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Before this goes to post, there were 74 comments to this POST.Only Idzan Ismail came to Kamal's defence besides Kamal's own posturings and challenges

So, can KB change? I figure that deep down he is a good guy, but something triggered and the circuitry went hayWIRE. I hope that this posting by a fellow-Xavierian Syed Imran will help. Syed Imran, an Arab-Malaysian born in Penang , Malaysia , a proud Xavierian, an ex-Bernama journalist (1971-1998) and former press secretary to the Minister in PM’s Department.

Syed Imran's message is not aimed at just Kamal Barsha, but at all of us who claim to be Malaysians but still carry some innate racism-baggage. We need to rid ourselves of this baggage than can invariably ruin this country. Please everybody. Don't just say you are Malaysian! Prove it. Let go of racism.

Syed Imran's posting:

Antara pendatang dan penumpang

To begin with, I was quite reluctant to comment on the mess created by the statement made by Ahmad bin Ismail, the head of the Bukit Bendera, Pulau Pinang UMNO Division. Whether he made the statement in reference to Chinese Malaysians is no longer the question, as the issue has spread and has been hotly debated.

If it is not handled carefully and smartly, this issue could make clear water murky, giving opportunity to parties who are keen on seeing this country crash, not to mention falling into the hands of foreigners. In today’s borderless world, international electronic media coverage makes it difficult for any country to hide or deny any given event.

The main issue brought up by Ahmad Ismail revolves around the question of “squatters”, that is, that Chinese Malaysians are squatters in this country. He explained that he was referring to pre-independence days. However, it had hurt the sensitivity of the Chinese Malaysian community.

I don’t know Ahmad Ismail personally, but I was quite close to his late elder brother, Abdul Rahim Ismail, the owner of Rahim Construction Company that was once famous as an “Earth-Prince” (Bumiputra) construction firm in Pulau Pinang. I don’t know what has happened to the company after Abdul Rahim passed away..

Personally, I don’t agree with what Ahmad Ismail said for the following reasons.

To me, nearly 90 percent of Malaysians, especially those in the Peninsula, are immigrants, and all of us are actually squatters in the land of Allah anyways. We are anything but permanent owners, we are merely squatters. For example, I come from a family that squatted in this blessed land. My paternal grandfather and grandmother migrated from Mecca and Brunei , while my maternal grandmother came from Hadramut, Yaman.. We are immigrants and squatters, as are almost everyone else in this country. As for Ahmad Ismail, he is also an immigrant having descended from an immigrant’s family who squatted in this country. Ahmad Ismail cannot deny the fact that his grandfather and grandmother moved from India to this country in search of a better life in this blessed land..

It is also the case with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi whose maternal grandfather hailed from Guangdong in southern China . In short, Pak Lah’s grandfather, Allahyarhamah Kailan, whose name was Hasson Salleh or Hah Su Chiang, was an immigrant. He moved to Tanah Melayu from Guangdong in the mid-19th century. He stayed in Bayan Lepas as a rubber estate worker, a padi farmer and later became a diamond trader.

Najib Razak, Deputy Prime Minister, is also a descendant of an immigrant Bugis family that came from Sulawesi , Indonesia . Hishammudin Hussein cannot escape the fact that there is Turkish blood running through his veins.

The Malacca Malay sultanate was founded by an immigrant coming from Sumatra - Parameswara, a prince who practiced Hinduism. A reading of the history of Malay sultanates would reveal that some of them were founded by Bugis immigrants, while others were of Hadramut and Minangkabau parentage.

Almost all Malays living in this country are from outside Tanah Melayu, but are defined as “Malay Race” by the Federal Constitution. We are “Malay” in definition by the Constitution, that is, we are Muslims; we practice Malay customs and speak the Malay language. Unfortunately, the Malay language itself seems to have been killed by the Malays in UMNO when they named it the Malaysian language (Bahasa Malaysia ).

Therefore, Arabs like Syed Hamid Albar and myself, Achehs like Sanusi Junid, Indians like Kader Sheikh Fadzir and Nor Mohamed Yakcop, Bugises like Najib, Minangs like Rais Yatim, Jawas like Mohamad Rahmat, and others from Madura, Pulau Buyan, Siam, Myanmar, Yunnan (China) and the Philippines are conveniently categorized as Malays.
They are accepted as Malays regardless of whether they speak Malay or otherwise at home like those of us who speak Arabic, the Jawas that speak Jawa, the Minangs that speak Minang, or the Mamak that speak Tamil.

These languages are anything but Malay if we look at it from the perspective of the Federal Constitution, so they should never have been declared Malays. But for the sake of political correctness, all of them are accepted as Malays and “Earth Princes” (bumiputra).
It is grossly unfair to point to the Chinese as immigrants when the Arabs, Indians, Achehs, Minangs, Bataks, Mandailings, Jawas, Maduras, and Bugises are immigrants no less in this country. We cannot deny the fact that most of the Chinese’s grandfathers and grandmothers migrated to this country in the days of the Malacca Malay sultanate, some of whom did so during the period of Kedah sultanate, Terengganu sultanate and Kelantan sultanate respectively. After Francis Light wrested Penang from the hands of the ruler of Kedah in 1786, more Chinese had arrived here.

We are all immigrants squatting in this country. Only the Negrito, Jakun, Semang, Jahut, Orang Laut, Orang Darat, Senoi, and other indigenous people groups (like the kadazan, dusuns, ibans and bidayuhs) can be correctly considered the original inhabitants of this country.

We must never forget the contributions and sacrifices made by all the races in building our nation in all its aspects, including the economy, social structure, national defense and, most importantly, national unity. We are all taxpayers whether or not we are descended from immigrants or squatters.



Anonymous said...

There is seriously something wrong in the way the race relations in this country is going.
20 years ago, back in school, I could call my Malay friends,"Oi, Melayu" or my Indian friends,"Oi, Hindu" without any repercussions.
Now, you'd probably get ISA-ed.
I would suggest that anyone who is not happy with the other races, irrespective of whether you're unhappy with the Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc, to learn some tolerance.
Otherwise, people like KB should get out of OUR country. WE are MALAYSIANS, irrespective of color.
Malaysia is made of people who have no problems living with other races.

Anonymous said...

Master as i have said the end is near as such on those who having been riding the gravy train will resort to beast like defenses to keep them a float.Especially tose from u must not oppose.


Unknown said...

I think what Syed Imran wrote here should be included into our history lesson.

Then 20 years down the road racism will die a natural dead as kids will grow up with a good understanding on the REAL history of how Malaysia came about.

Anonymous said...


I kinda agree with you.
There was this guy at my former workplace who always call me Hey Bumiputera.
It's clearly a racial slur.
But I am not offended.
We still keep in touch occasionally.
But try that to my kids especially my son.
You will get a black-eye.
Bob, you don't get ISAed for that.
It's an exaggeration.

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES , 95% of 27juta malaysians ARE 'squatters' !! get it,
....@#$%^&* ...!!

Anonymous said...

Syed Imran , on whom you have placed so much trust and confidence can write well and probably give more sparkling speeches.

I would only believe him though if he is not a bumiputra . btw is he ? Sounds contradicting ? If he is, is he willing to take off his NEP privileges ? If not forget about him . Full stop.

Like that Rocky fler . These multi-headed hydras simply can't be trusted unless they are not a practising Bumiputra, thoz you should know that ?

Trustable Malaysian

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bernard for your effort to shed some light on this ugly bit of our lovely country. To respond to Kamal would only serve to feed his fetish with racism. Syed's article is great but I am still very offended by the likes of Khir Toyo, a mere 1st generation Malaysian and people like Muhkriz who dare call themselves Malays when clearly they are not, whilst at the same time ridiculing the true Malaysians who truly want a better Malaysia as Pendatangs and Penumpangs. Seriously, to these idiots, I say, if they don't like it here where 90% are pendatangs, then they can always fuck off elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe there are still Malays in the likes of Syed Imran in our forever racially strive-driven land, who so eloquently espouses his views, but as one says here..... prove yourself by foregoing your bumiputra status/privileges(Earth-Prince, konon) status.... then we salute and will vote you , if you do stand in the next Gen. Election. Anyway, for the majority of us Malaysian desperately clutching any mere flicker of hope for a racially harmonious, homogeneous populace in this fair country, Syed is a breath of fresh air after the putrid, foul-mouthed KB...The Silent Observer

Anonymous said...

When the rocket-science fact is told, UMNO extremists distort it. The politicians tried to hide it. And the band keeps on playing out of tune. Because in Malaysia, this Government, and all past Governments, have a perchant for deceiving the rakyat. There comes a time when the rakyat has had enough. And that day is coming sonner rather than later. No laws are going to stem the tide. No water cannons. No ISA. No crooked Polis. No Royalties. Simply because the laws are unto themselves distorted from the truth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just want to say is UMNO/BN is not always on the black side and neither PR is always in the white side. The theory is always mistaken white against black but the reality is not like that. There are always a good and bad side from both parties. Everybody will demonize their enemy to make them look better.

What Syed Imran said indeed both true and wrong at the same time. Malay, Chinese and Indian were migrants but why exclude orang asli and native borneo? They also migrate from somewhere else right?

And one more thing, why we Malaysians when talks about history always refer to Malacca and ignore Old Kedah kingdom? The Old Kedah was even earlier than Srivijaya and historian admits that it was a Malay kingdom.

p/s: I'm neither UMNO nor PR supporter, both of them make Malaysian politics like circus

Julian said...

Uncle Zorro,

You mentioned "fellow" Xaverian Syed Imran. You're a Saint too?

Good day!

zorro said...

Yes Julian, class of '56....thats how ancient I am. Labor Omnia Vincit!

Anonymous said...

This pendatang penumpang thing is lame. Why only go back as far as when the Malays came? Go back so more. By then even the orang asli will be pendatang too.

Fact is Malays set up the first government in this land be it Srivijaya or Melaka government.

Even in US, UK and Australia there is white supremacy. Just because Obama became US President we all think our Chinese can also? Look at Obama. Talk like white man behave like white man therefore appeal to white man.

We keep vernacular schools and want Malaysian Malaysia, Bangsa Malaysia what nonsense is this. We are the real racists here. Can see or not?

You all want to hentam me hentamlah. Now can talk lah because PM is weak. When Mahathir was PM you all did not dare to expose your nature.

Opportunists have not firm beliefs. When suit them support if not condemn. Last time say Pak Lah is bad PM now pakatan support him to stay on. Excuse is Najib is murderer. Got proof ? Anwar is not guilty to you because we cannot give opinion without trial but for thse pakatan don't like guilty without trial.

No wonder Malaysia like this. Too many racist waiting to take over but for now pretending to be victim of racism


Anonymous said...

Master just to share with you did you know that a sikh is a part of the upcoming umno errections oops sori elections.Apperently if your father had married a local from sabah and the children are considered bumis without the need to convert.Wa when i think of it being a bachelor won't be a bad idea after all the girls are also pretty.

Anonymous said...


there's always bigots and racists in all parts of the world.

no, you cant reeducate them all.

for the fair minded, its quintessential that you all speak out against bigotry before the minority racists think they are the majority.

resident.wangsamaju said...

Annon March 14, 2009 4:16 PM

Mahathir was a dictator and racist.

Anonymous said...


You need correcting.

Mahathir was and STILL IS a Dictator and Racist.

Anonymous said...

I waited at 9pm in front of Stable Kiosk for about an hour. This Kamal Basha idiot did not turn up. All hot air. I would have given him a good lecture on the Malays of Kampung Baru, as I am one. We are very annoyed at being portrayed as trouble makers and racists, as in his writings.

Just to prove that we were there, Del Cao took a picture of Stable Kiosk. So, Kamal Basha, you are nothing bt hot air an a disgrace to the Malay race, in your hateful and racist postings. Next time do not even dare mention us, the Malays of Kampung Baru in a bad light.


Anonymous said...

FYI... delCapo & Admiral Tojo waited at Stable Kiosk, Kg Baru for an hour at 9m...

had a good intro & a good laugh...

Kamal no show.

Anonymous said...

Who said i wasnt there? i was there waiting in my car for 10 mins looking for 3 chinese guys. I didnt see any so i fuck off la. wait some more for what?

i found that smelly looking western food shop , just beside the flyover. made of wood. I was there. Didnt you notice a pajero with 1 malay guy in it parked in front of the shop next to this smelly looking shop you wanted to meet me at?

bodoh. i was there 9 sharp!

how the hell do i know what you look like . i didnt know tojo was a islam murtad that drinks beer. i was looking for 3 chinaman. i didnt see any so i blah la..

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, will all you guys please cool it.

Violence never solves anything. I always remember what my good old cikgu used to tell us - "Its better to be a live coward than a dead hero."

Fighting and fisticuffs is so ancient and outdated. Nowadays, using your brains, debating, rebuttles etc etc are the in thing and cool.

Take my advice - park your anger, macho and fists and instead please use your brains, mouth and pen / keyboard.

Anonymous said...

thats why... u presume & assume... cooked up all these anger & frustration... who the hell told u to look for 3 chinamen??

Sure ah u parked there? traffic was so damn heavy... nobody honked your ass off ka?

u quite a bad date ah? 10 bloody mins u blah... never bother to come down & ask...

anyway... now u showing more anger.. calling my new friend Murtad.. & the Stable Kiosk new friends (who were nice & friendly to this "chinaman") smelly... wassup with u lah??

aiyo.... i was pissed off with u in my other comment (on

now i just wanna laugh...

anyway it's your loss, i think... we had a good few teh tarik conversations thanks to you, one of the guys who sat down was even Dr. Lo' Lo's crew...

Anonymous said...

Zorro and delCapo Sirs,
we have ascertained that people like Kamal Arsewipe Basha is nothing but hot air that likes to drop names (such as Kampung Baru Malays, Segamat Malays etc) to imply that we are like him and suppotive of his bigotted mindset.

I am,however, glad that I had the opportunity to introduce some of them to Bro delCapo, for him to gauge himself as to who we really are. We have outgrown May 13 69, some were not even born yet then. We have evolved with the information age, to being peace loving citizens, more worried about our bowl of rice than to be dragged into causing mischief by UMNO. Heck, we voted Dr. Lo' Lo' didn't we? Zorro, we would have extended the same warm welcome to you too, if you had been there. However,thanks for representing us at your NO to ISA vigil on the night.

We are fed up at being conveniently labelled by the likes of Kamal Arsewipe. My invitation to Kamal arsewipe is still open, not to beat him up or anything but to have a teh tarik and a chat and educate him on why it is not kosher for him to talk on our behalf and to be a bigot that he is. I do not know about Cheras where he comes from but we Kampung Baru Malays are not like that.