Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Early this morning a reader commented:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

uncle zorro

i) yb nizar will increase the majority in bukit gantang.

ii) we need more malay-languaged posts...

iii) only the malays can persuade the malays, effectively.

iv) tq 4 all the hardwork u & ur gang has done for us.


March 25, 2009 1:01 AM

My buddy followed up at 4:00am (Dang, don't this guy sleep at all?):

Blogger shar101 said...


I agree with what 4RAKYAT aka Anon (1.01am) wrote on item 2.

Checkout -

It's a group of BM bloggers who called themselves the 'BloggersNetwork' and they have already set up base at Bkt Gantang since last Thursday.

BRB will need to outreach this bunch in due time coz they're basically... errrrmm .. the home team mah. I've got their contact numbers for our further deliberation. Wink2.

March 25, 2009 4:07 AM

Thank you 4Rakyat and OBE.....we will initiate contact ASAP.



nightcaller said...


I have surfed them and personally think that they need backup. They are having problems with streaming and the broadband service in the area is poor.

Maybe BR bloggers can lend them a hand.

Unknown said...

Zorro, I have a suggestion too.. perhaps we can get in touch with some like-minded Mongolian bloggers out there, I am sure there must be some Mongolian people out there who want justice returned to their homeland as well.

P/S: A quick google search returned none as significant..

TheWhisperer said...


They know who we are and we roughly know they are. A good chance to catch up with them when we are there or rather If we choose to be there..

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Please let the world know that, during the previous Perak MB crisis, the PerakExress has been attacked and rendered inaccessible during the crucial few days. The url has been changed twice, and now its back to its original site.

I have followed up the site quite diligently for some time. Please help to support their fund raising which is posted on the right hand panel. I have and even posted up a comment of support just to keep the ball rolling, but to be honest, the response wasn't that good.

They need help. You can help everyone know about their fund raising drive too.

(you do not have to post my comment up, its more a personal message).


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Bernard,

4Rakyat is absolutely right. We need more postings in Bahasa Malaysia. I have made comments about this a couple of times in Malaysia Today but it fell on deaf ears. IF my Bahasa is good, I'd have translated some of the posts in MT and elsewhere. Instead I have relied on a friend to translate and sometimes I'd leave photocopies of the articles on car windscreens.

A good article today was the one by RPK on the history of UMNO's fight with the Monarchy etc. This should be disseminated to our Malay brethen. I am not too worried about the non-Malays, but the Malays, in particular the ones who are less fluent in English or are not net savvy, might just buy UMNO's rubbish statements and twisted facts.

More of our Malay brethen must wake up from the stupor which UMNO has put into them from the years of inane sloganeering and nonsensical racist epithets.

Perhaps you should have a word with MT people about publishing important articles in Malay.

matsamankati said...

Brader Zorro,

Thanks for the posting.

Yeah...we met during Permatang Pauh by-election, together with Harris and a few others..and that was it.

We've set up our base here in Bkt. Gantang and the main problem is broadband. Best around Simpang towards Taiping town, but other areas are very bad, unless you have streamyx.

Do give us a call when you're around.


Anonymous said...

To The Bloggers Network : SALUTE !!

Malaysian said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,

I am a blogger from Changkat Jering, Bukit Gantang also!

actually my post will publish in 2 langguage!
so make all of Malaysian can read my article!

Lets vote for a CHANGE!

Cheers for a New Malaysia!
Malaysian Malaysia