Friday, March 20, 2009


YES, we touched down in Kuching International, 25 minutes ahead of schedule. This is my second trip, the first in the late 70s with the Selangor Malaysia Cup team. My sprevious 2nd attempt failed as I failed to get to the Rain Forest Festival. However we are here today for a more important mission - to bond with our Sarawak Barisan Ratkyat Bloggers. I say BOND. These guys are real serious about getting back Batang Ai. We are here primarily to listen to them. We are here to ask them what we can do and we are not here to tell them what they should do. It is our fervent hope that we can be of help. We talked over lunch but tonight we will pick each others brain.

Have the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers of Sarawak a lot to do. You be the judge after watching this. Fauziah you are ehmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You cornered him good.

Agi idup

agi ngelaban!



TheWhisperer said...


A good beginning nevertheless.

You are right that we are not there to tell them what to do as many of us are still not aware of the lives and culture there.

For a start, maybe they can help us help them to promote Awareness among us in the Peninsular.

Anonymous said...

I saw the programme last evening on Channel 513. This guy really make a fool of himself for his rank and position. CMS in Sarawak? Ask the rakyat. Ask the timber tycoons and all the Datuks and Datos. And who get to keep the spoils of war? Yes, these natives keep a small plot of land to fend for themselves while literally thousands of hectares of their native lands are stolen right under their noses in broad daylight. If this is what the Dayaks, Ibans and all the rest want, then let it be. Ask the Chinese whom they voted in Kuching the last State election. Go ask the predominant Chinese Barisan-component party SUPP. Go ask George Chan, the deputy CM.
Change we need. Change we must.

Anonymous said...


as usual, you special bunch is really special. m'sians (execpt the sycophants of UMNO) owe you and the rest of the special bunch a mighty load.

God always bless the special bunch and the family members.

Anonymous said...

WOW, no environmental fallout, what a douchebag. this guy has no clue...

stingray said...

Hi Zorro,
Have nice stay in Sarawak.Need any assistance just drop me a e-mail.

NEIL said...

Hi Zorro,
How's your trip?Hope you will have a great time in Sarawak.Drop me a e-mail if you need any help.


Anonymous said...

Watched the video Zorro. The Minister is lying through his teeth. Read the Auditor General's report on Bakun, the cost overrun, the 3 Billion loan from EPF, the run away cost to date amounting to 7 BILLION. Bollocks! No triple Bollocks. The Minister thinks the Sarawak people are intelligent. Prove it, the people, no my brothers and sisters of Batang Ai, Vote these thieves and crooks out of Batang Ai.

May the force be with you.

Peace, Admiral Tojo

Unknown said...

perhaps we should start a blogger fund like RPK last time. so that we can contribute and you guys can have some fund to spread out the info and awareness to sarawakians.

i think we should have an neater structure against the vicious demon.

sinnerconman said...

Congratulations Zorro!!

You make it!
They did not send you back in the return flight. Have courage and remember the people are with you. All the best.


joenathan said...

A great effort,bro.Happy to see that our east malaysian brothers and sisters have not been forgotten.God bless all of you in the team.Keep safe.

Anonymous said...

A little off topic here. May I suggest ALL bloggers to use pitch dark background in their blogs to signify the darkest moment of Malaysia on the day Najib is appointed PM(in the event that he is)?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When all the trees are down
The monkeys will also be gone
The logs in rivers float and drown
The hunters their meats will be none

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210309
Sat. 21st Mar. 2009.