Sunday, March 15, 2009


Tomorrow's session in Parliament will prove once and for all if the Speaker of the House has the integrity and scrotal gumption to stand tall and deliver what is correct. Why so? Because from previous proceedings in the House, the Speaker's arbitrary and unilateral decisions have been blatantly and embarrassingly unbecoming. As a layman I find his deliberations as trustworthy as a hooker with a substance habit. For over 50 years, has our parliament aged into maturity? When the brew turns sour or insipid, you sack the brew-master. YES? Our constitutions have been so disemboweled that people still compare us to Burma, North Korea, Somalia and Zimbawe. And pray tell me who is the numero uno in Parliament? As parents, others judge us by the way our children carry and behave themselves......and we ordinary parents are not even in the Big Top business. Animals in the ring think twice before they attack their trainers and here we allow a wheel-chaired lawmaker to be attacked. Dang, Mr Speaker, the idea of you posing as the arbiter and icon of good behavior seems as ludicrous as casting Paris Hilton as Mother Theresa!

Tomorrow, Parliament will decide if YB Gobind Deo will be suspended for a year. Already it is predicted that
the MP is being asked to step into a boxing ring with his hands tied behind him.

How come? Read more HERE.


Anonymous said...


pls make sure you suspend Gobinda.

its like killing two birds with one stone. First, it reaffirms your position as the hooker for UMNO.

Two, it permits an opportunity for Gobinda take this to court.

Hey, Gobin, dont forget to file the case in Ipoh and request for the judge by the name of Ridwan to hear the case. See whats gonna be his decision! Probably a 360 degree turn in his views.

Aint this great to showcase the world on how to subvert democracy by UMNO.

Anonymous said...

the mahamamak : let the law people decide in the court whether the taking over in perak is constitutional & as far as aku tau, cannot one like that ....otherwise the king can oso sack the pm as he likes then masalah besar lah .... !!"

Anonymous said...

If you are not with pakatan, You are a DOG!

Anonymous said...

But there's a great chance that we will overtake USA as world's best country once our new PM takes over in April.Be positive

Anonymous said...

The latest decisions from the judicary has shown how much they are beholden to Umno. This was futher proven by the Lingam KORECK X 3, with no action, ag and igp no case, no action on MABUK and grab a butt by JJ, razak baginda acquittal, Judge komala's "holiday", dsai sodomy of the judicary trial in 99, Etc.
I think its time we follow the old tried and tested system of going to the british privy council, for a malaysian to get justise thats the only solution, LOOK AT THE chief Justice Zaki- he is an admitted corruptor but no action.
The law is about justice, which we malaysian don't seem to be getting any from the dacing of UMNO. BACK TO THE PRIVY COUNCIL. If Umno can run to UK to employ the services of QC, WHY NOT.

Anonymous said...

parliamentaty immunity does not give gobind or any mp the right to accusations, name calling and vulgarity.

parliamentary immunity should be reviewed or removed.

if u can say it in parliament, you can damn well repeat it outside. why the need to hide behind immunity.

if one cannot debate, argue or speak eloquently or with some class, then he/she has no right to be elected to parliament in the first place.

as for gobind's fate, i do support stern action to be taken against him. and why not?

surely zorro, u can see the sense in this. these mps are people we the rakyat help put in parliament but pleaselah, just because they happen to be opposition mps it does not mean we should set aside our good principles and upbringing and accept their actions and doings wholeheartedly without any questions.


Anonymous said...


dont tell me you dont know how this people are? of course they are 2 faced.

you see to them ;

khir toyo use state fund for personal gain , it is EVIL!!

New MB use state fund for personal gain , they attack MACC investigation...

this is PAKATAN for u

Anonymous said...

So they also punish all the people (constituents)of Puchong. Gobind is MP of all,whether or not they voted him into office. The consequences of suspending him for a year may be more than anticipated. Think!!!!

Anonymous said...

What Gobind did was irresponsible. Regardless of what the accusations are. If he is an alleged murderer, it makes him an alleged murderer. But you dont go and call someone a murderer, in parliament.

He is there as an MP to represent his constituency. If he is suspended (even a 12 yr old will know the consequences of such actions) then how will he represent the ppl that voted him into office?

I hope this becomes a lesson for other MPs. It is not a playground for you to be slandering and defaming people. This is parliament. Be responsible. Gobind should not be praised, in fact he should be thought a lesson by PR for pulling off an irresponsible act.

Anonymous said...

How PR and its supporters can support what Gobind did amazes me.

Anonymous said...

Get all your readers to surf for the photographic material and accusation hurled at our Minister at the PM's Department, our very own dear YB Nazri Aziz and his apple boozing anak. Look at their morality and how they profess to be the religious patriots of their faith. Wow, YB Elizabeth Wong pales by comparison. If Malaysians decide to choose these leaders with their family values to sit in Putrajaya, you can bet Malaysia is standing tall like our Twin Towers as a shinning beacon in the eyes of the international community. That's what 'Malaysia Boleh' is essentially all about, is it not?

Anonymous said...

You are getting awfully boring and shallow. Parlimentarian must set a good example and not make unsubstantiated allegation.

As of now, Gobind has been suspended a year. Thats justified. Giler panggil orang pembunuh.

You are equally giler for following that former sanitarium dweller and teapot worshipper.

Strangely you have fans. It only means there are many like minded shallow, boring and giler people like you, Zorro.

Please please zorro, do retire from blogging and stop your comments politics. You are writing garbage. It just shows you just do not understand politics.

Go do something else.

zorro said...

Sangbob, will you please read Malik Imtiaz (link provided) before you make more sweeping statements and be further amazed.

Anonymous said...

justice !? WHAT justice ? it's
'just ICE' = cold ice in the bolehland ...@#$%^&* ...!!

Anonymous said...

If PR were the government of the day and the opposition called Anwar a "sodomite" , are you telling me that he wont suffer the same fate as the Singh?

Anonymous said...

Although the action of Gobind would seem extreme, the opposition has no other option but to stir up this murder case in whichever way, no matter how unconventional it may be.

As it is, the IGP, AG and Judiciary are so biased that even the common folks could see through this charade. Any normal, rational and conscientious person would be able to sense that there is something really very wrong with this murder case.

It is no joke to accuse anyone of murder but the circumstantial evidence has been too great to be ignored. People could accept corruption grudgingly but most people cannot accept murder, especially that of an innocent lady who has died a most horrible death.

What we are asking, is for the PM in waiting to come clean on this and that is all the people demand. All he needs to do is to take the witness stand and clear the air. It should be made known that those who are covering up the crime are also guilty as well, albeit to a lesser degree and the guilt will stay till the end of their days. How sad.

I believe a lawyer like Gobind would have thought about the implications of his action. He must have his reason for having done that. I think he is trying to gauge the response from BN. The harder they come down on him, the stronger is the proof of their involvement. Just like the SDs of Bala and RPK.

Folks, you draw your own conclusions.

Just an ordinary citizen.

Anonymous said...

NO ! if & only IF he = pm cum sodomite, we the supporters oso will
screw him up & tell him to step down !
look at the kulim mp of PR, we oso
condemned him what !!

Anonymous said...

Opulently I acquiesce in but I think the post should secure more info then it has.