuary before pathologists had conducted the post-mortem. Dr Norzi also alleged that Kugan's fully-clothed body was in a body bag, which had been torn open by the mob.

In their police report later, the medical officers, who said they were hiding in an adjoining room, said they were shocked to see a pool of Kugan's blood on the mortuary floor.

This, the report said, indicated that wounds on Kugan's body could have been inflicted after his death.

The New Straits Times learnt that police had completed their investigation into the incident at the Serdang Hospital mortuary which they had classified as fabricating false evidence with intent to procure conviction of a capital offence.

The charge carries a jail term of up to 20 years and fine.

(And just a reminder. We have seen a video clip where the door is opened and the mortuary personnel is gesticulating for the "mob" to come in, thus dispelling forced entry. And of course those who were hiding next door could be charged for complicity to cover up. Dang, the net will bring in quite a group.)


Health Ministry denies hiding Kugan post mortem findings (Update)


PETALING JAYA: The Health Ministry has never hid the facts and findings of a post-mortem conducted on A. Kugan, the detainee who died in custody.

Director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said the Ministry confirmed that the Serdang Hospital forensic pathologist had performed his duty ethically and professionally when conducting the post-mortem examination.

There was also no indication that the forensic pathologist was hiding any fact over the post-mortem, he said.

He added post-mortem report had been given to Kugan’s family.

“It is unfair for any party to make wild accusations in this case as the Serdang Hospital forensic pathologist had carried the responsibility professionally and ethically,” he said in a five-page press statement on Saturday.

He added an independent inquiry on the post-mortem reports conducted by Serdang Hospital and the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) would be carried in the interest of justice and fairplay.

The outcome of the investigation would be made public, he added.

I used to have some respect for this DG of MOH. Now, I really don't know. I know these top-cats are under great pressure. But I always remember my parents telling me: Tell the truth, and shame the devil. Tall order?

It is a cardinal rule in media relations that one should just say what is necessary and notthing more that could implicate one's organization. If I was in the PR department, I would delete paras 2, 3, and 5 in the press release, unless it was prepared by some other non-PR agency! NO?


Anonymous said...

Bernard, I am numb and speechless. I cannot accept this type of shit. Maybe the Kugan fella is no angel, but c'mon, even a convicted murderer gets a last meal and a swift death. Its so sick. And we get the MACC head honcho telling us that Child Porn is simialr to a Traffic Offence, can you beat that????

Anonymous said...

Liar, liar, pants on fire...stetoscope too!

Donplaypuks® said...

This claim by the Hospital's
'Patheticologist' and its Head flies in the face of the AG's statement that it was plain MURDER!

After all, it's not like AG Ghani Patail would side Kugan's family against the Police or his buddy IGP Musa Hassan, unless the evidence of Kugan's MURDER while in custody was overwhelming!!

It seems game, set and match that the Patheticologist was induced not to look too hard for evidence of anything untoward and so came up with the pronouncement of 'death by water in the lungs.'

Anonymous said...

“It is unfair for any party to make wild accusations in this case as the Serdang Hospital forensic pathologist had carried the responsibility professionally and ethically,” he said in a five-page press statement on Saturday.

Responsibly, Ethically, Professionally ???? My foot !
This is a coroner's case and the Serdang pathologist should have known better to carry out a thorough and complete postmortem examination of the deceased. Why did he do only a limited postmortem, only from the chest upwards? Why were the 42 external lacerations conveniently dismissed ?? As indicated in the 2nd report, organs in the abdominal cavity and diaphragm were not removed for dissection at the 1st PM examination .... Now tell me if this is a thorough and complete, professionally conducted PM examination ??? More damning is the discovery of internal haemorrhages in all the abdominal organs. The stomach showed contusion. The mesenteric fat and omentum showed areas of haemorrhages. The rectus muscle (commonly referred to as the abs), abdominal wall fat, right dome of diaphragm showed haemorrhages. There was haematoma on both sides of the spine. All these bleeding and blood clots could only have been the result of a blunt force/blows over the chest and abdomen. The omentum (which is actually a fatty layer)is normally very resilience and is supposed to protect the internal organs by cushioning them from whatever force or blows to the abdomen. It is not easy to sustain haematoma at the sides of the spine as it is quite deep down. The pancreas (an organ quite deeply situated towards the back and behind the stomach)showed patchy areas of haemorrhage. Again the deceased must have been sustained severe blows to the upper abdomen. The pericardium (the membrane enveloping the heart) showed a haematoma and the external surface of the heart showed haemorrhages as well. Signs of blows to the left chest.The extent of the injuries clearly indicates the deceased must have suffered extreme excruciating pain from the torture in the final moments before his demise.

Now the most laughable and most ridiculous part of the whole saga. The statement by the Serdang Hospital director that implied the external injuries were inflicted by family members after they "stormed" into the mortuary is most irresponsible. You mean the 42 V-shaped deep lacerations were deliberately inflicted by Kugan's family members?? Surely you can spin a more believable tale than that!

Anonymous said...

You used to have respect for the DG of MOH? Muhahahhhhh

Just a question, how much does it cost to hire your "squeeze" to sit on board of some obsecure biotech company? Fifty thousand a month...

Dig dig dig,

Anonymous said...

If Dr Norzi is right,(pic of him looks like a baldie with a mop of fake hair) and subscribe to his beliefs about the close relatives inflicting injuries on the dead kin, is it safe to assume he will do same to his parents or brothers if they are dead/or when they die?

F8cking bloody sick doctor..and what has the MMA has to say?

Anonymous said...

First of all the MMA is just an association for medical practitioners and does not have any regulatory powers, less so to take disciplinary actions against erred doctors. Only the MMC (of which the DG of MOH is the Chairman)has such powers to haul up medical practitioners and conduct an inquiry , mete out punitive actions, suspend or in the extreme case deregister them for proven wrong doings. Please do not lodge your grievences with MMA. Direct them to MMC. The late Kugan's family has every right to lodge a complaint against the pathologist from Serdang for carrying out a shoddy and unprofessional job and a perceived attempt to cover up evidence in an alleged capital crime, if the family thinks it has a case against the pathologist. All the family has to do is to prove that the pathologist had failed to carry out a "minimum standard of duty and competency expected of his profession". In this case his lack of thoroughness in carying out the 1st PM in a coroner's case (death while in police detention)is sufficient case against him. A limited PM is not good enough in a coroner's case. The mortuary is often referred to as "the temple of truth" where the cause(s)of death is unveiled via a thorough and complete PM examination. As a forensic pathologist he has failed miserably in this respect.

A limited PM where only a certain part of the body is dissected is only acceptable in cases where the person has a known pre-existing illness (but exact the diagnosis is uncertain)involving a certain organ system.

As for the director of Hospital Serdang a member of the public may decide to lodge a complaint against him as well for unprofessional conduct by making irresponsible, unfounded public statements with intent to mislead the public.

From the extent and severity of the physical injuries, you can be sure that Kugan did not die an instant death. His demise was a slow, agonising, painful death probably over hours. If he had died from fluid in his lungs (pulmonary oedema) as indicated in the 1st PM report, his last moments would have been suffocation from difficulties in breathing, fighting for air, spewing out copious pinkish, blood stained secretions from his mouth and nostrils, gradually lapsing into unconsciousness from lack of oxygen, and finally brain swelling and death. Pardon for the morbid description but that is how a patient with pulmonary oedema would have gone through if left alone without immediate medical attention rendered. May the late Kugan rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Damn lawlessness now even permeate in the cops nest and freaking idiotic Ministry of Health and the hospitals.
OKT, go take a hike. You are fucking worse than the stud. At least, he is having a good time with her lover but you permit such moronic liars to lie with impunity.

Anonymous said...

do dead bodies bleed after death or bruise with healing scars with the black crust on them? what kind of a doctors are these to give us this scam.

Anonymous said...

In Tamil there is a saying'if you tell one lie then you will need a thousand lies to cover-up that one lie.Ramalx

Anonymous said...

Police want to cover up. Need pathologist help them to cover up. Now hospital director want to cover up. The process now is going up to the DG already (he is trying hard to cover hard as well).

I dun think it even a very small unrelated things they can use to turn the case.

Remember a group of chinese people beaten up the snatch theif they catched got to go to court. The police said they should not uphold the law in their hand. But now police can beaten the people in custody to death.

This is just another fire for health ministry to cover up. Imagine a baby lost her nothing happened. SO THE OUTCOME WILL BE NOTHING HAPPEN.